Talbot Family Memorandum by Edmund Talbot
Talbot Family

Matagorda, Matagorda County, Tex., December, 1864.

    Memorandum of the Talbot family in America, furnished in 1849 by Edmund Talbot, who was the son of Matthew Talbot.  The said Edmund Talbot died in the year 1858 in his eighty-seventh year.  He was the father of the present write, M. Talbot.

    The words of the memorandum are those of my father, as written by himself, which is now copied word for word, as follows:

"My grandfather's name was Matthew.  When a young man he came form England, and settled in Maryland, where he married a Miss Anne Williston, by whom he had a son named Charles.  He then moved to Amelia county, Va., where he had three other sons born, viz., Matthew, James, and John.  His wife died; he then moved to Bedford county, now Culpeper, where he married a Miss Clayton, by whom he had a son and daughter, Isham and Martha.  He then died , age unknown.  I have often passed by his grave in my boyhood in the neighborhood where I was born.  There was a cousin, came from England with him, whose name was Edmund.  Grandfather was by profession a High Churchman.  Charles became a Baptist before his death, which took place during the Revolutionary War.  He had several sons and two daughters.  Williston, who lived over eighty years, David and another son, name forgotten, who died without any family.  This branch of the family, I believe, at this date [1849] still reside in Virginia.

    "Matthew, who was my father, when a young man married a young widow (with one child, a daughter) by the name of Day, her maiden name being Hale.  There were born to him by her one daughter and six sons, viz., Mary, Hale, Matthew, Thomas, William, Edmund and Clayton.  My mother died in the fall of 1785.  Father married again, but had no other children.  During this time he moved to East Tennessee, and finally settled in Wilkes county, Ga.  His move from Virginia to Tennessee was in consequence of his business being stock raising.  All his sons were engaged in the war except Edmund and Clayton, who were too young to enter the service.  Matthew was a commissary, and was at the retaking of Augusta;  Thomas was wounded, a ball struck the top of his head and cut a furrow.

    "Before the Revolutionary War a great revival religion took place in Virginia, and father and mother became Baptists, but previous to that time father was a High Churchman.  After that he became a preacher and continued so until his death, which took place in the eighty-second year of his age, and for fifty years a member of the church of Christ.

    "James died during the Revolutionary War.  He had four sons and a daughter, viz., Mary, Isham, James, John and Williston.  They all went west.  John was a member of the Legislature of Virginia for twenty-five years, and after he moved to Wilkes county, Ga., he was elected several years to the Legislature.  He was a great Whig during the Revolutionary War.  He was the pleasantest man I ever knew.  I loved him dearly.  He died at sixty years of age.  He had five children, viz., Thomas, Matthew, Phoebe, Mary and Elizabeth.  Thomas is still living in Wilkes county, Ga.  Matthew was a senator of the Georgia Legislature for twenty years, and was a candidate for governor, but died during the canvass in the year 1827.  Isham moved to Kentucky from Virginia.  He had as many as three sons, viz., Isham, James and Edmund.  Isham became a great lawyer and statesman in Kentucky.  He was generally called little Isham.  James was a doctor, and married my brother Hale's eldest daughter."

The Georgia Baptist, a newspaper published in Georgia, states about my father, Edmund Talbot, as follows:

    "Born in Campbell county, Va., 28th of March 1767.  When about twenty-two years of age joined the Baptist Church, and was baptized by Sanders Walker.  In 1787 he married a daughter of John Harvey, Mary, of Washington county, Ga.  He began soon thereafter to preach, and was ordained at Williamson's Swamp Church in Washington county.  He continued to preach from that time onward until his death in 1858."

By my mother, as before stated, Mary Harvey, he had the following children, which arrived to maturity: William, Sally, John, Martha, Matthew (myself), Polly and Elizabeth.  Sally married a Mr. Davis and settled in Georgia.  Martha married Mr. Ashburn.  Polly married Mr. Bullard [?], Elizabeth married Mr. Walker, all of Georgia.  All of my brothers and sisters are long since dead, though they left families of children.  My mother died some time near the year 1807, after which my father married a widow by the name of McCulloch, but whose maiden name was Cauthorn.  He had by her the following children, who grew to maturity, Eliza, who married Mr. Cason, who resides in Florida; Amelia, who married a Mr. Porter, of Alabama; Amanda, who married a Dr. A. I. Robinson, of Columbus, Ga.  These three half sisters of mine are all living at the present date and have families.
                                                                                                                                                                                        M. Talbot

Copy made by Mary Elizabeth (Robinson) Freeman, second wife of Col. Dandridge Claiborne Freeman, C.S.A, and daughter of Dr. Alexander I. Robinson and Amanda Fitzallen Talbot, half sister of the above Matthew.

Communicated by Miss Rosa Freeman-Druckers, Kentucky, through Miss Kate Mason Rowland.

William and Mary College, Quarterly Historical Magazine, Volume IX, October 1900, Number 2, pages 257, 258, 259.