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Sussex Country, New Brunswick

Galloway Cows in Sussex, New Brunswick

William Henry Seymour Gamblin (1854-1917) and Ester Ann Kirkpatrick Gamblin (1834-1917)  in 1905

Sussex Country, New Brunswick

William and Joanna Gamblin Original Homestead in 2001

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Generations from William and Joanna Gamblin's Children

1. WILLIAM1 GAMBLIN was born 1775 in Wiveliscombe, Somersetshire, England, and died 1851 in English Settlement, Kings County, New Brunswick, Canada. He married JOANNA STANHOPE SEYMOUR August 27, 1810 in Saint George, East Stonehouse, Devon, England. She was born 1787 in England, and died 1851 in Pearsonville, New Brunswick, Canada.


William and Joanna Gamblin Homstead William Gamblin Homestead in 2001
William and Joanna Gamblin Homestead in Pearsonville, NB, pictured in 1900 William and Joanna Gamblin Homestead in August 2001

William Gamblin was born in Wiveliscombe, Somersetshire, England. He was apprentice to a blacksmith.  William joined the service on January 3, 1805, at the age of 29, in Taunton. William got through with a slight sabre cut on one cheek and a bullet wound in his ankle. William Gamblin married Joanna (Ann) Seymour in England while in the Royal Marines, Plymouth Division, in 1810. He was discharged two years later on June 15, 1812, for a condition called "hectic".  At the time, "hectic", was a medical term for a feverish condition such as tuberculosis ("consumption"), in which body temperature spikes daily.  However, since William lived another 39 years, he probably did not have TTB or lung cancer.  Malaria would have been described as a "relapsing" fever, so it wan't that either.  They emigrated to Canada, and finally settled in English Settlement Queens County NB.  According to John Smith's discussion group posting of 11 April 1999, William and Joanna Gamblin came to New Brunswick, Canada, when it was a wilderness in 1819 from Plymouth Dock, Devonshire, England with children John, William and Sarah. Sarah, the youngest, was born in 1818.  Joanna picked the bullet out of his ankle years after in New Brunswick on the old homestead. William and Joanna's homstead still exists in Pearsonville on Highfield Road in August, 2001. Both are buried in the Woodland United Church Cemetery, Pearsonville, New Brunswick, Canada.

A 9 March 1892 copy of a Land Grant from 9 November 1829 to William Gamblin, John Bartlett, Thomas Harvey, Alexander Carmichael, James Broad, and William Pearson is in the possession of Ken and Susan Barbi, Annapolis, Maryland, in February 2001.

Wiveliscombe Parish Church
Parish Church in Wiveliscombe, Somersetshire, England

Copy of William Gamblin's Discharge Papers from in June 15, 1812:

To all Officers, Civil and Military, these are to Certify that the Bearer hereof, William Gamblin, Pte. in the 141st Company of the Division aforesaid, born at Wiveliscombe in Somersetshire, aged 37 years, 5 feet 7 inches high, brown hair, sallow complexion, gray eyes, by trade a Blacksmith, hath served Honestly and Faithfully for Seven years Five months and Thirteen days, and being (...Paper all worn out...) He is hereby Discharged from the said Corps having first received all his pay, Arrears of Pay and other just Pretensions, as appears by his Signature at the bottom hereof. Given under my hand and Divisional

Seal, this 15th Day of June, Anno Dom. 1812. Credit Tho. Strickland.

Credit on Ledgers --- 2 " O " 5
Ditto for clothing --- " 
Conduct Money, ---- I " 2 " 9

Received the 15th Day of June, 1812, the above Sum, being thee Whole of my just Pretension. As Witness my Hand, Wm. [his mark] Gambling

Witness present, Benj Wilkenson

Note: The top line -- part of which is missing and the part which is still there but not decipherable starts - - Witness, then the balance is not decipherable. It apparently gave the name of the Division the 141st, Company was in. Under this is a small Scroll, then the wording as above recorded. The witness spelled Great Grandfathers name wrong, having added a G at the end. The line in the body of the Discharge Certificate which is not decipherable, apparently gve the reason for his discharge.  [As stated above, the reason for discharge is "hectic", a respiratory condition. This information comes from Bob O'Hara of Kew, Surrey, UK, in December, 2003.]  The above was copied by me [Harold S. Gamblin] from a photostat copy of the original Discharge Certificate which is in the possession of Mrs. Blanche Webb, a daughter of my Cousin William Gamblin, who lived on the old homestead granted to Great Grandfather William. Signed Harold S. Gamblin

Source: E Mail from Evan Gamblin dated January 31, 2001

In the on-line parish register from Stoke Damerel Parish, William Gamblin is referred to as a laborer at Plymouth Dock (later known as Devonport). Plymouth Dock-Stoke Damerel-Plymouth was in practicality all one place, different districts that grew and merged into present-day Plymouth. I think in those days there were only two Anglican Churches: Stoke Damerel and St. George's.

