Private John Reilly (.1784......1840.)

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Royal New South Wales Vetrans Regiment
  • Born : Circa 1784
  • Where Born : St Mary's Parish , County Westmeath Ireland
  • Occupation : Soldier
  • Date Arrived : 13 November 1826,
  • Ship Arrived on : " Orpheus "
  • Rank on Discharge : Private
  • Date of Enlistment : 5 June 1809,
  • Where Enlisted : Belfast in 6th Regiment of Foot
  • Date of Discharge : Hull, England on 25 June 1821
  • Date of Enlistment R.N.S.W Veterans corps : 1 February 1826
  • Where Enlisted : :2Chatham
  • Date of Discharge :
  • Where Discharged : Sydney
  • Died : 1840
  • Where Died / Buried :
  • Parents Names :
  • Spouse's Name : Ann Trainer (Trainor )
  • Date Married : circa 1809
  • Where Married : Belfast Ireland
  • Born : circa 1786
  • Where Born : Northen Ireland
  • Occupation : Home duties
  • Date Arrived : 13 November 1826,
  • Ship Arrived on : " Orpheus
  • Died :
  • Where Died / Buried :
  • Spouse's Parents :
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    Area Settled :
    Children :
    1 . Mary Riley (b.......d.) m 1829 Ralph Turnbull (b.......d.)
    2 . Ann Riley (b c.1826.......d.11/7/1853) m 1843 11 December 1843, in St Phillip's Church of England, Sydney.John Provost (b.......d.1857 ,
    3 . Sarah Riley (b.c 1815. possibly in France,.....d. 9 June 1857, at Pitt Street, Sydney. ) m 9 March 1839, in the Presbyterian Church, Sydney John Lasham (b.......d.1857). was a convict transported for seven years on the "Lady Harewood ", which departed Portsmouth on 15 March 1832. He had been convicted of ste aling cotton print at Middlesex Gaol Delivery on 30 June 1831. John was a native of Chelsea, and a carpenter by trade. He was described as literate, a Protestant, aged 19 years and in height. He had light brown hair and a fair ruddy complexion. John was assigned to John Weston of Sydney after arrival in Sydney on 5 August 1832

    History & Achievements :

    On 5 June 1809, John had enlisted at Belfast in 6th Regiment of Foot in the British Army, for a period of
    unlimited service. During his time with the Warwickshire Lads the regiment served in England, Ireland, Spain, France, Holland and Canada. John discharge papers indicate that he spent four years overseas, although it is not possible to establish where exactly he served. Death cert. of Sarah Lasham suggests she was born in France c.1815 - regiment served there 1813-1818 John was discharged at Hull, England on 25 June 1821, giving as the reason for leaving that he did not wish to serve overseas again without his family. He was described as of good conduct\rquote , 37 years old, 5 '5" in height, brown hair, gray eyes, with a fresh complexion, and a weaver by trade. To enable him to return to his place of enlistment, he received 4s 9d towards the cost of traveling with his wife and four children to Liverpool on their way to Belfast. In July he received an additional 18s 3d traveling allowance to enable him to proceed from Newry to Belfast with his family.} Discharge cert John Reilly 6th Reg.PRO England WO97/1205
    SERVICE WITH THE VETERANS CORPS Reilly enlisted in the Royal New South Wales Veteran
    Corps3 at Chatham on 1 February 1826, as a private to receive 1s 3d a day with free rations. One of the terms of service was that prior military service would be added on discharge from the Veterans Corps when subsequently calculating a new pension. The purpose of this new corps was to guard and supervise convicts in New South Wales and Van DiemansLand. Three companies were raised and proceeded to Australia. John Reill private, in the Royal New South Wales Veterans Corps arrived with his family on 13 November 1826, on the ship Orpheus . They had travelled in the company of 71 privates, 56 women,
    John and Ann came to New South Wales in 1826 with two older children, Mary Ann, aged about 16, and
    Sarah, aged 9. Ann was only a baby, but it is not known whether she had been born in England, on ship or soon after arrival. There is no baptism or birth registration for Anne Reilly in New South Wales. However, the fate of one or possibly two other older children mentioned in the request for assistance in 1821 remains, like much in the Reilly family story, a mystery. It is believed that John was initially stationed at Sydney. A John Riley private at the CarterBarracks seems to have had a number of functions, as this description published in 1839.This building is situated on a rising eminence at the extremity of the old Brickfields, and commands a picturesque view of the town. It was erected in Gov. Macquarie's time, for the accommodation of the convict carters, brickmakers, & a portion of it, however, has of late been converted into a Debtor's prison - it has recently been partially destroyed by fire. Adjoining this building is the treadmill - a very useful piece of machinery for the purpose of correcting the tarnished morals of Botany Bay John Maclehouse, John Reilly was tried by court marshal on 14 August 1827 for drunkenness and keeping company with convicts transportation on the treadmill. He was sentenced to two months solitary confinement. It is unclear whether this is the same John Reilly , although the muster for this period shows a John Reilly(of this spelling) in solitary confinement at the time.John Riley (NSW Corps) 27/1828 4/1939 - may refer to this John Reilly? John was later transferred to Windsor which can claim to be the third European settlement in Australia after Sydney Cove and Parramatta} It was originally called Green Hills and was settled in 1794 when 22 settlers took up land and a road from Sydney was constructed.

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