Private William Green 57th Regiment of Foot  

(1791 - 1862)

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    ·  Born :29 January 1790. Bapt 30th January 1791
    ·  Where Born : Chailey County Sussex
    ·  Occupation : Soldier
    ·  Date Arrived: 29th April 1825  Disembarked 30th April 1825
    ·  Ship Arrived on : Royal Charlotte (convict transport ship)
    ·  Rank on Discharge : Private
    ·  Date of Enlistment : 22nd  September 1812 at 21 years
    ·  Where Enlisted : Maidstone Kent
    ·  Regimental # : 57th Regiment of Foot
    ·  Date of Discharge : 31st July 1831
    ·  Where Discharged :Sydney
    ·  Died : 1st November 1862
    ·  Where Died : South Hamilton Western Victoria (was living with son William)
    ·  Where Buried: Macarthur, Victoria. 
    ·  Parents Names :  William Shaw, Mother Susan Green. (He took his mothers name)
    ·  1st Spouse's Name :  Mary Kelly
    ·  Born : 1795
    ·  Where Born : Clonmel, Ireland
    ·  Occupation : Soldiers Wife
    ·  Date Arrived : 29th April 1825.
    ·  Ship Arrived on : Royal Charlotte with husband & 3 children
    ·  Date Married : 4th October 1819
    ·  Where Married : Clonmel, Co Tipperary, Ireland.
    ·  Died : 2nd June 1854
    ·  Where Died / Buried : Launceston, Tasmania
    ·  Spouse's Parents : Not known
    ·  2nd Spouse’s Name :  Margaret Bonsor alias Johnson nee Norton
    ·  Where Born :  Cork, Ireland c 1797
    ·  Tried :  Middlesex Gaol Delivery
    ·  Transport Ship :  Persian 1
    ·  Date Arrived :  Hobart 5th August 1827
    ·  Date Married :  25th October 1855
    ·  Died :  6th June 1867
    ·  Where Died


  • Tasmania & Victoria

    Descendants Children.

    Sophia GreenBorn 29/7/1821 Loughrea Co Galway Ire marr: Robert Phillips 20/8/1838 Launceston. He d. Evandale 1849. She then re-married William Young Brown Launceston 6/2/1854 She died Launceston Aged 78 in1897 (4 Phillips & 1 Brown children)

     John Green:     Born: 27/11/1822 Buttevant Co Cork Ireland married  Agnes Stevenson 6 January 1862 in Launceston Tasmania (witness John Whittenhall)

     William Green:  Born Cork Co Cork 1824 – Died Mt Eccles near Macarthur 9/4/1903 Buried Macarthur. Came to Victoria in 1844 aged 18. Married Mary Ryan 13 March 1851 All Saints RCath Crh Portland.  Mary Ann Green (Father Michael Ryan & Mother Mary Brennan) died @ Macarthur 1914).   (9 children) 

    James Green:  born in Sydney Bapt 28/2/1827 – Died Macarthur Victoria on 21/3/1872 Buried Macarthur  married Catherine Johnston (b 12/8/1830....died Evandale Morass Creek Benambra 29/8/1904)  (came to Victoria 1865 with James & walked from Portland to Hamilton) (5 Children)

     Robert Green: Born 1828 Sydney NSW Marr. Lucretia Beesham She died Hobart 1867 aged 47. No Death record can be found for Robert in Vict or Tas (still alive in 1862) Robert was Bapt in St Marys Cathedral Sydney on the 5th October 1828. Sponsors James Blane & Mary Barrett.

     Jane Green  Bapt 24/7/1830 Born on ship between Syd & VanDiemensLand  5 weeks before registration (hard to find records due to number of Jane Greens in Tasmania was still alive in 1862) 

     Thomas Green: Born Westbury Tasmania 28/10/1833 Bapt St Johns Launceston Died Hamilton 1909 - Lived Macarthur. Bur Hamilton. Councillor Shire of  Minhamite (Big Headstone) Died a Very Wealthy Man . Arr Portland  January 1855.  Met Annie Cole (Rafoe Co Derry) in June 1855 and Marr her in All Saints Crh  2/10/1855 Portland.  Annie was the daughter of  John Cole and Mary Campbell and came to Portland on a assisted passage.  She died in Hamilton on 30th  September 1902 aged 72 years ( 7 children)

    History & Achievements :


     William enlisted with the 1st Battalion, 57th Regiment of Foot on 22nd September 1812 at Maidstone in Kent at the age of 21, and his occupation on enlistment was shown as labourer. His height was recorded as 5' 5" and on his discharge papers as 5' 7". His personal description on records is shown as - fresh completion, grey eyes, light brown hair and a long face.

     William married Mary Kelly at Clonmel Co Tipperary Ireland on 4th October 1819 while the regiment was stationed in Ireland.  Mary would have been described as ‘Camp Follower’ on army records even though she was the wife of William, however only officer’s spouses were described as ‘wife’ at that time on official papers.

     Their first daughter, Sophia, was born on 29th July 1821 at Loughrea, Co Galway, Ireland.  A son, John, was born on 27th November 1822 at Buttevant, County Cork, Ireland and a second son, William, was born at Cork Ireland in 1824.  Two further sons and a daughter were born in Sydney NSW. James in 1827, Robert in 1828 and Jane in 1831. Another son, Thomas, was born in Westbury Tasmania on 23rd October 1833 after Williams discharge from the army.

     During his service with the regiment, William served in England, Jersey, France, America and was stationed at Brockville Canada during the American war of 1814-1815. The regiment returned home from Canada in August 1815 and was at once sent to Ghent in Belgium to join the British Army in Paris. He served with the army of occupation at Valenciennes and Cambrai in France from 1815 to 1818. On return to England he was sent to Ireland where he served the regiment in various places from 1818 until June 1824.