Joanna Elizabeth Gamblin, bapt. 3 April, 1814, Stoke Damerel, Devon, England.
Joanna Gamblin buried 22 October, 1815, age 1 year and seven months, in Stoke Damerel parish.
William Henry Seymour Gamblin, bapt. 18 August, 1816, Stoke Damerel, Devon, England.

Source: E Mail from Greg Haley dated May 2, 2008.


Burial: Woodland United Church Cemetery, Pearsonville, New Brunswick

Military service: Royal Marines

Occupation: Blacksmith


Also known as Ann, and Joannah. Joannah was found in their eldest son's (John) bible spelled this way.


Burial: Woodland United Church Cemetery, Pearsonville, New Brunswick


i. JOHN2 GAMBLIN, was born 12 Sep 1811 in Stoke Damerel, Devon, England, and died Aft. 1881. He married ANN HALL 14 Apr 1834 in English Settlement, Kings County, New Brunswick, Canada, daughter of GEORGE HALL and SARAH MOODY. She was born 20 Oct 1803 in West Stockworth, Nottingham County, England, and died Bet. 1881 - 1891 in New Brunswick, Canada.

Notes for ANN HALL:
Ann "Nancy" HALL (George1) b. 20 October, 1803, West Stockworth, bapt. 1 November, 1803, Misterton parish, Nottinghamshire, England; d. 1881-1891; m1. c1828; to William SARGESON, son of Robert and Elizabeth Sargeson; b. 1805, England; d. 1831-1835. Ann (Hall) Sargeson m2. 14 April, 1835, English Settlement, Kings County, NB, witnesses - William Chamberlain & John Bartlett; to John GAMBLIN, son of William Gamblin and Johanna Seymour; b. 12 September, 1811, Plymouth, Devon, England; d. after 1881

Issue from William Sargeson:

i. George Parker Sargeson, b. 1828, probably English Settlement, Johnston parish, Queens County, NB.

ii. Alice "Elsie" Sargeson, b. 1830, probably English Settlement, Johnston parish, Queens County, NB.

iii. Robert Sargeson, b. 1832, probably English Settlement, Johnston parish, Queens County, NB.
Source: Greg Haley, May 2, 2008

Marriage: 14 Apr 1834, English Settlement, Kings County, New Brunswick, Canada

Children of JOHN GAMBLIN and ANN HALL are:

i. WILLIAM HENRY SEYMOUR3 GAMBLIN, b. 03 Jan 1836, Pearsonville, New Brunswick, Canada; d. 27 Jan 1907.
ii. SAMUEL JAMES GAMBLIN, b. 24 Oct 1837, Pearsonville, New Brunswick, Canada; d. 30 Oct 1895, Collina, Kings County, New Brunswick, Canada.
iii. JOHN GAMBLIN, b. 06 Sep 1839, Pearsonville, New Brunswick, Canada; d. Unknown.
iv. CHARLES SEYMOUR GAMBLIN, b. 30 Sep 1841, Pearsonville, New Brunswick, Canada; d. 20 Feb 1903.
v. MOODY GAMBLIN, b. 15 Nov 1843, Pearsonville, New Brunswick, Canada; d. 14 May 1847.

Source: Greg Haley

ii. JOANNA ELIZABETH GAMBLIN, b. Bef. 03 Apr 1814, Stoke Damerel, Devon, England; d. Bef. 22 Oct 1815


Baptism:  3 Apr 1814, Stoke Damerel Parish
Burial:  22 Oct 1815, Stoke Damerel Parish

Source:  Greg Haley

iii. WILLIAM HENRY SEYMOUR GAMBLIN, b. 1816, Plymouth, England.


Left his family and is believed to have moved to the USA taking up the name Seymour.

Source: Tressa Williams

iv. SARAH EMELINE SEYMOUR GAMBLIN, b. 1818, England; m. REV. JAMES NICHERSON, January 24, 1836.

v. JAMES ROBERT GAMBLIN, b. October 6, 1821, Studholm, Kings County, New Brunswick, Canada; d. October 9, 1891, Marrtown, Kings County, New Brunswick, Canada; m. ELIZABETH ANN ROWLEY, October 5, 1843, Johnston, New Brunswick, Canada; b. December 22, 1825, County Fermanagh, Ireland; d. September 5, 1913, Marrtown, Kings County, New Brunswick, Canada.


First boy baby born in English Settlement on October 6, 1821.


Burial: Baptist Church Cemetery, Snider Mountain, New Brunswick


Elizabeth Roley came to Canada with her parents when she was six years old. They lived in Saint John five years. Her father was a weaver by trade, in Ireland. It is understood that the family first went to Australia to live but did not like it there and proceeded to Canada to make their home.


Burial: Baptist Church Cemetery, Snider Mountain, New Brunswick

vi. CAROLINE GAMBLIN, b. April 18, 1824, Pearsonville, New Brunswick, Canada; d. October 24, 1893; m. JOHN SOPER, November 27, 1843; b. March 15, 1820, London, England; d. June 10, 1896.


