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    This is the introductory page to the web version of Marvin Lander's book:  "The Family of Alfred M. Stanley, The Stanley Family 2003".  Since migrating from AT&T to Ancestry, it has picked up a few chapters.

    Please note that each chapter is in Adobe Acrobat format to make it possible for as many people as possible to enjoy it.  Acrobat reader is available at no charge for most operating systems on Adobe's site.  I use Foxit myself.  You will be able to duplicate the entire book or just the chapters or pages of interest.  You may have a blank page or two which is my fault and I will correct it soon.

    Marvin has done extensive research into the Stanley family and the chapter on Mary Elizabeth Stanley is mostly due to Margaret Cox Russell who has done considerable research into Mary's family. Clearly, the facts involved cannot be copyrighted but we consider the presentation is copyrighted by us. We have no objection to non-commercial use of the material as long as no money is charged [except, perhaps, for reproduction] and that credit is given to Marvin Lander of Red Bluff, Calif.

Note that three children did not get two chapters of their own. Two died in the civil war and Lem had no children of his own so they are covered in Ch2. Printing the entire contents will allow you to reproduce the book and have a copy of your very own, what a project for a rainy afternoon.

    The table of contents below follows the order of the book; if you get a "file not found", please let me know; I think everything is working fine, I check it often, but things happen.

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Introduction, Contents etc. 

Alfred M. Stanley's descendants 


Stanley Family

Alfred M. Stanley and his family: 


Alfred M. Stanley's children  Ch2_AlfredMsFamily
William Foster Stanley  Ch3_WmFoster
Jesse Harris Stanley  Ch4_JesseHarris
Mary Elizabeth Stanley  Ch5_MaryEliz
Oliver Hazard Stanley  Ch6_OliverH
John Robert Stanley  Ch7_JohnRobert
Family Photographs After Ch. 7

Alfred M. and Joseph and Polly Heather Hatfield

Wm. F. and Studleys

Oliver H., Hemenways and Holton Cochran

Oliver H., Hemenways and Stinchaum

C.C., Ozias, Jesse H.'s

Cela Jane, Studleys and Naves

LewAnna, Lemuel and Colvins

Ozias Lafayette Stanley  Ch8_OziasLafayette
Francis Marion Stanley died in civil war
Christopher Columbus Stanley Ch9_ChrisC
Lemuel Herbert Stanley see Ch2
Joseph Duncan Stanley died in civil war
LewAnn Stanley  Ch10_LewAnn
Cela Jane Stanley  Ch11_Cela

Alfred Newton Stanley 

Appendx1, C.C. & Rufus Agustus Stanley 


CC and Gus

Gard's endnotes 

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Marvin L. Lander
965 ALOHA ST, RED BLUFF CA  96080-3960

Margaret: Russell ch3_wmfoster.pdf

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