bartowcem1.html The following information is being submitted by Jerri McPherson-Jordan Retrived and recorded by Sylvia and David McPherson

This cemetery is located in Bartow Co. Ga. near Adairsville, south of the city limits, off Manning Mill Road. It is located at the side of a new subdivision, between the subdivision and a old farm. The area is very wooded and grown up. The farmer who owns the land did not know the cemetery was there until Sylvia and David McPherson found it while exploring.The land is being left as a sound and smell barrier between the subdivision and the farm per an agreement between the developer and the farmer. At some time in the future it could be lost. Do you recognize any of these names?

ROW #1

Graves of Henry Hicks and wife, Mattie Hicks. Small headstones for each grave with H.H. and M.H. engraved on them. There is a monument between the two graves. In front of the monument are buried two infants. The inscriptions on the front of the monument for the infants reads. Paul born Feb. 28, Died Mar. 5, 1899. Alice born July 24 died July 25, 1900 Infants of Henry & Mattie Hicks "Suffer Little children to come unto me." Monument facing Henry's grave says: Henry Hicks born Apr. 18, 1870 died Aug. 14, 1902. Inscription "Farewell: Though thou art no more, thy name shall live." Monument facing Mattie Hicks grave says: Mattie Hicks Nee Towers born June 17, 1872 died Sept. 13, 1900. Inscription "Adieu till we meet again." Back of the monument: Possible carving of God's mansion with the inscription "IN MY FATHER'S HOUSE ARE MANY MANSIONS" Masonic emblem is below this inscription.

Maggie Towers wife of J.A. Hilburn born Aug. 4, 1868 died Aug. 6, 1893 "Gone but not forgotten" Footstone engraved M.T.H.
Lula B. Shaw was born July 17, 1860 and died March 23, 1883 "22 years 8 mos. & 6 days. Footstone engraved L.B.S.

HERE RESTS OUR SON JAMES H. SHAW, Born March 18, 1856 Departed this life Dec. 10, 1885. Ages 29 yrs. 8 mos and 22 days. Inscription "Go home my parents, Dry up your tears, I'll rise no more till Christ appears. Then dear Mother, I shall rise, And view you With immortal eyes." Bottom inscription: JIMMIE'S LAST WORDS "Lord I am ready and willing, why not take me now."

Headstone for John G. Shaw and Catharine Shaw are engraved with their names only. Footstones engraved C.S. and J.G.S. Monument between the graves (Note that the top of the monument is missing). Inscription for Catharine: CATHATINE SHAW BORN June 24, 1824 DIED Aug. 10, 1887 AGED 63yrs. 1mo. & 16ds. Inscription "She obtained a hope in Christ in 1849 and has lived a Christian ever since. She was a devoted wife, a Christian mother and a charitable neighbor. She was a member of the Ladies Aid Society at Adairsille, and her whole aim was to do her Master's will. In her death the family lost a faithful Mother, the husband a faithful wife, and the Church one of it strongest pillars.
Inscription for John: JOHN G.SHAW Born in Randolph Co. N. C. July 16, 1820 Came to this county in 1838 Married Jan. 29, 1843 "Has been a true citizen of this County ever since. Died July 10, 1890 Age 69y. 11m. 21d. Back of monument: our Father & Mother "Thy victory now is won Thou at thy ease sitt'st down Thy arduous work all is done, for thou has gained thy crown."

One grave sits alone just behind the first row. Small grave of an infant. The tombstone has a lamb on top (the lamb is chipped). It is a sweet tombstone. The inscription reads: Infant Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. W.G. Sharkey Sept. 9, 1903

Henry M. Shaw Born Sept. 2, 1862 Died June 14, 1891 AGE 28 YRS. 9 MONTHS & 12 DYS Headstone is broken. Footstone engraved H.M.S.

"COME YE BLESSED" Heavens Gate-carving DENA BARRON WIFE OF F.M. CASEY BORN FEB. 16, 1873 DIED MARCH 21, 1896. Inscription: "Twas hard to give thee up but thy will O God be done." Footstone broken or sunk into ground.

ROW #2

MRS. SARAH A. TOWERS Born Nov. 28, 1847 Died Jan. 29, 1890 Age 43 y. 10m. & 1d. Headstone broken at bottom. Footstone engraved S.A.T.

W.B.Towers Was Born Feb. 11, 1847 Departed this life Nov. 21 (18__) broken headstone at this point. Footstone blank.

There are several sunken areas on this row that look like graves that were not marked or the tombstones have been stolen. Possible paupers graves

ROW #3

Dove carving on Tombstone MRS. C. LIZZIE BARRON Was born Aug. 8, 1845 and Died Jan. 1, 1882 Aged 36yrs 4mos. & 3ds. Footstone engraved C.L.B.

J. SIMMEON SHAW was born March 11, 1858 and died Dec. 27 or 22, 1881 Broken in two. Cracked below where age is inscribed. Footstone engraved J.S.S.

Doanld M. Shaw was born Dec. 15, 1853 and died Nov. 21, 1863 Aged 9yrs. 11mos. & 6ds. Footstone uprooted Engraved D.M.S.

ROW #4

Several unmarked graves. Only one marker, but it is unreadable.

ROW #5

M.C. (lily engraving) Wife of B. SELF. Born Mar. 6, 1858 Died Aug. 18, 1902 Inscription reads: "Sleep on dear mother in the day, Till Christ shall bid you rise, Will meet you in that happy day." Footstone is blank

Looks like another row of unmarked graves, possibly paupers graves.

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