BAKER , James

Marine Private James Baker (.....1789)

James Baker enlisted in the Royal marines as part of the 55th Plymouth Company. He served as part of
the convict guard on board the ship "Charlotte" prior to its departure from England. James sailed with the ship to Port Jackson and arrived as part of the first Fleet. Prior to the departure from Rio he was arrested and court martialed on August 29 1787 his charge was forgery . He and a convict named Thomas Barrett had devised a way of making Quarter- Dollars from old buckles and pewter spoons. These were passed in Rio. the forgery was detected  &  James Baker was sentenced to 200 lashes. While the punishment for Thomas Barrett was very light .
James Baker was involved in many fights with Thomas Bullmore and was one of four privates
to receive 200 lashes following the death of Bullmore.
On March the 27th 1789 , James and five other marines were executed. The execution was carried out for
the persistent theft of Government stores. (They mainly stole grog.) Unfortunately Buried beside tree executed on Standard Practice ( Un Hollowed Ground)
It is not known whether any of his family settled in Australia.

Royal marine 55th Portsmouth Company, Charlotte 26 January 17881788 Part of a group of marines that were executed for persistent theft of Government stores,

At 9 OClock in the Morning the Sentince past, on the Above Prisoners Was put In Exacution; In Consaquence of Jos Hunt Convicting the Six Afforesaid prisoners, he Was pardone,d (sic) Scott: (1)

(1) Scott, James. Remark on a passage Botnay [sic] bay 1787, Mitchell Library, Heritage Collection
Military records  ,Pay rolls, Pay Musters, Cemetery Records, Church Records & General Muster Records, Mitchell Library ,Sydney Australia
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