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Sussex Country, New Brunswick

Galloway Cows in Sussex, New Brunswick

William Henry Seymour Gamblin (1854-1917) and Ester Ann Kirkpatrick Gamblin (1834-1917)  in 1905

Sussex Country, New Brunswick

William and Joanna Gamblin Original Homestead in 2001

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Family of William Gamblin (1775-1851) and Joanna Seymour (1787-1851)

New Story about
Charles Melburne Johnston's (1893 - 1978)
HERBERT JOHNSTON (1866 - 1954) and
MARGARET GAMBLIN (1867 - 1953)'s 2nd Son

World War I Experiences
(by his great-grandson Paul Johnston)

William Gamblin was born in  wiveliscombe, Somersetshire, England in 1775.  Wiveliscombe is about 200 kilometers West of London at the intersection of B3227 and B3188 toward the Cornwall coast.  He was apprentice to a blacksmith, and joined the Royal Marines, Plymouth Division, on January 3, 1805 at the age of 29. He enlisted in Taunton.  In 1810, he married Joanna Seymour, and they came and settled in English Settlement, New Brunswick, Canada, when it was a wilderness in 1819.  (Today, English Settlement is located in Pearsonville and Highfield which is South of the Trans-Canadian Highway Route 2 about 8 km NW of Sussex.) Both are buried in the Woodland United Church Cemetery, Pearsonville, New Brunswick, Canada.  Unfortunately, there is no grave stone.

An alternative background for William and Joanna has been proposed by family members and was included in research done by Colonel Frederick H. Mills in July,1950.  The findings show William Gamblin fought at the Battle of Traflagar in 1805, and Joanna Seymour was a daughter of a Nobleman - - a direct descendant from the family of which Jane Seymour, wife of King Henry VIII, was an illustrious member, and whose brother was her progenitor.

William Gamblin Homestead in 2001
William and Joanna Gamblin Homestead in August 2016
Gamblin Road Sign in Cole's Island, NB, Canada
Gamblin Road Sign in Coles Island, NB, Canada, in August 2015 is now an unmarked logging road

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Evan R. Gamblin 

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