Private William Charleton (c.1769.......1839)


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Born : Circa 1769
Where Born :
Baptised : 17.1.1769 at
Where Baptised : Stourton, Wiltshire
Occupation : Soldier
Date Arrived : 28th June1790
Ship Arrived on : " Neptune, "
Rank on Discharge : Private
Date of Enlistment : 1789 aged 20, 62nd Regiment of Foot
Where Enlisted : London
Transferred : NSW Corps on 4th July 1789
Transferred : NSW Veterans Corps 24 May 1810
Date of Discharge :
Where Discharged : Sydney
Died : 22 October 1839.
Where Died / Buried : Holy Trinity Kelso
Parents Names : Thomas Charlton (b........d.) and Ann Charlton (b........d.)
Spouse's Name : Mary Ann Gittos
Date Married : 16th April 1810
Where Married : St Phillip’s Sydney
Spouse 's Parents :
Born : 1769
Where Born : Westminster, London
Occupation :
Date Arrived :
Ship Arrived on :
Died : 1826
Where Died / Buried :  

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Children :
1. Mary Ann  Charlton 10.9.1794 Norfolk
2. Elizabeth Charlton 13.1.1796 Norfolk – 16.3.1800 Norfolk
3. Harriett Charlton 10.5.1801 Norfolk – 19.6.1801 Norfolk
4. William Charlton 9.10.1802 Norfolk – 17.12.1833 Sydney
5. Rebecca Charlton 24.12.1804 Norfolk, bapt 20.1.1805 Sydney - 15.5.1886 Upper Mittagong Married William Augustus Cupitt 8th March 1853 at the Church of England, Berrima (son of Private George Cupitt
6. Elizabeth Charlton 22.8.1807 Norfolk, bapt 24.9.1809 Sydney – 28.6.1860 Grafton
7. Mary Charlton 28.8.1809 Sydney – 15.2.1853 Penrith
8. Joseph Charlton 6.11.1811 Sydney – 7.6.1861 Kelso
Area Settled :

History & Achievements :

On 19th January 1790, William sailed on the Neptune, also part of the 2nd Fleet. The Neptune carried 1 Captain, 1 Subaltern, 43 non-commissioned and Privates of the NSW Corps. Also on board were 9 children belonging to female convicts, 1 passenger, 3 convict wives and 3 children.
 William Charlton arrived Norfolk Island  11th February 1793 on the “Salamander” and soon after lived with Mary Gittos.  He was ordered 300 lashes in June for irregular and disorderly behaviour, receiving 150 lashes before the remainder of the punishment was remitted. Mary Ann was born in 1794 and they returned to Sydney in November 1795. Elizabeth was born in Sydney, June 1796 and baptised in July.
In 1802 William was a Corporal and on Norfolk Island, the family were mustered there in February 1805. They again returned to Sydney in 1806 when Mary was recorded with one male and two female children. They appear to have moved to Parramatta. A total of eight children have been attributed to the couple.
GITTOS, MARY (c1769-1826?)
On 1 August 1790, eight weeks after landing at Sydney Cover, Gittos was among 194 male and female convicts sent to Norfolk Island on the Surprise. In February 1791, apparently unattached, she was issued with a pig and may have been cultivating her own garden and maize crop.
  Mary Getty (Gittos/Gatehouse), born c.1770 Westminster, London.  Mary Getty was charged at the Old Bailey with breaking, entering and stealing. The trial began on 10th September 1788. Apparently Mary broke into the home of Abraham Robinson between the hours of 3pm and 4pm, on 20th August, and stole:
All were the property of Elizabeth Griffin with whom Elizabeth had spent the night! Mary was sentenced to 7 years and transported, at the age of 19, on the Lady Juliana, the first ship of the 2nd Fleet.
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