Sergeant Charles Whelan (Whalan) (c.1772....1839.)

Participant at the Battle of Vinegar Hill

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Governors guard of Light Horse,
  • Born : 15 October 1772
  • Where Born : St Clements ,Middlesex London
  • Occupation : Labourer / Soldier
  • Date Arrived : 13 October 1791
  • Ship Arrived on : " Albermarle"
  • Rank on Discharge : Sergeant
  • Date of Enlistment : 14 June 1793 in the NSW Corp 102 Regiment aged 22 Military Service 24
  • Where Enlisted : Newry Prison
  • Transferred to : 24 Mar 1810 73rd Regiment
  • Transferred to : 46th Regiment  22 Apr 1815 
  • Transferred to 48th : 25 August 1817
  • Date of Discharge 48th :22 February 1824 (inability to serve )
  • Where Discharged : Sydney
  • Died : 18 April 1839
  • Where Died / Buried : Prospect NSW aged 67 St John's C. o E. Parramatta NSW
    Parents Names : Father James WHALAN  , Mabel  BORDEAUX
    Spouse's Name : Elizabeth Berry
  • Date Married : 19 March 1803
  • Where Married : Government House Parramatta
  • Remarried : St Phillips Sydney 25 March 1810
  • Born : 1781
  • Where Born : Stevenage, Hertfordshire
  • Occupation : Soldiers Wife
  • Date Arrived : 11 March 1803
  • Ship Arrived on : "Glatton"
  • Sentenced: Hertford 7 years 
  • Died : 1866
  • Where Died / Buried :Glynder Methodist Church Cemetery ,Oberon
  • Descendants :
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    Area Settled :


    Children :
     1 . Mary Matilda WHALAN was born 25 Match 1804 in Sydney NSW She died in 1835 in Sydney NSW. The cause of death was Measles. She was  buried in Dawes Point NSW. Mary married Robert Dryborourgh CUNYNGHAME son of George CUNNINGHAM and Isabella DRYBROUGH on 11 Sep 1823 in Sydney NSW. Robert was born in 1786 in  Leith, Midlothian, Scotland. He died in 1862 in Sydney NSW.
    2  . James WHALAN "Jamie" was born on 2 May 1806 in Sydney NSW. He died on 6 Aug 1854 in Fish River, NSW. He was buried in All Saints Cem, Kelso NSW.
    3 . Charles WHALAN "Charlie" was born on 17 May 1811 in "Macquarie Park" Prospect NSW. He died on 2 Feb 1885 in Gladsville, NSW. He was buried in St John's C. o E. Parramatta NSW. Charles married Elizabeth HARPER daughter of Thomas Giblett HARPER
    4 . Sarah WHALAN "Sally" was born on 8 Sep 1814 in "Macquarie Park" Prospect NSW. She died in 1889 in Sydney, NSW. Sarah married Capt.
     MORRIS John on 4 Jun 1836 in Prospect, NSW. John was born in 1810 in Brideington, Yorkshire, UK. He died on 3 Jan 1851 in Sydney, NSW.
    5.  Macquarie WHALAN was born 14 on 27 Dec 1816 in "Macquarie Park" Prospect NSW. He died 15 on 23 Dec 1820 in Parramatta NSW. He was buried in Devonshire St. Cem. Sydney. DEATH: Macquarie Whalan mentioned above was named in honour of the Governor, Macquarie being the boy's Godfather. In 1820 after the death of Macquarie Whalan, the Governor noted his passing in his journal in the following
    way: -
    "The rains all over the Colony were both savage and severe. They marked the
    passing of my poor little Godson, Macquarie Whalan, son of our faithful
    Sergeant Whalan."
    6 .  Campbell WHALAN was born on 14 Jun 1819 in Parramatta, NSW. He died on 8 Jul 1895 in Edith, NSW. Campbell married Eliza BOOTH daughter of Joseph BOOTH and Hannah COOPER on 19 Jan 1840 in St Johns C. of E. Parramatta, NSW. Eliza was born on 21 Jan 1823 in Parramatta, NSW. She died in 1857 in Parramatta, NSW.
    7 .  John McLean WHALAN was born on 7 Jul 1821 in Parramatta, NSW. He died on 4 Apr 1902 in Oberon, NSW. He was buried in Glyndwr Cemetery, NSW.
    Named as John Maclaine Whalan in Macquarie's journal at his Christening after his nephew John Maclaine who servered with the 73rd & was killed India 1818.
    John married (1) Jane HEARN daughter of John HEARN and Faith COOPER in 1841in St Johns, Parramatta, NSW. Jane was born in 1822 in Parramatta, NSW. She died in 1848.
    John married (2) Harriet STARR on 16 Oct 1852 in Wattle Grove, NSW. Harriet was born in 1827. She died on 8 Jul 1910 in Oberon, NSW. She was buried 23in Glyndwr Cemetery, Oberon.


