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Both brothers Captain John CUMMINGS and Lieutenant William CUMMINGS resigned

their commissions, received land grants and settled in Australia,

William near Sydney and John finally in VDL

Click ::This list comprises the largest one time Military Marriage in Australia. Some soldiers have their own Page others ,this is all we know

Click ::Soldiers of the 102nd Regiment who died in service ::: Click  They never returned to England


List of Spouse's and Children left behind when the soldier returned to England

  • MacKay Elizabeth  was the wife of Private  MACKAY Daniel ,Elizabeth  born c. 1766 died aged 29 died 2 June 1795 Buried Old Sydney Burial Grounds 3 June 1795. C/D Her  headstone read. In Memory of Eliz Steele died 1795. (1) .   Elizabeth Arrived on the Lady Juliana 1790 Sentenced at Middlesex , 1787  for 7 Years   Daniel returned to England with the Regiment in 1810

  • MORRIS Elizabeth listed as a soldiers wife . Husband unknown buried old Sydney burial grounds 29 May 1800   C/D May have been Edward Morris's Spouse

The following list is of the Marines who arrived as part of the First Fleet, transferred to the Royal New South Wales Regiment and settled in Australia

These soldiers were with Lieutenant Colonel Patterson . Lieutenant Colonel Paterson arrived at Port Dalrymple aboard the 'Buffalo' on 4
November 1804
in the company of the 'Integrity', 'Lady Nelson' and the



These Soldiers confirmed as returning to England. But they or part of their family returned to settle



The Soldiers listed below ( in the alphabetical section ) represent the soldiers who were in Australia on Colony duty. It is unsure if they settled. If it is confirmed they will be given their own page and be listed above. The list of names has come from many areas, Military records of the Regiment , Pay rolls, Pay Musters, Cemetery Records, Church Records & General Muster Records etc etc . Many soldiers transferred from Regiment to Regiment

This list is still being compiled and will take a long time to complete. If the letter is not linked it is not yet complete.

A vast amount of assistance in compiling this list was given by, Ken Larbalestier  it is with much thanks we add the information he supplied and typed.

If not for his work and assistance many soldiers would never have been listed.

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