Border Reiver Webliography

Border Reiver Webliography

For those of you who thirst for more knowledge of your Border Reiver ancestors, we have included an Internet bibliography -

or Webliography, if you will - of web links pertaining to Border Reiver history, culture and literature.

Border Reiver History Websites

Visiting Border Reiver Country

Border Reiver Books, Maps & Other Merchandise

Genealogical Resources for Border Reiver Descendants

Border Reiver History Websites

The links below will tell you a good deal about the Border Reivers - but not nearly as much as the best

books on the subject. Consider them an introduction. And please do not hesitate to contact James V. Elliott if

you know of any other links that we can add to this list, or to any of the other lists below - or if any of the existing

links no longer work.

Border Reiver History Websites
"Border Reivers" by Linda Bruce Caron (at Electric Scotland)
"The Border Reivers" - Linda Bruce Caron's Website
Border Reivers article at "Northeast History" Website in UK
"Timeline of Northeast England - The Border Reivers" by David Simpson
The Times of the Border Reivers and the Border Wars (run by Tom Armstrong, AKA "Tarras")
"The Society of Border Reivers" Website (run by Fred Dixon)
"The Border Reivers" web page at
"In Search of the Border Reivers" so-called official Border Reivers Website
"The Border Reivers" Website (run by James Bell)
"The Borders of North Britain - An Introduction to Border Culture" by David Hackett Fischer
BBC - Legacies - Myths and Legends - Border Reivers
BBC - Cumbria Features "The Border Reivers"
"An Introduction to the Border Reivers" by Stuart William Bird
"The Border Reivers and the Rescue of Kinmont Willie Armstrong" at Historic-UK
"The Border Reivers" article at the Clan Maxwell Website
Tynedale Learning Links: Border Reivers Introduction
"The Border Reivers" by Gordon Lucy at The Ulster-Scots Agency Website

Visiting Border Reiver Country

The links below feature places, activities and events related to the Border Reivers that you might encounter

on your visit to the Borders and the surrounding area.

Visiting Border Reiver Country
Visit Northumberland: History & Culture - The Border Reivers (Reivers Cycle Route, etc.)
The Reivers Cycle Route
Cumbria - The Border Reivers Trail
Website for The Borderers (a reenactment society)
"The History of the Border Reivers" (local travel website)
Langholm Online: A History of the Border Reivers
Bellingham Heritage Centre
Lotherne Experimental Archaeology - Fifteenth Century
Hawick on the Internet: Border Reivers Festival 2006
Land of the Border Reivers
Tullie House Museum Website
Reiver's Rest B & B in Jedburgh

Border Reiver Books, Maps & Other Merchandise

These links feature books, maps, figurines, music, videos and even summaries of TV shows about

the Border Reivers. Cultural artifacts both high and low for all members of the family.

Border Reiver Books, Maps & Other Merchandise
Border Reivers Books and Maps (from The Tullie House Museum website)
Fyre and Sworde: Songs of the Border Reivers
DVD & VHS About The Borders
"The Border Reivers" by Keith Durham & Angus McBride (at
"The Steel Bonnets" by George Macdonald Fraser (at
"Border Fury: England and Scotland at War, 1296 - 1568" by John Sadler (at
"The Borders: A History of the Borders from Earliest Times" by Alistair Moffat (at
"Albion's Seed: Four British Folkways in America" by David Hackett Fischer (at
Border Reiver Miniatures - Gallery 1
Border Reiver Miniatures - Gallery 2
Border Reiver Map (from BorderArt)
"The Borderers" TV Series fro 1968 - 1970

Genealogical Resources for Border Reiver Descendants

These links feature message boards and genealogical resources that will help you learn more about

your Border Reiver kin, whether they remained in England or Scotland, or migrated to Ulster.

Genealogical Resources for Border Reiver Descendants
The UK Genealogy Interests Directory
GENUKI Resources for Scotland
GENUKI Resources for Roxburghshire
GENUKI Resources for Dumfriesshire
GENUKI Resources for Cumbria
GENUKI Resources for Northumberland
Borders Family History Society
Scottish Genealogy Tours
BORDER-L Message Board at Rootsweb
Scottish Message Boards at Rootsweb
English Message Boards at Rootsweb
Rampant Scotland Genealogy Web Page
Electric Scotland Home Page
Genealogy in England - Cumbria
Cumbria/Cumberland/Westmoreland Genealogy Links
Northumberland Genealogy Links
UK Genealogy Archives
Ulster Ancestry - Genealogical Research
Donegal Genealogical Resources
County Donegal Genealogical Links
Griffiths Valuation 1848 - 1864

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