PACKER William

Sergeant William Packer (.c.1769.......1816)

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  • Born :c.  1769
  • Where Born : Sussex England
  • Occupation : Shoemaker / Soldier
  • Date Arrived : 23 August 1791
  • Ship Arrived on : " William & Ann"
  • Rank on Discharge : Sergeant
  • Date of Enlistment : 24 October 1789
  • Where Enlisted : Sussex England
  • Date of Discharge : 24 May 1810
  • Where Discharged : Sydney
  • Died : 28 November 1816 aged 47
  • Where Died / Buried :  30 November 1816 Old Sydney Burial grounds C/D
  • Parents Names :
  • Spouse's Name : Sarah Baxter
  • Born :
  • Where Born :
  • Occupation :
  • Date Arrived : 7 October 1792
  • Ship Arrived on : "Royal Admiral "Convict. Tried: 30 Jul 1791, Buckingham, 7 years
  • Died : 1856
  • Where Died / Buried :  Queanbeyan
  • Date Married : 1801
  • Where Married :  Sydney, St Phillip's, Church of England
  • Spouse's Parents :
  • PACKER, William ED 688400 Death
    Age at Death: 47
    Index Year: 1816
    Reg Year: 1816 Reg State: New South Wales
    Ref Number: V18163664 2B Parish: Sydney, St Phillip's, Church of England (2)

    PACKER, William EM 759992 Marriage
    Spouse: BAXTER, Sarah
    Index Year: 1801
    Reg Year: 1801 Reg State: New South Wales
    Ref Number: V1801493 3A Parish: Sydney, St Phillip's, Church of England (2)

    Sarah Re Married after Williams death
    PACKER, Sarah EM 759986 Marriage
    Spouse: WAPLES, Robert
    Index Year: 1817
    Reg Year: 1817 Reg State: New South Wales
    Ref Number: V1817273 7 Parish: Sydney, St Phillip's, Church of England (2)

    WAPLES, Sarah CD 923777 Death
    Father: Unknown Baxter
    Death Place: Queanbeyan
    Index Year: 1856
    Reg Year: 1856 Reg State: New South Wales
    Ref Number: 3174



    Area Settled :
    Children :
    1. William James Packer, b. 12/11/1794, bap. 7/12/1794 St Phillips Sydney

    History & Achievements :

     William attained the rank of Corporal on the 26-2-1795 and the rank of Sergeant on the 27 -12-1799. William was granted lands at the following 1794 , 25 acres at Hunters hill, 100 acres at Botany Bay, and leased 61.5 rods of land at Pitt Row
    William's Headstone read
    William Packer
    Late Sergeant
    of the 102nd Regiment
    died 28 November 1817
    age 47 years (1)
    From Ladies of the Royal Admiral 1792
    1996 ISBN 0 958786 0 3.
    Published January 1996 Milton NSW.

    BAXTER, Sarah. Soldiers Wife.
    No record of husband in the colonies could be found.
    William Baxter was a marine with the first fleet and subsequent joined the NSW Corps, and Samuel Baxter who arrived later on the Marquis Cornwallis in 1796. However neither of these tie in with a wife Sarah.
    Sarah Baxter married 5/4/1801 St Phillips Sydney William Packer of the NSW Corps. William Packer enlisted 27/7/1789 in London arriving in NSW on "William and Ann" in 1791.
    His first of his many land grant was at Hunters Hill in December 1794.
    Sarah Packer who had arrived free on the Royal Admiral established a general store in Sydney which she advertised during 1809 & 1810 in the Sydney Gazette.
    Sarah had actually held a Liquor licence from 1799 (Collins p. 605 may have held licence in previous years).
    In January 1810 Sarah memos the colony government, stating she is married to Serg Packer who was returning to England, but she wished to remain in the colony to continue her trade. She requested she be allowed to keep the land and stock which were her husband's assets.
    However William did not return to England as he was discharged from the 102nd Reg in 1811.
    In 1814 Sarah Packer Royal Admiral was recorded as wife to Serg. Packer.
    On 18/10/1811 210 acres were granted to William Packer at Botany Bay.
    William Packer, late of 102nd Reg, died 28/11/1816 Sydney, buried 30/11/1816 aged 47 years.
    Then in 1817 Sarah Packer nee Baxter married again to Robert Waples St Phillips 1817. Robert Waples was a convict arr Morley.
    Sarah Waples is listed as owner of a public house "Adam and Eve" Pitt St Sydney in 1819 (Bonwick Transcript).
    The 1822 Muster shows Sarah Waples, Royal Admiral, came free, wife of Robert Waples.
    Robert at the time was on a Ticket of leave and employed at the Sydney Goal.
    Robert Waples died 7/1/1832 Aged 60 years Sydney.
    Sarah Waples died 1859 Queanbeyan.
    Children:-( "C/D " )




    Reference R.S.T & R.M
    History And Archives/Old Sydney Burial  Ground.
     -Inventory of Burials 1792-1820  City of Sydney Historical Program
    Researched Cathy Dunn C/D ( "C/D " )

     ((1) Old Chum, ‘Old Sydney No.152’, Truth, 9 October 1910. Much of this article was reprinted in Old Chum, ‘Old Sydney No.881’, Truth, 28 September 1924. Article includes transcriptions of headstones from James Bonwich notes, history of old burial ground and other cemeteries around Sydney.  C/D

    (2) . Australian Vital records Index 1788-1905 Disc 3
    Family Members, Military records  ,Pay rolls, Pay Musters, Cemetery Records, Church Records & General Muster Records, Mitchell Library ,Sydney Australia
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