Oliver Lines of Descent Supported by Y DNA Testing: Dark & Light Green Group
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Oliver Lines of Descent from Olivers in the Dark Green and Light Green Groups of the Oliver Y DNA Project

This web page was first mounted on November 26, 2009 by Sheila Schmutz. sheila.schmutz@usask.ca and updated on February 6, 2017. This is a private webpage that is connected to the Oliver Y DNA Project of Family Tree DNA. Please address corrections and additions to her. If you wish to correspond with other participants whose lines are shown, she will forward your message to them.

This webpage focuses only on the men who are highlighted in Dark Green or Group 02 and Pale Green or Group 03, among the many Oliver men who have been tested thus far. By May 19, 2010 there were 8 men who matched in the Dark Green group. There are 10 Oliver men in the Light Green Group and an Oliphant and Toliver also. The Dark and Light Green groups differ by only one marker (458 or the 14th in the list) among 37, so they are considered very closely related. The late Mr. Pat Oliver had separated these two groups, but by FTDNA standards they would not typically be separated. He showed them as Green and Orange. I have changed them to Dark Green and Light Green to indicate their close relationship. There are three additional matches to the Light Green Group that have been tested by Ancestry.

Most men in these groups have been tested for at least 25 markers, but two men are only tested at 12 markers and thus it is not certain which of these two groups they actually fit best in. I have left them in the group that Pat had assigned them to. The detailed data on their markers appears on the Oliver Y DNA project homepage under Y-DNA results. Some of the men in each group have 1 or 2 differences over 37 markers from other members.

The genealogy shown below for the men in this group has either been sent in, or was posted by them on the FTDNA family tree section of their personal page. For example, genealogy of 20698 was contributed by Chris Landrum, e-mail bobland2(at)juno.com

The lines of the men in Dark Green Group, contibuted thus far, are shown in the chart below. Although the common ancestor of most of them, Alexander Oliver, hails from Bertie Co, NC where he died before 1767. He is listed on the 1755 tax list for Bertie Co, NC, and several more through 1763. These are posted on GenWeb. Because they match the Light Green Group so closely, his ancestor was most probably from the British Isles.

The lines of the men in Light Green Group, contibuted thus far, are shown in the chart below. In addition there is one close match to a member of the Oliphant Y DNA project and his line is also shown. Three lines, and possibly a fourth line, connect with immigrant brothers/cousins? who came from Ireland to Barre, Worchester Co, Massachusetts. There are two differences betwen the descendant of Launcelot and the 4 descendants of William, which suggests they might have been cousins, rather than brothers. Therefore I have used a dashed line rather than a solid line to Launcelot Oliver. One of the proposed descandants of William (Ancestry E) has a gap with no records so I have shown this as a "?".

Note that some of these men have been tested by FTDNA and others by Ancestry. They do not all match each other perfectly, but closely. The men who have indicated an ancestor in Ireland are shown in the chart below.

The chart above shows the DNA data at the first 37 markers tested by FTDNA for the men named Oliver. Because a few men were tested by Ancestry, their data shows a few less markers. However, all these Oliver men match closely. The shading of their kit numbers indicates whether they are in the Dark Green or Light Green group. This split is based on marker 458 only.

Mr. Oliphant (93342) was a perfect match to the most common haplotype in the Light Green Group but Mr. Toliver (24686) has 3 differences over 37 markers. Mr. Oliphant and one Oliver have indicated that their ancestor hailed from Scotland. Their lines are also shown in the chart above.

One of the men in the Light Green Group (104145) whose line has not been shared, also matches a man named Trimble perfectly (67/67). He matches another Trimble tested by Ancestry perfectly, although at fewer markers. These Trimble men also have ancestors who hail from Ireland. Part of their lines are shown below.

Note that the names of the participants and their Fathers are not shown to protect the privacy of the individuals. If individuals do not wish their line to be shown at all, please contact me and I will respect your wishes.

The map on the right of Ireland shows the Counties. One can see that the Oliver men in the Light Green group whose ancestors come from Ireland, all have ancestors in the province of Ulster (shown in purple).

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