    History & Achievements :

    Elizabeth Berry Arrived in NSW   11 March 1803on the  "Glatton", Sentenced Hertfordshire to 7 Years for "having an unchristian attitude". We believe that part of her sentence was excommunicated from the Church. Charles & Elizabeth were first Married , in the Drawing Room " Charles & Elizabeth were remarried St Phillips Sydney 19 March 1810 along with 33 other members of the 102nd hoping to Transfer into the 73rd Regiment  Whalan would have been 37 at the time, the cut of age was 35 but older for married man. Maybe Whalan had a feeling of guilt of the fall of Bligh of whom he was a Bodyguard we donít know??

    A reference dated Sydney 25 March 1810, reads.
    "This is to certify that the bearer hereof, Charles Whalan has been in the 102"d Regiment upwards of 17 years. Ten of which he served as a Non- Commissioned Officer, that he attended Governor King as his Orderly Sergeant and commanded his Governors guard of Light Horse, in which several capacities he
    continued under the different Officers who held the Command in Chief in the Colony to this period, and always justified the good will and esteem of his superior officers by whom he was much regarded and that I believe him a very deserving and well qualified Non- Commissioned Officer" .

    (Signed W. Paterson Colonel 102nd Regiment
    John Piper. Captain 102" Regiment

    Before his departure from Australia, Macquarie wrote a reference
    For his orderly Sergeant. It reads: -

    "Government house" Sydney

    12 Febry. 1822.
    I do hereby certify that the bearer, Sergeant Charles Whalan, has commanded The Governors guard of Light Horse during the whole period of my administration of this Government; that he has likewise served during the same period, now upwards of twelve years as my Confidential Orderly Sergeant; that his conduct in both situations has been peculiarly correct, honest, honourable, and faithful, never having had once occasion to find fault with him, or in the least degree to censure his conduct -I do further certify that sergt. Whalan is worthy of anything that can possibly be done for him and I accordingly recommend him most strongly to the favor, kindness and Patronage of His Excellency, the Governor in Chief for some situation under Government
    L. Macquarie
    Late Govr. In chief
    Of N.S. Wales
    To }
    All Whom }
    It may Concern ) ď.

    Charles Whalan Sentenced 5th July 1787 Middlesex London U.K.
    Arrival in Colony 13 Oct 1791 Sydney NSW. 3rd Fleet "Albermerle"
    Military Service 14 Jun 1793 Sydney NSW. Joined NSW Corps (Rum Corps)
    Occupation from 1804 to 1822 Parramatta NSW Sergeant of Governors guard of Light Horse
    "Macquarie Park" Prospect NSW.
    Military Service 24 Mar 1810 Sydney NSW.
    Joined 73rd Regiment (Macquarie Military Service 22 Apr 1815
    Joined 46th Regiment on foot
    Military Service 25 Aug 1817 Sydney NSW. Joined 48th Regiment on Foot
    Retirement 22 Feb 1824 Sydney NSW. 48th Regiment on Foot
    18 Apr 1839
    "Macquarie Park" Prospect NSW
    St John's C. o E. Parramatta NSW
    AKA: Whalen/Whalin/Wayland
    Description: 6' 7.75" Tall, Fair Complexion
    Father James WHALAN
    Mother Mable BORDEAUX
    Spouse Elizabeth BERRY
    Marriage Date/Place
    19 Mar 1810
    St Phillips Sydney NSW


  •  The burial site at ST Johns Church Cemetery

  • Reads as follows


  • In memory of


  • of Prospect

  • Died April the 18th 1839

  • aged 67 Years

  • also


  • died June 11th 1841 aged

  • 4 years & 2 months

  • also

  • CAPTn   John MORRIS

  • of Bridlington Yorkshire

  • for 17 years in command of

  • The Parramatta Steam Packets died Jany.3rd 1851

  • aged 41years

  • also


  • son of


  • who died Oct.28th1884

  • aged 5 months and 15 days

  • also


  • Second son of the above who

  • entered into rest February 2 1885

  • aged 75 years

  • He giveth beloved sleep

  • also


  • died April 24th 1899

  • in her 89th year of her age

  • Knowing that his relationship arrangements with Elizabeth could preclude the new Governor's patronage and support of his transfer between regiments, and of his position of respect in command of the Governor's bodyguard, Charles must have felt some trepidation when he paraded with the 102nd Regiment at 7:00 am on 19 March, to allow Macquarie to inspect those who had volunteered for continued service in the colony with the 73rd Regiment. Those Macquarie approved of on that morning would transfer to the 73rd on 25 March.50 Whether it his own desire to present the best circumstances possible for transfer, or a requirement stated to him, a mere three hours after the parade began, at 10:00 am, Charles and Elizabeth were officially married before Assistant Chaplain of the colony William Cowper at S1. Philip's Church, in a ceremony witnessed by Mary Cupit and Edward Goldsborough.

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