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The symbols of our country, or past, our freedom, our future. Many have laid their lives down for them, and what they represents, unfortunately more will. Respect what they mean  and what they mean  to those past, as well as those still to come. The Aboriginal and Torres Straight  flags has been added as many served within British regiments and as Mounted Police attatched to British Regiments. As we locate these people they will be added to their own area as a mark of the utmost respect.

This is not a political site so do not use it as such it is historical only

Please note that the site contains the names of those who have passed and may offend Aboriginals and Torres Straight islanders. It is definitely not intended to do so and I hope it does not offend.      

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'Australia's Redcoat Settlers'


Barrie Chapman U.G-B.A Australian History and  Margaret Chapman U.G-B.A Australian History

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At lot of our records are handed Logan and district to the for storage and for use

This Site is dedicated to the Soldier's, their Spouses and families of British Regiments who settled in Australia ( Be it Officer or General soldier)

We have included soldiers who served in Australia and settled in New Zealand

This site is not a history of the Regiments or its Battles

This Project was started  by my wife and myself in January 1997

         Many Regiments arrived in Australia to carry out different duties. These included the guarding of convicts settlers, exploration, and policing the laws of England .

         The Convicts had no choice, for some it was either execution in Britain or transportation to "parts beyond the seas " ie Australia.

         The settlers came to Australia of their own free will and chose Australia as their new home.

         The Officers & the Soldiers of the Military were given no choice, they were sent where ever the British Government required them to go. Some were lucky enough to have their families accompany them, many were not so lucky. This is their site

We really can't be of much help in tracing people. This site is to record, in one place all the soldiers who settled in Australia. We rely on people to give us the details in between our own research. Once on the site, others may see a soldier and have a lot more detail on the family than we would ever get.


Research for this site began in 1997. Limited information is known about some of the men who stayed and settled. As time goes on this site will grow .

If any person visting this site can add any information no matter how small, please e-mail us and we will add it


The term REDCOAT comes from the colour of the coats being red.

The REDCOATS were first issued to the Parliamentary New Model Army
on its formation in 1643, for the three field armies of the Earl of
Essex, Lord Manchester and Sir William Waller.

The Infantry were given the coats to distinguish them from their previous armies and the army of the King, King Charles the first. A notable regiment was the Earl of Newcastle's White Coats. And King Charles the first's Blue Coats,

The Battle of Neasby was the first time the Redcoats saw Battle. They were saved from a crushing defeat, By the Kings Army, by Oliver Cromwell's Cavalry charge of Rescue

This link is for snippets little known Australian history

Much of our research material is passed on to and stored at   

Logan River & District Family Historical Society


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Naval History and Settlers by Ken Larbalestier

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Ted Harris's Digger History

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Claim a Convict

British Army 1790-1856 in the Australian Penal Colonies:

Kingston on Norfolk Island & Port Arthur in Tasmania

By Derek Lovemore

Australian Penal Colonies Kingston Norfolk Island Port Arthur

Eureka Stockade December 3rd 1854

Drummer Boy John Egan (Regiment No. 3059) Eureka's first Military Casualty

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I live for those that love me,
For those that know I am true
For the heaven that smiles above me,
And awaits my coming too,
For the cause that needs assistance,
For the wrong that needs resistance,
For the future in the distance,
And the good that I can do"

Jane Sinclair (nee) Hiscox. b: 25 OCT 1865

Verse written Jan 8th 1910.

second wife of William Sinclair son of  James SINCLAIR  Private (99th Regiment of foot)

Published with the kind permission of Barry Sinclair

A large amount of information was supplied to us for this site by

Ken Larbalestier It is with his help that this history is preserved


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The soldier, not the reporter, who has given us freedom of the press.  

The soldier, not the poet, who has given us freedom of speech.  

The soldier, not the campus organiser, who has given us freedom to demonstrate.  

The soldier, not the lawyer, who has given us the right to a fair trial.  

The soldier  salutes the flag, who serves under the flag, and whose coffin is draped by the flag, who has given protesters the right to burn the flag.

" Remember It is our right to defend the flag against its degradation "







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No financial gain comes from any part of this site or any details within. The historical content only is public domain . The set out, layout ,including text ,photographs and pictures may not be copied unless permission is given. Information on this site has been provided by many people and by public records eg: Military, Birth ,Deaths, Marriages Records , Reference Books etc.

The only photographs and certificates on this site are those of relatives no longer with us.
Disclaimer: Whilst every attempt is made to have all information correct, and names spelt correctly, mistakes will occur. Please advise us of any errors so they may be corrected. This site is of historical value only, and is not intended to cause an affront or embarrassment to any persons . Information contained can not be used for any reason other than for research and study purposes.

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