Talbots who settled in Buchannan County, Missouri
The Talbots
who settled in Buchannan County, Missouri
Photographs by
Paul Porter

The home of Dr. Isham Strother Talbot, MD, located near Easton, Missouri
Taken about 1900
From left to right: Dr. Talbot, George Marshall, Laura Talbot Marshall(daughter of Dr. Talbot and his first wife, Evaline Donaldson),
Evelyn Marshall(grandmother of Paul Porter), Dora Talbot, Virginia Talbot, Jessie Talbot, "Grandma" McCrary,
Mary C. Talbot(Dr. Talbot's second wife), May Talbot, Charley Talbot(baby), and Wallace Talbot(son of Dr. Talbot and Mary C.)

James Washington Talbot, son of James Smith Talbot, grandson of James Talbot
and Great-Grandson of Matthew (I) Talbot

The stone is located in the Freeman Chapel Cemetery near Easton, Buchannan County, Missouri.  Originally, he was buried on the farm but the grave was moved to this cemetery in the 1920's when the farm was sold.

 Gravestone of James Smith Talbot. 

It is located about 6 miles east of St. Joseph, MO near the San Antonio junction located on US Highway 6.  It was place by the St. Joseph Chapter of the DAR ca. 1912. As a matter of interest, at one time James S. was thought to be the only Rev. War Veteran buried in Buchannan County, MO, but later another Rev. War veteran was discovered in Mt. Mora cemetery within the City of St. Joseph.