Private  Robert Anderson (c.1771........1839.)

Participant at the Battle of Vinegar Hill
Back to . . The New South Wales Corps. ( Rum Corps. ) "Renamed 102nd Regiment
  • Born : c.1771
  • Where Born : Letterkenny, Co Donegal, Ireland
  • Occupation : Blacksmith, Soldier, and Farmer'.
  • Date Arrived : 7 August 1793
  • Ship Arrived on : Boddingtons
  • Rank attained : Private
  • Date of Enlistment :  04 Sep 1797.
  • Where Enlisted : Sydney.
  • Transfered : 73rd Regiment of Foot  in 25 March 1810 Sydney
  • Transfered : ka Invalid Company, later Royal Veteran Company) 'Captain Brabyn's or Invalid Company' on 25 Oct 1813,
    Date of Discharge :  24 Sep 1823
  • Where Discharged : Probably Parramatta, which was the Company Headquarters.
  • Died : 31 December 1839
  • Where Died / Buried :
    Parents Names : Robert Anderson (b.........d.)
  • Spouse's Name : Mary Franklin. 
  • Born : c.1783
    Where Born Probably England
  • Occupation :
  • Date Arrived : 10 June 1801
  • Ship Arrived on : 'Earl Cornwallis',
  • Date Married : 19 March 1810
  • Where Married : St Philip's Church of England 'Sydney'
  • Died :Age 51 at death in 1834 9. July
  • Where Died / Buried :
  • Spouse's Parents :

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    Eric Young Eric Young

  • Descendants
    Area Settled :

    Robert was predominantly at Sydney until he transferred to the Veteran Company in 1813.  Their Headquarters was at Parramatta, but Robert seems to have been with a detachment at Liverpool for most of the time, as all his children after 1813 were born at Liverpool.  He had land holdings in Liverpool district, and later at Illawarra.

    Children :
    Gerald    b. 28 Aug 1807   d. 15 Aug 1877  m. 31 Oct 1842 to Mary Ann SMILES
    Phoebe    b.      c.1808   d. 28 Jul 1880  m. (1) 25 Jul 1825 to John CLEGG
                                                                    m. (2) 01 Jan 1835 to John WILLIAMS
    Thomas   b. 12 Apr 1810   d. 23 Apr 1815
    Ann         b. 03 Dec 1812   d. c 10 November  1813 Buried 11 November Sydney Burial Grounds C/D
    Robert    b. 12 Aug 1814   d. 24 Jun 1866  m. 17 Apr 1837 to Elizabeth WINTER
    Mary Ann  b. 06 Jan 1816  d. 03 Mar 1889  m. 17 Apr 1837 to Henry DEAR
    Maria    b. 16 Feb 1817  d. 11 May 1893   m. (1) 01 Jan 1835 to William GRAHAM
                                                                       m. 2)02 Sep 1850 to Richard GLANVILLE
    George    b. 04 Jun 1819  d. 20 Nov 1857  m. 18 Nov 1845 to Mary Kell TATE

    History & Achievements :

    1814 & 1822 Musters & 1828 Census all show RA was a 'Veteran' and a landowner by 'grant & purchase'.
    They do not ALL show these things.  In 1814 RA is not recorded - Mary Franklin is recorded as 'Veteran's wife'.
    1822 Land & Stock Muster does show RA resident at Liverpool, with 100 acres held by 'Grant & Purchase'.
    1828 Census lists him as 'Farmer', with 460 acres, but type of holding is not recorded.
    RA transferred to 73rd Regt. April 1810.
    He volunteered on 25 Mar 1810, and the transfer seems to have been effected on 24 Apr 1810.
    ...This, along with the marriage to Mary Franklin the previous month, meant he did not need to accompany the 102nd Regt. who returned to England on 25 Apr 1810...
    As far as I am aware his marriage was immaterial to his being permitted to stay in Australia - there were many wives and children who accompanied the 102nd soldiers back overseas.
    Having been enlisted in 1793, RA achieved 20 years service.  This explains his name appearing in the transfer list of 73rd Regt. soldiers to the Veteran company (aka etc.) in Sept 1813.
     enlisted in 1797. When he joined the 73rd in April 1810, he is clearly shown as having '12 yr 203 days service' (which computes to 04 Apr 1797) (see above).  The 20 year service rule was obviously relaxed, with possibly age becoming a consideration.
    RA's life from 1810s was largely as a landowner and farmer (wheat and cattle) in Sydney town, Liverpool and Illawarra.
     he remained a Soldier until 1823.  Although he had a cottage on lease at Sydney (pre Macquarie), and later leased a town lot to Lydia Ragan, I have seen no evidence of his ever farming at Sydney. (The 1828 Census incorrectly shows 'Grove Farm Sydney' against his name, but this was actually at Lower Minto (in district of Liverpool), as was correctly recorded against his servants.
    He is listed in Colonial Secretary's Index ... Sept 1823.
    Replace with 'Col. Sec. Papers record that RA was given a 'Certificate of Entitlement to a Land Grant' (No. 73) as a Veteran Pensioner on 19 Nov 1823.'
    (Source: SRNSW: CGS 1224, [4/7015.2], copy COD 125)
    The consequent Land Grant was issued on 01 May 1833 (with Quit-Rent dating from 01 Jan 1829) and consisted of 100 acres situated in the district of Illawarra.  The Grant (incorrectly) stated that the land was to be called 'Frankland', when in fact it was known by the name of 'Franklin Farm' (after his wife).
    (Source: LTNSW: Grant Register 33 No. 43)
    His will (Proceedings No. 72187:4 ...
    I am unaware of the origin of this source reference (which may be correct) but it is usual to cite the probate No. and the Series, which is No. 1175 Series 1.  The Probate Packet is located at SRNSW: [14/3205]
    RA's death certificate lists his father as Robert Anderson
    Incorrect. RA died in 1839, at a time when there was no such thing as a 'death certificate' (a civil document) in existence in NSW.  The RG Burial Register (Clergy Return) does NOT give a father's name, nor is there any provision for such on the form.
    Mary Franklin ... sentenced ...
    The term of her sentence was 7 years.
    In the 1814 Muster ... 'concubine'.
    The wording seems to have been mixed up slightly here.  In 1806 Muster, MF is listed as being Free by Servitude, and living with RA, Soldier.  Marsden's 1806 List records her as a 'concubine'.  In the 1814 Muster MF is listed as 'Veteran's wife', with 4 children.
    She died before RA ... gravestone adjacent ... Park.
    , there is only one gravestone, with both epitaphs.
    Additional Information
    RA arrived at Sydney on board the Boddingtons from Cork as a convict with a Life sentence.  He had been capitally convicted at Donegal in August 1791, aged 21.  He received an Absolute Pardon (no. 108) on 01 Oct 1811.
    I hope that you may be able to make sense of the foregoing, and that you find it useful to enhance the information you have on Robert.
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