Uniforms And Weapons of The Foot Regiments

Examples of Uniforms and Weapons worn and used by the Foot Regiments

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The Regiments
The pictures below were taken 23rd of April 2000 ,and are exact replicas of the 48th's different pieces
of apparel. The uniforms were recreated by the 48th Northapmtonshire Regiment of foot re-enactment group at Port Macquarie, and represent the type of colours and items worn by the soldiers of the 48th mainly the infrantry soldier . The officers uniform is described as a foot note to each item. Many thanks go to the members of the above group who may be contacted through its president:
Mr Ian Hurley (02) 6582-1868,
Post to .. 48th Regiment of Foot Re-enactment Group Inc P.O. Box 1480 Port Macquarie. New South Wales. Australia 2444
e-mail Mr Martin Hovey...... marinhovey@telstra.easymail...

The breast plate was made of brass and was worn in the centre of the chest at a point just below the
crossed webbing . The webbing was intended to allow the carrying of an ammunition pouch and a bayonet. The coat was red like all English Regiments of the time, with the coat buttons made of pewter. The breast plate contained the following inscriptions and items . To the top was the English crown, below this is a banner with the words "PENNINSULA" the center was the regiments number "48" again below a laurel wreath followed by the base banner reading "TALAVERA"

( Right) Side pocket flaps are Buff edged with white . The rear facings are Buff with white edging . ( left ) Sleeve band formed part of the facings and shows the colour of the 48th Regiment being Buff, with three pewter buttons The collar was the same colour, but contained black squaring which lined the edges of the collar. All the buttons on the uniform were made of pewter and carried the English crown. Below this is a banner with the words "PENNINSULA" the center was the regiments number "48" again below a laurel wreath followed by the base banner reading "TALAVERA" . The regimental Lace which bound across the front of the coats was white with black and red stripes. The trousers of the 48th were grey.


This hat typifies the hats worn by the soldiers . Foot soldiers wore silver braiding around the front while
an officer wore a gold braid. The badge on the face of the hat was as it was in New South Wales with no Regimental markings and the crown of England, with the letters GR entwined together, which represents George Rex. It was unlike that of the 102nd the N.S.W Regiment and the 73rd 's hat badge which is shown to the right . The hat was made of a soft leather and black in colour with the side plume (cockade) red at the base and white at the top. This made it a little easier for the commanders to see who was who on a battle field . Red represents English while white represents Infantry.
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