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Private John Cox (1765......1848.)

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  • Born : 11 January 1765
  • Where Born :  Hanslope, Buckinghamshire on
  • Occupation : Soldier
  • Date Arrived :  14 February 1792
  • Ship Arrived on :"   Pitt "
  • Rank on Discharge : Private
  • Date of Enlistment :  24 May 1791
  • Where Enlisted : England
  • Transferred :  73rd Regiment  24 April 1810
  • Date of Discharge 1810
  • Where Discharged : Sydney
  • Died :  6 December 1848
  • Where Died / Buried :  Longford  Tasmania
  • Parents Names : Samual Cox and Ann Jennings
  • Spouse's Name :  Anne Brookes
  • Date Married :  21 January 1819
  • Where Married : Launceston Tasmania
  • Born :  25 December 1773
  • Where Born : Worcester,
  • Occupation :
  • Date Arrived :  14 February 1792
  • Ship Arrived on :"   Pitt "
  • Died :11 March 1837, aged 61
  • Where Died / Buried : Norfolk Plains
  • Spouse's Parents :
  • Descendants

    This information supplied by  Diana Aird

    Area Settled :
    Children :

    History & Achievements :

    Sydney to Norfolk Island in 1800.  In 1810 he and other soldiers of the NSW Corp (now called the 102nd Regiment) were recalled to Sydney. They were given 3 choices - discharge & return to England; join an Invalid Company & remain; or transfer to the 73rd Regt.
    John had left his wife and children behind on the island and wanted to return there.  While the Casualty Lists of the NSW Corps do not show his name at all, nor the names of the other soldiers who left the island with him, John left th island as a "private" and returned there 5 months later as a " labourer ". So he was certainly discharged. With him was George Egglestone, who had also been a private and returned to the island as a labourer, so you may like to record him too.
    John was made a constable on the island and remained there until everyone was removed at the end of the 1st settlement (1813).  He obviously preferred to return to the island rather than accept one of the 3 offers.
    Along with the other Norfolk Islanders, John received a land grant in Van Diemens Land.  He farmed on his property at Longford until his death on 6.12.1848.
    John was born in Hanslope, Buckinghamshire on 11.1.1765.  John married Anne Brookes, a convict, who had traveled to Sydney on the "Pitt" , arriving 1792 (same ship as John Cox). Officially they were married in Launceston on 21.1.1819 (they already had 9 children and had been living together 27 years!) but were probably married in some sort of civil ceremony on Norfolk Island by Lieut. Crane.
    Details of children and heaps of descendants  -  see book entitled "....and begin the World again" by Diana Aird (that's me!)


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