1st / 102nd Invalids Company

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The Regiment

Known as (nickname)........................

Facings...............................................  Blue

Braided Lace.....................................  silver

Button Loops ....................................  Square Pairs.

Service in Australia .......................... Sydney , Newcastle & Tasmania .

Commanding Officer. 102nd Invalid Regiment Regiment .. Lt Col William Paterson 1809-1810, Major George Johnston 1810-1811



Surnames of the 102nd Invalids Company who stayed


Following the reorganisation of the 102nd Regiment of Foot, 1 Captain , 2 Lieutenants' , 1 Ensign, 5 Sergeants  2 Drummers , 5 Corporals and  95 Privates.  
 were transferred to a newly formed Company, this company being the 102nd Invalid Company . These men and the company remained in Australia following the departure of the 102nd and eventually became part of the 73rd Regiment.

The 102nd Invalids Company then ceased to exist.1813

 Historical Records of Australia   Vol V11 
March 1, 1810
Viscount Palmerston to Governor Macquarie

 A communication having been received from the Commander-in-Chief, stating that you have formed a Company from such men of the 102nd Regiment as have served 20 years and upwards, but who are still fit for Garrison Duty, and who, from having large families, are extremely anxious to remain in NSW, and from the length of their services would be entitled to their discharge had they returned to England. I have the honour to acquaint you that His Royal Highness the Prince Regent, in the name and on the behalf of His Majesty, has been pleased to approve of a Veteran Company, consisting of the numbers stated in the Margin* being attached to the 1st Battalion of the 73rd Regiment, or to such other Corps as may be hereafter stationed in NSW, and that the men of this Company be clothed and accoutered in the same manner as the 73rd Regiment, with the exception of the blue facings, which will distinguish them from those of that Corps.

April 30, 1810
Macquarie to Castlereagh

A great number of Old Soldiers of the 102nd who had served long in this country, wishing to remain in it on account of connections they have formed with convict women, and by whom they had children. I have taken on the responsibility upon myself of forming them into an Invalid or Veteran Company for the service of the colony, until His Majesty's pleasure shall be known, and I trust Your Lordship will be pleased to move the King to be graciously pleased to sanction and approve to of this measure. I have made the establishment of this Invalid Company One Hundred Rank and File, with the usual proportion of Sergeants and Drummers, to be under the command and charge of an officer of the 73rd Regiment until I shall receive orders from home respecting it. Independent of gratifying these poor Old Soldiers in permitting them to remain with their families, and in a country they are much attached to, the measure will be a very considerable saving to the Crown, as from their great length of service, most of them having served between 20 and 30 years, they would be entitled to very high pensions on
their arrival at home and being discharged for very few of them would be found fit for service in a Cold Climate

Liverpool to Macquarie July 1811
"I have submitted to His Royal Highness your recommendation that a Company of Invalids to the extent specified in your letter should be attached to the 1st Bat. 73rd Reg't, or to such other Corps as may hereafter be stationed at NSW, and His Royal Highness had been graciously pleased to approve of the formation of this Company, and a communication to this effect had been made by my directions to the Comm'r-in-Chief.
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