Private Francis Able

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Following information supplied by Jan Cherrie  
b. UK 1770; enlisted 1795; first arrival as a soldier per Marquis Cornwallis 1796;
Private in Lieutenant Colonel Patterson’s Company NSW Corps 1798;
appears on Pay List PRO Reel/source 412 (SAG) 1798;
Corporal 1802;
Sergeant 102nd Regiment and 8th Royal Veterans Battalion in 1808;
Francis Able married Elizabeth Arnett at St Philip’s Sydney 7 May 1810, V1810 115 3/1810. I don’t know what happen to Elizabeth Arnett. Francis Able returned to England 1810 with Governor Bligh and the Rum Corps; discharged 1811;
Francis Able married Mary Ann Champion 13 June 1813 at Saint Mary’s Portsea Hampshire England (She was the Mary Ann Graham who had married Isaac Champion in 1810) .
Sarah Abel born 10 April 1813, christened 2 May 1814, Saint Mary’s Portsea Hampshire England, parents Francis and Mary Ann Abel; returned as a free settler per Canada 1817 with Mary Ann and children Elizabeth Champion and Sarah Isabella Abel;
The Canada sailed from Cork on 21 March 1817, carrying 89 female convicts and 12 children,
arrived Sydney via Rio 6 August 1817 after 138 days, all convicts in good health;
George Campbell Abell, son of Mary Ann and Francis, born at sea 4 June 1817 (St Matthew’s Church Register).
Francis Abell born Windsor 23 March 1822;
Muster of 1822: Francis Able listed at Windsor as a pensioner 102nd Foot, came free per Canada,
wife Mary came free per Canada, four children.
Memorial 28 June 1820 (Fiche 3013; 4/1823 No.1),
Memorial 9 April 1823 (Fiche 3059; 4/1834A No.1 pp.1-4)
Reply 28 Jun (Reel 6010; 4/3508 p.595),
Memorial 29 May 1824 (Fiche 3075; 4/1836A No.1 p.1)
Census of 1828: Francis Able aged 59, wife aged 51, both came free per Canada 1817, occupation servants, one child aged 7 born in the colony
Mary Ann Abel died 20 September 1832, aged 54 years, buried Devonshire St CE A 584,
Francis Able of Cumberland St died 9 March 1852 V1852 158 38B/1852 aged 84, buried 11 March 1852 Camperdown Church of England  Cemetery, (adjoining St Stephen’s Church) Parish of Camperdown



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