The Will of Isham Talbot

The Will of Isham Talbot

United States Senator, Kentucky 1815-1819, 1820-1825

Born: 1773 in Bedford County, Virginia

Died 21 September 1837 in Franklin County, Kentucky


I, Isham Talbot, being of sound disposing mind and memory, do make and ordain this as my last will and testament, hereby revoking all other wills, I made.


1st   I devise and bequeath my entire estate, wherever it may be situated, of every character and description, real, personal, and mixed, including debts, stocks, and cases in action to Col Peter Dudley, Geníl James Garrard, and Charles S. Morehead to be held by them or such of them as may act in trust for purposes hereafter mentioned, and I do hereby invest them or a majority of them who may except(sp) the trust, with full power and authority in their discretion to sell and convey any of my estate hereby devised and to manage and control the same in any manner which they may think most conducive to the interest of my estate and the power hereby conferred are to be exercised by one of my said trustees should only one act, or by the survivor or survivor of such as may act.


2nd    I have heretofore conveyed to Col Peter Dudley and Thomas L. Crittenden a house, five contiguous lots in the City of Washington known as the mansion house, in trust for the use and benefit of my wife, Adelaide, during her life and at her death for our daughter, Mary Louisa Talbot, which deed of trust was accepted by her in lieu and in full satisfaction and discharge of all and every claim of dower in any of my estate and of any distributive surplus  of my personal estate and Negros which by law she might have been entitled to and on the condition that she renounces all claim to dower or a distributable portion of the aforesaid.  I do confirm said deed and do hereby direct my said trustees to pay her the sum of five hundred dollars per annum for and during the period of her natural life.


3rd    I give and bequeath to my sisters, Martha A. Featherston and Priscilla Talbot each fifteen shares of stock in the Bank of Kentucky and my trustees are authorized and requested to transfer the same to them.


4th    I desire that my trustees shall always reserve in their hands a sum amply sufficient to support genteelly and comfortably in any situation they may in their discretion see proper to place her, my unfortunate daughter, Cordelia M. Peck and if God is his mercy should ever restore her to reason , it is my will that she shall have an equal share of my estate  with the rest of my children to be made up by a contribution from the parts of the others and to be given to her in the discretion of my trustees or if deemed more prudent held in trust for her use and benefit.


5th   I desire that all my just debts be paid.


6th    For the purpose of enabling my daughter, Mary Louisa, as well as for her further advancement in life, I bequeath to her the sum of two thousand dollars to be paid as soon as convenience of my estate will permit.

7th    I bequeath to my son, Theodore James, for the purpose of completing his education, the sum of five hundred dollars which shall be increased to the sum of two thousand dollars on condition that his mother will permit the completion of his education under the superintendence and care of my said trustees.


8th  Having heretofore advanced to my daughter, Eliza G, Dudley, in lands and other property to the amount according to my estimate of about eight thousand and five hundred dollars, to my daughter, Juliet M. Samuel,  wife of Churchill Samuel, land and other estate estimated as worth nine thousand dollars, to my son, William G. Talbott, money and other property to the amount of four thousand dollars, I hereby require and direct my said trustees in finally settling up, adjusting and paying over the amount of the proceeds, that may bring into combination the various amounts aforesaid as chargeable against each of my aforesaid children and then finally distribute, after the payment of all the charges, legacies,  debts due, amongst my children, Eliza G. Dudley, Juliet M. Samuel, and William G. Talbot all such sums of money as shall belong to said estate.


9th  I do hereby nominate constitute and appoint Col Peter Dudley, Geníl James Garrard, and Charles S. Morehead ( The trustees here and before mentioned.) my executor to them my last will and testament and having full and entire confidence in their capacity, honesty and integrity, I require that no security shall  be demanded by the county court of them.


In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 22nd day of September 1837.


Witnesses:  Silas Payne                                     Isham Talbot {Seal}

                   Benj Ellis


Franklin County Court, October Term 1837


The last will and testament of Isham Talbot, decíd  was produced in court and proven by the oaths of Silas Payne and Benjamin Ellis, subscribing witnesses thereto, to be the last will and testament of the said Talbot, it is therefore ordered that said will be recorded as such, which is done.


                                                            Att:  A. H. Rennick, CofCC