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This list comprises the largest onetime Military Marriage in Australia. Some soldiers have their own Page others ,this is all we know

Knowing that his relationship arrangements with Elizabeth could preclude the new Governor's patronage and support of his transfer between regiments, and of his position of respect in command of the Governor's bodyguard, Charles must have felt some trepidation when he paraded with the 102nd Regiment at 7:00 am on 19 March, to allow Macquarie to inspect those who had volunteered for continued service in the colony with the 73rd Regiment. Those Macquarie approved of on that morning would transfer to the 73rd on 25 March.50 Whether it his own desire to present the best circumstances possible for transfer, or a requirement stated to him, a mere three hours after the parade began, at 10:00 am, Charles and Elizabeth were officially married before Assistant Chaplain of the colony William Cowper at S1. Philip's Church, in a ceremony witnessed by Mary Cupit and Edward Goldsborough.This marriage ceremony was followed by the marriage of the soldiers below, Some settled in Australian and some returned to England.   If the soldier has  a blue link Click :: on link then he has his own page

Registrar and A Colonial Regiment)

Other soldiers married on the same day in what was probably the largest single day of military weddings  (25 March 1810) in the colony were:

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