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Use the Search Tool below to find a member of the family.  When you get a list of relevant pages, go to the page you like best and use your web browser's "find function" to locate your family member on  that page.

Suggest you try several options for your search: For example:  if you are looking for a female member, search by her first and maiden name; if you are looking for someone by nickname, suggest you use their proper first name.


If your search returns web pages that have the name you searched, but the information next to that name is marked private, it is because the individual is still living.  Our family does not publish information about living individuals for privacy reasons.  If you want to know what information we have off-line, please contact us and ask for it.  We maintain genealogy records on Family Tree Maker, and have standard GEDCOM files we can provide.

Canadian Contact
Evan R. Gamblin

United States Contact
Ken and Susan Barbi

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