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Families: Beatty, Briner, Broucard, Brokaw, Burns, Clements, Creveling, Cromwell, Custard, Dickson, Donnenworth, Erzinger, Foote, Gates, Gist, Gump, Hursh, Johnston, Loy, McAnulty, Mellick, Merryman, Moelich, Morrow, Ott, Oth, Price, Rentz, Vaughn, VonMiddlesword, Weller, Willard.


My name is David Gates and I would like to correspond with anyone who has information that could add to my family tree or I might be able to add to theirs. If you find something that helps you or can help me, please email me.

Here are some of my family links:

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Alfred The Great
William The Conqueror
Lady Godiva
Old King Coel
Robert I "The Bruce"
Washington Family

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