The Will of Thomas Talbot
The Will of Thomas Talbot
Recorded August 7, 1833
Made January 18, 1831
Witnesses (Nelson Lowery and Will White)
Probated July session 1833 (July 22)
Will Book 1832 - 1836 - page 184

Samuel Hogg, one of the executors, came into Court and qualified.

1.  That all property foreclosed by Joseph Greer at execution sale in which he retains a lien [be sold] - and after paying lien dispose of residue as follows.

2. After paying debts distribute property as follows:
    To five children, Polly Hogg, Caroline Talbot, Joseph W. Talbot, Thomas I. Talbot, and Eliza Talbot, each sum of $3000.00, like
    amount already received.  If any residue from this - it be equally divided among the children of Thomas H. & Sally Fletcher & children of
    Eli Talbot which he now has [or] may hereafter have by present wife.

3. Wife Elizabeth shall have all the negroes which she possessed in her own right at time of her marriage with me - and also Slith, Reuben & Hannah which were recovered from the estate of her mother - also to wife bed, furniture, one horse of her own choice, plows, and proper support for one year - out of farm on which I now live.

4. If Joseph Greer not consent to sale and succeed in resisting executors - then executors to sell all property wherever situated, pay all just debts, and distribute residue between son Thomas I. and daughter Eliza Jane.

5. Pay to Eliza $1000.00 as soon as possible to be considered part of her share - : that Eliza have all the silver plate, bed, furniture, and one bureau of her choice.

6. To granddaughter Sophia W. Hall the serpentine bureau formerly her mothers.

7. To give to daughter Caroline whatever seems necessary to induce her to execute a quit claim deed to land sold by Joseph Talbot in the Western District.

8. Appoint executors, my friend, Joseph Greer, of Lincoln Co., Dr Samuel Hogg, and son Eli Talbot executors without security - but the executors to be under control of Court of Chancery.

revoking all former will or wills.
January 18, 1831
Henry Ewing Clk of County