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Ensign John Lanigan (Linigor) Brock  ( Birch) 

(c.  ......1801 )

Back To . .The New South Wales Corps. ( Rum Corps. ) "Renamed 102nd Regiment.
  • Born :
  • Where Born : 
  • Occupation :  Soldier
  • Regimental Number :
  • Date arrival :  23 October 1790 
  • Ship Arrived : " Britannia  "
  • Rank on Discharge : Private
  • Date of Enlistment :  
  • Where Enlisted : England
  • Enlistment Details: Free Purchase
  • Date of Discharge :   5 July 1797    died in Service
  • Where Discharged :   Sydney
  • Died :     5 July 1797
  • Where Died /  Buried  :  6 July 1797 Old Sydney Burial grounds C/D
  • Parents Names :
  • Spouse's Name :  MOORE, Mary A (3)
  • Date Married :  1796 (3)
  • Where Married :  Sydney, St Phillip's, Church of England Ref Number: V1796344 3A Parish: (3)
  • Born : 
  • Where Born :
  • Occupation :
  • Date Arrived :
  • Ship Arrived on :
  • Died : 
  • Where Died / Buried :  
  • Spouse's Parents :  
  • Descendants
    Area Settled :


    Children :


    History & Achievements :

    The Ensigns Name Was  (John  Lanigan  Birch) 

    The Deptford brig sailing this month for the coast of Coromandel, the governor took the opportunity of transmitting to Admiral Rainier, or the commander in chief of his Majesty's ships in the East Indies, a list of the deserted convicts, and a description of the two boats which had lately been taken from the colony. As it was, probably, the intention of those people to steer along the coast of New South Wales to the northward, until they should reach some of the Dutch settlements among the Molucca islands, there was a possibility of their being picked up by some of the King's cruisers; in the event of which, the governor forcibly urged their being forwarded, by any opportunity which might offer, to his government, there to be made an example that should, if possible, deter others from making the like attempts.
    The widow of Ensign Brock's, who died in July last, availed herself of this opportunity to get, with her family, partly on her way to England. (1)
    Although the settlement had now been established within a month of ten years, yet little had been added to the stock of natural history which had been acquired in the first year or two of its infancy (1)
    (2). Ensign Birch, of the New South Wales corps, died on the 5th,  and was buried with military honours. He arrived in the Britannia  (accounts of the month of July )

    The error in names occurred in Collins David Lieutenant Colonel (An Account of the English Colony of N.S.W from its first Settlement in 1788 to August 1801 )

    Published in the news Papers

     Old Chum, ‘Old Sydney No.152’, Truth, 9 October 1910. Much of this article was reprinted in Old Chum, ‘Old Sydney No.881’, Truth, 28 September 1924. Article includes transcriptions of headstones from James Bonwich notes, history of old burial ground and other cemeteries around Sydney.  C/D

    Reference R.S.T & R.M
    History And Archives/Old Sydney Burial  Ground.
     -Inventory of Burials 1792-1820  City of Sydney Historical Program
    Researched Cathy Dunn C/D
    Military records  ,Pay rolls, Pay Musters, Cemetery Records, Church Records & General Muster Records, Mitchell Library ,Sydney Australia
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