Sergeant Patrick Duffy (1786........1828.)

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  • Born : 1786
  • Where Born : parish of Caldry in the town of Sligo, county Sligo Ireland
  • Occupation : Soldier / Labourer
  • Date Arrived : 1828
  • Ship Arrived on : Arab
  • Port Arrived :
  • Rank on Discharge : Private
  • Date of Army Enlistment : September 1805
  • Where Enlisted Army : Sligo
  • Regimental # :
  • Transferred , 57th, regiment
  • Date Discharged Army : 6 November 1828
  • Comments Regarding Army Discharge :
  • Where Discharged :
  • Died : 11th April 1854
  • Where Died / Buried :
  • Parents Names :
  • Spouse's Name : Bridget Connely
  • Date Married : around 1809
  • Where Married :
  • Spouse's Parents :
  • Born : circa 1787,
  • Where Born :
  • Occupation :
  • Date Arrived :
  • Ship Arrived on :
  • Died : 18th February 1854
  • Where Died / Buried
    The article written by David L Duffy ( I cannot find him on that email address) cites the Arab as the ship they came to Australia on, The Arab did call at Hobart.  Patrick in the 1828 census said they came on the Eliza, I have checked the shipping records for Tasmania for 1822/23 and the Eliza never docked in Hobart.  The Eliza arrived in Sydney on 22 Nov 1822 and had left England 5 August.  Both the arab and Eliza had Buffs.  Patrick did go to Hobart, I presume on the Prince Regent in Sept 1824 and left Hobart on  the Elizabeth in August 1825.  Patrick Michael was christened at the Catholic church there on 20 Feb 1825
    Patrick did join the police force in 1828 but in 1830 was dismissed for 'repeated drunkeness'  The article states he remained in the police force until 1840. so this cannot be true.

    I have additional birthdates, marriage and death dates for Patricks children including a Catherine born 1827  who is not listed

  • Descendants
    Samantha Kitchen samantha@wordswithbite.com
    david duffy mailto: daveduffy@bigpond.com
    Area Settled :
    Children :
    William Born 1811assumedly in Ireland or Spain
    Peter Joseph Born 1814 possibly in Canada
    John Francis Born 1817 Ireland or France
    Ester Born 1823 the first born in Australia
    Patrick Michael Born 1824 in Hobart-town Australia Patrick, who was christened in the Roman Catholic Church in Hobart in February 1825.
    Elizabeth Born 1830 possibly in Thornleigh N.S.W.
    Mary Anne Born 1830 Possibly in Thornleigh
    History & Achievements :

    - By David L Duffy.

    The first member of our Duffy family to come to Australia was one Patrick Duffy, who was born in 1786 in
    the parish of Caldry in the town of Sligo, county Sligo which lays in the western part of Ireland
    Little is known of his early life but we do know that at age nineteen, he left his employ as a Laborer and
    enlisted into the Third Regiment of Foot (known as the Buffs) of the British Army. This was at Sligo in September 1805. Army records from that day on can give us very detailed information of his life and movements. These details are very ably covered in the book “A Tree From The Old Man’s Valley” by Doris A Davison (National Library of Australia ISBN 0 9594706 0 3) The second part of that book is titled “The Duffy Family”, compiled by Erla Duffy from information gathered by Arthur John Duffy, a grandson of Patrick and Bridget.
    Patrick was a professional soldier having enlisted for unlimited service i.e. he joined for life, and a very full
    fighting life he had. His first action was on the Portuguese Island of Madeirain December 1807. The French was then invading Portugal and the British did not want Madeira to fall into French hands. After eight months in Madeira under General Beresford, Patrick’s Regiment, the 1/3 regiment, left the island and was sent to Lisbon. Here they occupied the forts defending the harbour and later, joined Sir John Moore’s Army in Spain and took part in the famous retreat to Corunna. Around this time, 1809.Private Duffy was promoted to Corporal with the resultant pay rise from six pence to ten pence a day.
    Our Patrick Duffy, under the “Iron Duke” — Wellington, took part in the famous
    Battles of the Peninsular Wars. He was present at: -
    The Passage of the Douro — 1809, Tasavera — 27/28 March 1809.  Allouhera — 6 May 1811, Vittoria—21 June 1813, Pyrenees—25 July to 2 August 1813
    Nivelle — 13 December, Nive, Orlhez —27 February 1814 and Toulouse — 10 April 1814.
    Patrick was wounded twice during this time, one musket ball in the left thigh at Allouhera on the
    16 May 1811 and another musket ball in the right thigh at Hillette on the 2 March 1814.
    The records show that Patrick was promoted to Sergeant on Christmas day 1811 but was reduced to Private
    less than two years later for an undisclosed offence. (Could it have been “noisy in the cups?”)?
    A trip to Canada in 1814 to fight the Americans was very quiet as peace was made
    soon after his arrival. It was then back to the European theatre as Emperor Napoleon started up again on 1 March 1815. Patrick and his Regiment missed the famous Battle of Waterloo but remained in France until 1818 as part of the army of occupation.
    In November 1818, the 1/3 Regiment left France for Ireland
    where they stayed until 1821. By this time, our Patrick was once again a Sergeant having made Corporal in 1815 and Sergeant in 1818 with pay of one shilling and four pence a day.
    The 1/3 Regiment of Foot was next under orders for New South Wales and Patrick and his fellow soldiers
    embarked on various convict ships (Sgt. Duffy on the “Arab”) to act as guard on the voyage to Australia, and to his future as our Ancestor. Records show that he embarked at Deptford on 15 July 1822 and was in New South Wales early in 1823. It is thought that after unloading the convicts in Hobart that Sergeant Duffy was transferred to the ship “Eliza” as the census of 1828 shows him as arriving on that ship.
    Patrick was first detached to Liverpool and later to Hobart,
    returning to Sydney in August 1825. Unfortunately our Sergeant Duffy celebrated the Christmas and New Year of 1826 a little too well as the records show that on January 6 1827he was once more demoted to the rank of Private. Six weeks later, he was promoted to Corporal and five weeks after that he was once again our Sergeant Duffy. It was around this time that the 1/3 Regiment was on orders to India. Patrick was by then forty years of age and, as his discharge papers said “being worn out from length of service”, he was transferred to the relieving regiment, the 57th, on furlough for almost a year and discharged from the Army on 6 November 1828
    As the above information originally came from Army records, it should be noted that our Patrick was not
    left alone in this foreign land. No, indeed, it transpires that during all this fighting, marching, traveling, promotions, demotions and remotions that our ancestor had the time to get married and have five children, of which the two youngest, at that time, were born in Australia.
    Patrick, Bridget and the family settled down to civilian life in their new country. Patrick became a
    Constable in the Police Force on the 18th July 1828 according to the Government Notices in the Sydney Gazette, and was stationed at Barren Ridge which is now Oxford Street Epping in Sydney. Patrick retired from the Police Force around 1840 (aged 54 years) and settled on his grant of land of one hundred acres in the parish of South Colah. Their first home on their own farm in Australia was a slab hut in what is now known as Duffy Avenue, Thornleigh.
    Patrick was described on his Discharge Certificate as a brave soldier; as having brown hair, fair complexion and grey eyes. He was a big man, six feet and a half inch tall and like most big men, was very likely easy going  and kindly.
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