     During much of his service in 1814 at Brockville Canada, William was listed as ‘sick’ on many occasions and spent a large number of weeks in hospital. He was also listed as ‘sick’ at Valanciennes.  His discharge papers note “he be discharged due to general disability and chronic rheumatism”. By December 1824 he was in Chatham England, ready with the regiment to embark for Australia. The officer in charge was Major Edmund Lockyer and they left Deptford for the colony of New South Wales as part of the guard detachment on the ‘Royal Charlotte’ The ship was hired as convict transport with 136 male convicts, one of whom committed suicide on the voyage. The ship travelled via Teneriffe and also carried Government stores. The ship left Portsmouth on 6th January 1825 with William and his family.

     During the voyage there was a mutiny planned by some of the convicts. The mutiny was put down by the guard and a number of the convicts were kept in chains for the remainder of the voyage.  The “Royal Charlotte” arrived in Port Jackson on the 29th April 1825, marking the first arrival of the Green Family in Australia. The members of the regiment disembarked on the 30th April. Army servicemen who decided to settle in the new colony before departing from England were allowed to bring their families with them to help settle the land.  The family were given free passage. William served for six years in New South Wales, 1825-1831, in which time a further three children were born, James, Robert and Jane. The last child Thomas was born in Westbury Tasmania in 1833.

     During his years of Colonial service, William served with 4th and 5th companies. He first served with 4 company at Morton Bay under Captain Richard Heaviside. While serving with 5 company from 26.6.1826 - 24.8.1829, William became a 14 year man. He then served at Liverpool, Parramatta and Sydney until 1831.

     William was shown ‘discharged’ on 17th June 1830 (Horse guards) at Sydney. However he was effectively discharged on 31st July 1831, as shown on his discharge certificate from Major Kenneth Snodgrass and as also shown on the muster records.

     William was shown on strength on the musters from 1831-1836 when the regiment was actually in India. It would appear that his discharge took some time to reach the regiment in India as he was in private service from 1831 (pound keeper). It is not known if he was paid over this period as he was supposedly ‘on command’. The regiment had left for India in March of 1831 and was at Madras until 1837. Army records show payment of a pension.

    Private William Green - Military Service


     1812  signed up 22nd September at Maidstone, Kent, England, aged 21.
      Joined the 57th (West Middlesex) Regiment of Foot.
     1813  serving at Winchester and Peninsula War Spain.
    1814   serving in Brockville, Canada. No combat involved.
     1815 In France acting as part of the Army of Occupation
     1816   serving in Valenciennes, France. Part of the occupational forces after the  defeat of Napoleon.
     1817   serving in Cambrai, France.
     1818  serving in France. Left in November for Ireland
     1819  Still in Ireland. Met and married Mary Kelly in Clonmel, Co Tipperary..
     1820-1823  serving in Ireland mainly at Galway, Limerick and Kinsale, suppressing the
      ‘Whiteboy’ outrages.
     1824   regiment returned to England, and William with his wife and by now 3                          children, sailed in December on board the “Royal Charlotte” convict ship fromChatham. The 57th regiment formed the guard detachment.
     1825   arrived at Port Jackson 29th April which marked the arrival of the ‘Green’ family in  Australia.
     1825 colonial service in Australia. Served in Parramatta, Liverpool, Moreton Bay and Sydney. Served with 4 Company at Moreton Bay.
     1826 To Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania) to put down a rebellion led by a man called  Matthew Brady, which ended with the hanging of 103 bushrangers.
     1826-1829 Colonial service on mainland Australia, involving the guarding of convicts and the                                       hunting down of bushrangers. 
    1830  effectively discharged on 17th June.
     1831  final discharge on 31st July signed by Major Snodgrass.   Took up a land grant in Van Diemen’s Land. (Tasmania)


     William is shown as being in Sydney until May 1831, when he embarked for Van Diemen’s Land on the 28th May. Mary and six children arrived at Launceston on the ship “Kains” in Sept 1831. After his discharge (1831), William applied for, and was granted, 100 acres in Prospect, Launceston in accordance with government policy. He built a house on the land but it is not known what he did on the land.

     William eventually sold his house and land and became the keeper of the pound in George Street Launceston from 1831 - 1855. William was a pioneer of Launceston, having been there since 1831. Williams wife Mary, died on 2nd June 1854 and is buried at the old Launceston Cemetery which  no longer exists. On the 25th October 1855 William remarried a Margaret Bonsor. William was 65 years old at the time of this second marriage.

     Margaret was a widow, and was the wife of convict William Bonsor who died in 1853 at Launceston. Margaret herself was a convict and her convict record is documented elsewhere in this history. Margaret died on the 6th June 1867 at Launceston and is buried under her former married name of Bonser.

     William Snr arrived in Victoria in 1857, to join his other sons William and Thomas, who had arrived earlier and settled at Grange Burn (South Hamilton) and at Mt Eccles near Macarthur. This information is taken from his 2nd marriage in 1855 in Tasmania and the “time in the colony of Victoria” on his death certificate in 1862, which states 5 years.

     William Snr (Private William Green) died at his son William’s property Grange Burn, Sth Hamilton on 3rd November 1862, at the age of 72. William Snr and his grandson Robert left the house about 7am to go possum shooting.  Robert returned to the house about 10am with the news that his grandfather was dead.  William Snr had shot a possum and had climbed a she oak to retrieve it. The branch of the tree broke causing him to fall, suffering a broken neck. An inquest was held. William is buried in the old Hamilton cemetery, but his grave cannot be located. No cemetery records exist as they were destroyed in a fire. He was survived by his six children, John having died before 1862, as he is shown as deceased on his death certificate. No record in Tasmania or Victoria can be found on John’s death.


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