Burial: Baptist Church Cemetery, Snider Mountain, New Brunswick

Notes for JOHN SOPER:

John Soper was a wheelwright by trade and lived in Saint John, becoming a freeman of the city on April 25, 1855. He was also a member of the Wesleyan Methodist Society. John was given a Crown grant No. 14 in the Parish of Brunswick, County of Queens. This land adjoined that of Samuel Gamblin. He sold his land, but in 1865 borrowed 100 pounds from William Johnson, who later married his daughter Joanna, and bought land on Snider Mountain. In later years, after his wife died, he gave this land to his son, John Alexander McCurdy Soper, to care for him in his old age. Son, John moved to Saint John, later to Lower Coverdale, where his father died. The property on Snider Mountain was sold to James Robert Soper for $1600. ( ?16.00) He later sold it and moved to Moncton.

More About JOHN SOPER:

Burial: Baptist Church Cemetery, Snider Mountain, New Brunswick

vii. GEORGE A. MCCALLISTER GAMBLIN, b. 1826, English Settlement (Highfield), Queens Co, New Brunswick; d. May 8, 1848.


His grave stone is broken.

Source: Tressa Williams


Burial: Woodland United Church Cemetery, Pearsonville, New Brunswick

Cause of Death: Drowning

viii. SAMUEL MICHAEL GAMBLIN, b. May 17, 1830, Pearsonville, New Brunswick, Canada; d. December 28, 1897, Pearsonville, New Brunswick, Canada; m. ESTHER ANN KIRKPATRICK, January 14, 1851, Pearsonville, New Brunswick, Canada; b. February 4, 1834, Campbell Settlement, York County, New Brunswick; d. May 31, 1917, Pearsonville, New Brunswick, Canada.


Samuel is buried in Woodland United Church Cemetery in Pearsonville, NB.

Following is the text of the original land grant in New Brunswick, Canada, to Samuel M. Gamblin Registered June 27, 1855. The original land grant is in the possession of Ken and Susan Barbi, Annapolis, Maryland, in February 2001. It is also available through the New Brunswick Provincial Archives at the Bonar Law-Bennett Building, 23 Dineen Drive, UNB Campus, Fredericton, NB, (506) 453-2111. It is located in Volume: 46, page, Grant number 7006, New Brunswick registration date: 1855/06/27; Accompanying plan: y; Acreage: 100 acres; Place and County: Johnston, Queens County.

New Brunswick.

Victoria, by the Grace of GOD, of the United Kingdom of Great Britian and Ireland, Queen, Defender of the Faith. To all to whom these Presents shall come, Greeting: Know Ye, that We, of Our special Grace, certain knowledge, and mere motion, have given and granted, and We do by these Presents for Us, Our Heirs and Successors, give and grant unto Samuel M. Gamblin, his Heirs and Assigns, a Tract of Land situate in the Parish of Johnston in the County of Queens in Our Province of New Brunswick, and bounded as follows, to-wit: Beginning at a Maple tree standing on the easterly side of a reserved Road in the northwesterly angle of lot number fifteen in Hock three. Thence running by the Magnet of the year one Thousand eight hundred and fifty four North three degrees East along said side of said reserved Road, fifty chains, thence South eighty seven degrees East twenty chains to a spruce tree thence South three degrees west fifty chains to a post, and thence North eighty seven degrees west twenty chains to the place of beginning, containing one hundred acres, more or less, distinguished as lot number thirty five in Hock three, and also particularly described and marked on the Plot or Plan of Survey hereunto annexed; together with all profits, commodities, hereditaments and appurtenances whatsoever thereunto belonging or in any wise appertaining; except and reserved, nevertheless, out of this present Grant to Us, Our Heirs and Successors, all Coals, and also all Gold and Silver, and other Mines and Minerals; TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the said tract of Land, and all and singular the Premises hereby granted, with their appurtenances, (exept before excepted) unto the said Samuel M. Gamblin his Heirs and Assigns, FOR EVER: Provided always, and this present Grant is upon condition, that the same Grant be registered in the Secretary's Office of Our said Province of New Brunswick, to which Registry shall be attached a duplicate of the Plan hereunto annexed.

Given under the Great Seal of Our Province of New Brunswick. WITNESS Our trusty and well beloved The Honorable John Henry Thomas Manners Sutton, Our Lieutenant Governor and Commander in Chief of Our said Province, at Fredericton, the Twenty sixth day of June in the Year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty five and in the Nineteenth Year of Our Reign.


No. 7006 Registered the 27th day of June 1855 A. L. Tilley


Burial: Woodland United Church Cemetery, Pearsonville, New Brunswick


She was Irish. Buried in the Woodland United Church Cemetery in Pearsonville , NB.


Burial: Woodland United Church Cemetery, Pearsonville, New Brunswick

Source: Ken and Susan Barbi, Greg Haley, and Tressa Williams Genealogical Data

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