Sergeant Major Thomas Whittle snr (c.1764.....1822.)

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  • Born : circa 1764
  • Where Born :  Dublin Ireland
  • Occupation : Labourer / Soldier
  • Date Arrived : 14 February 1792
  • Ship Arrived on : Royal Admiral
  • Rank on Discharge : Sergeant  Major
  • Date of Enlistment : 17 Mar 1791   
  • Where Enlisted :  London
  • Date of Discharge 102nd Reg :11 March 1810 length of service
  • Enlisted : : 73rd Regiment
  • Transferred to : 46th Regiment
  • Transferred to 48th : 25 August 1817
  • Date of Discharge :14 March 1823 length of service
  • Where Discharged : Sydney
  • Died :  4 Dec 1822, . 
  • Where Died / Buried : Sydney NSW, buried: Devonshire St Cemetery Sydney NSW
  • Parents Names : Thomas Whittle (b........d.) & Unknown
  • Spouse's Name : Elizabeth
  • Date Married :
  • Where Married :  Dublin Ireland
  • Born : 1764
  • Where Born :  Dublin
  • Occupation : Soldiers Wife
  • Date Arrived : 14 February 1792
  • Ship Arrived on : Royal Admiral
  • Died : 21 Dec 1817
  • Where Died / Buried :  Sydney NSW, buried: 23 Jan 1817, Old Sydney Burial Ground NSW
  • Parents Names :
  • Spouse's Parents :
  • Descendants

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    Area Settled :
    Children :
    Thomas WHITTLE Jnr b. 8 Feb 1785, Cork Ireland, d. 12 Oct 1838, Port Macquarie NSW.  Married or was with Mary OATES
    14 Jan 1793: Enlisted in the NSW Corps 102nd Regiment aged 14
    1798: Drummer,
    Captain Townson's Company, NSW Corps
    1812: Private,
    73rd Regiment of Foot, 1st Battalion
    46th Regiment of Foot (South Devon)
    1818: Private:
    48th Regiment of Foot
    1828: age 47 years, labourer, working for William IKIN, publican at Liverpool
     George WHITTLE b. 1788, England, d. 1883, Parramatta NSW
    16 Sep 1796: Enlisted in the NSW Corps 1808: Drummer in the NSW Corps, aged 16 years 7 months
    1798: Drummer, Captain Abbott's Company, NSW Corps
    Oct 1815:
    George Whittle pension awarded


     William. Unknown

    History & Achievements :

    Thomas Whittle of the N.S.W  corps. He arrived with his wife Elizabeth and sons on the Royal Admiral in 1792. He was in partnership in butchery shop with Mathew Kearns in Pitt Row. Apparently he led the corps into Govt House to arrest Bligh and later chaired Johnson down the street. Whittle was sent home to be court martialed and went to pieces when he was found to be lying in the witness stand. Mathew Kearns was hung in 1813 for arranging to murder a witness in a case against him for stealing from the Govt. Herd.
    WHITTLE Family
    NSW Corps Sergeant, Member of the NSW Corps and Family, wife Elizabeth along with their three young sons - Thomas Jnr, George and William.
    Thomas Snr had enlisted in the NSW Corps back in London 17 Mar 1791
    Feb 1793 to Mar 1794: Thomas was posted to Norfolk Island, his family was with him, as a NSW Corps member he received grants of land at Lane Cove and Bankstown
    1798: Sergeant, Captain Abbott's Company, NSW Corps
    1803 - 1806: Whittle Family lived at South Row Sydney
    Thomas was also a member of the Mason of the NSW Corps
    Sydney Gazette 22 May 1803: Thomas Whittle house was used a Masonic meeting
    Sydney Gazette 5 Mar 1809: Sergeant Major, Sydney held a trading License
    1817: Serg. Major Whittel (sic), formerly of the NSW Corps (now the 102nd Regt)
    Thomas Whittle (Snr) was in a butchery business in Pitt Street Sydney with Mathew KEARNS in the early 1810s
    Mar 1823:
    Discharged at Sydney
    Dec 1824: Thomas Whittel 48th Regt pension awarded
    1825: Came Free, per Royal Admiral 1792, Pensioner, at Sydney
    Some information about Sgt Whittle Supplied by  Ann Belmont On 6th January, 1786 Thomas was delivered to the convict transport "Alexander".  He arrived in Sydney, New South Wales on the"Alexander"  as part of the First Fleet in January, 1788. Thomas married Sarah Davis in Port Jackson, Sydney on 7 June 1788.  This marriage service was performed by the Rev. Richard Johnson -probably under a tree or in a hut - the first church was St Philips, but it was some time before it was built.  Thomas and Sarah sailed to Norfolk Island on "Supply" on 2 March 1789 In "The Forgotten General of Norfolk Island and Van Diemens Land" written by Reg Wright  - TRC's occupation was recorded in 1894 as Sailor.  In "Occupations in Norfolk Island 1805"  - he said that TRC was a Settler/Landowner . On Norfolk Island Thomas and Sarah began farming and by December 1789 they are listed as settling on 14 acres of land, eight of which were cultivated.  They also had a thriving piggeryHe received a conditional pardon 7 Nov 1792 provided he did not return to England, and on 7th September he was sworn in as a constable for "Grenville Vale".  Thomas purchased 60 acres for 60 pounds on 24th October and by the end of the year he was elected a member of the Norfolk Island Settlers Society
    Thomas was part of a group who were concerned with the first theatre on Norfolk Island.  He was asked to save some seats for some dignitaries, and Sgt Whittle of the N.S.W. Corps countermanded these orders for his soldiers to attend the performance.  They were intoxicated and a brawl broke out.  This was one of the difficulties of a former convict having authority.  Consequently, Crowder was sent to Sydney for the trial for the altercation with Sgt Whittle.  He asked not to go, as he felt Sarah would not survive and his farm be unattended whilst away.  He did have to go, and received one hundred lashes as punishment, and was sent back to the Island.  When he arrived back on Norfolk Island he found that Sarah had died on the 26th June 1794, and his farm in disarray. So, you could say that Sgt. Whittle's actions have great importance   as Ann is  descended from Thomas' second wife Mary Christmas
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