Quartermaster Thomas Laycock (c.1756.......1809.)

Participant at the Battle of Vinegar Hill

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  • Born : Circa .1756
  • Where Born : Kingston, Surry, England
  • Occupation : Cordwainer / Soldier -
  • Date Arrived : 21 September 1791
  • Ship Arrived on : HMS "Gorgon "
  • Rank on Discharge : Quartermaster Sergeant
  • Date of Enlistment : 9 June 1789"
    Where Enlisted : England
  • Date of Discharge : 6 February 1806  (note -this is the date of his court-martial)
  • Where Discharged : Sydney
  • Died : 27 December 1809 ged 53
  • Where Died / Buried :29 December 1809 Old Sydney Burial Ground  C/D
  • Parents Names :
  • Spouse's Name : Hannah Laycock. (nee) Pearson
    Date Married : 28 November 1782
  • Where Married : London
  • Born : Circa .1756
  • Where Born :
  • Occupation : Home Duties / Farmer
  • Date Arrived : 21 September 1791
  • Ship Arrived on : HMS "Gorgon "
  • Left again for England: about 1805.
  • Ship Departed on :
  • Left Sydney :about 1805.
  • Returned : 10 September 1810 “Canada "
  • Died : 14 May 1831
  • Where Died / Buried : Devonshire St Cemetery Sydney.
  • Spouse's Parents :


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    Area Settled :


    Children :

    1 . Thomas Laycock (Junior) (b.1786 ....d.1823)
    2 . William Laycock (b. ....d. )
    3 . Samuel Laycock (b.1788....d.1832 )

    History & Achievements :

    Thomas enrolled as sergeant in the NSW Corps in 1789. He was promoted to Quartermaster in 1790. He sailed on the frigate HMS "GORGON" under the command of Captain Parker. It was part of the Third Fleet and left England on 15-3-1791 with 31 male convicts aboard. It arrived at Port Jackson on 21-9-1791.     Governor Phillip recommended Laycock for a vacant rank of Ensign in April 1792, but this was refused because he already held a commission. when Deputy Commissary Thomas Freeman died in November 1794 Lieut-Governor Grose appointed Laycock to the vacancy.
         In 1796 Laycock was involved in the shooting of John Boston's pig and was ordered to pay damages, along with other members of the Corps charged with the offence. He resigned as Deputy Commissary in December 1800 but retained his position as Quartermaster.
         He had been granted 80 acres at Parsley Bay, later the site ofVauclause House, in February 1793, 100 acres by the upper part of the harbour in September 1795, 160 acres at Liberty Plains in May 1799, and twoother grants of which no records survive. By 1802 his total acreage was 1655 acres.
         He was praised for his part in putting down the Castle Hill uprising in March 1804, when he led a detachment of soldiers to Major George Johnstons aid in his encounter with the rebel leaders, and later was a member of the court-marshal which tried the rebels.

    Quartermaster Sergeant Thomas Laycock of the NSW Corps was a career soldier before joining the Corps with the rank of Sergeant, just four days after Francis Grose was given the Warrant to raise the Corps. He served eleven years, the last five as Sergeant, in 2nd Troop Horse Grenadier Guards. Tall men were preferred in the Grenadiers for their ability to hurl grenades further than average so at a reputed height of 6 feet 6 inches, mounted on a fine house and resplendent in the Horse Guards uniform, Thomas must have cut a very dashing figure. When the Household Cavalry was reorganised in June 1788 the 2nd Troop was disbanded and its soldiers pensioned off.


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