MARY ANN PRECILLA (nee) JOHNSON (1840...1920 )

Mary Ann Priscilla Johnson (1840...1920 )

Isaac Richard Pillidge & Mary Ann Priscilla Johnson's Head Stone Morpeth
Isaac Richard Pillidge & Mary Ann Priscilla Johnson's Photo
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(1). .H . Isaac . Richard . Pillidge # 1 . (b.1856...d.1926) (Known as Richard) m 27/5/1880 H . Rosa Ann. Taylor . (b.1854..d.1893) , 5 Children
(2). H . Elizabeth . Emma . Pillidge . (b1860...d.) m 1884 Robert . Sharp . 2 Children
(3) . H . George . Henry . Pillidge . .(b.1862..d.1936) m 1862 Eliza . Davis . 5 Children
(4) Emily Priscilla . Pillidge . ( b1870...d.) m 1839 James W . Cork . 2 Children
(5) . Louise . Victoria Pillidge . (b.1876....d.) m 1895 Henry C . Bryant . 6 Children
(6) Ada Isabella . Pillidge . (b.1877...d.1957) m 1929 Marius. Sanlaville no children
(7) .H . Agnes . Rebecca Pillidge (b.1872...d.1952) m 1895 John . Watson . (b..?..d..)
(8) H . Jessie . Pillidge . (b.1879...d.) m 1903 George . Durrant
(9) H . Frederick John . Pillidge . (b1881...d1947) m Eva Elizabeth . Kerr . 3 Children
(10) H . Charles . Robert . Pillidge . (b1884...d1943) m 1906 Elizabeth Magdelan . McBriarty . 5 Children
Died At Birth Or Infancy (11) Ann Alice Pillidge (b1858...d.1866) , (12) Caleb Pillidge (b.1864...d.1867) , (13) William Pillidge (b.1867...d.1867) , Ann Caleb William's Headstone (14) Ellen Elizabeth Pillidge (b.1868...d..1877) , (15 ) Alice Margaret Pillidge (b.1874...d.1875).


History & Achievements

Mary Ann Pricilla's Obituary

From the Raymond Terrace Examiner 2nd July 1921


One of the early settlers of the Lower Hunter died recently at her home in Wallsend in the person of Mrs. Isaac Pillidge at the age of 80 years. Deceased had not enjoyed good health for some time. Mrs. Pillidge was the mother of George Pillidge, lately of Nelsons Plains and sister of Mrs. C. Newman of Nelsons Plains. Richard, Fred and Charles Pillidge are also sons and there are several daughters and a large number of grandchildren and great grandchildren. Mr. & Mrs. Isaac Pillidge settled at Nelsons Plains in their younger days and later removed to . Narrowgut , ( a farm still stands there as of todays date 26/11/1999. It is located on an Island surrounded by the cut out section of the hunter river. The story goes that the property was cut of after the recedence of flood waters. The river had changed course leaving Narrowgut an Island. Only one entrance to this property exists across a causway into the property. The main crop grown on the property is Asparagus ) near Morpeth, and after some years of success, retired a nd went to reside at West Wallsend. The deceased lady bore a kind and thoughtful disposition and was an affectionate mother who earned the goodwill of everyone. The family are to be sympathised with and especially Mr. Pillidge, who is 84 and will feel his loss keenly. The funeral was conducted to the Morpeth cemetery on Friday, the attendance of friends and sympathisers being large. 2nd July 1921

For Mary Ann to marry Isaac Richard Pillidge, special permission had to be give by her father, Charles Johnson . This is evident on the marriage certificate of Mary Ann & Isaac Richard . Mary was only 16 at the time of marriage and had already given birth to Isaac Richard #2. (born 4/11/1856 )

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