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Cowhouse Missionary Baptist Church of Christ in Pottsville was organized in 7 July, 1879 with twenty charter members--(male charter members) E. T. Goggin, T. F. May, J. E. Smith, C. C. Collett, J. P. Robinson, W. T. Wenson, C. P. May, W. W. Potts ; (female charter members) Eliza Potts, E. Fyke, M. C. Potts, M. O. Lovelace, A. J. Wenson, M. E. Bratton, S. C. Phillips, L. E. Robinson, M. R. May, S. C. Smith, Jane Collett, and Jodia May.  

Cow House Baptist Church
was admitted to the Hamilton County Baptist Association on 25 July, 1879 and again on 2 August, 1945. This congregation met in the Pottsville School until 1903 when the Bratton family gave land to be used for a church building which was constructed shortly thereafter. Pottsville Baptist Church became part of the Hamilton County Baptist Association on 25 August, 1920, and this church was called Pottsville Baptist Church in minutes of 1920, 1921, and 1935. 

In the mid 1940's plans were made for a new building which was built by church members as funds were available. By 1947 the new brick building was completed and the name of the church was officially changed to Pottsville Baptist Church; however, since 1945 this church has been continuously referred to as Pottsville Baptist Church.

Early pastors of this church included:

Joseph Alexander Land, 1879

Presley O’Keefe, 1881

J. E. McCurdy, 1882

D. I. Haralson, 1883

W. N. Leak, 1884

W. N. Leake, 1885

W. J. Hicks, 1886--1893

Jesse Cunningham, 1894--1895

C. C. McCurdy, 1896

Early church clerks included:

J. E. Smith, 1881--1882

W. T. Walton, 1883--1885

J. C. Simmons, 1886--1889

L. S. Bratton, 1890--1892

A. P. Moore, 1894--1895, 1897--1898--1899

H. P. Moore, 1896

Early messengers to the annual association were:

1879--J. E. Smith, D. F. May, W. H. Potts;

1881--W. T. Walton, J. E. Smith

1882--J. E. Smith, W. T. Walton, B. F. Wheeler

1883--L. S. Bratton

1884--D. I. Haralson, W. N. Leak

1885--D. I. Haralson, L. S. Bratton, W. N. Leake

1886--D. I. Haralson, B. F. Wheeler

1887--L. S. Bratton, T. S. Vaughan, I. G. Abney

1888--L. S. Bratton, J. C. Simmons, T. S. Vaughn

1889--B. F. Wheeler, O. C. Collett, T. S. Vaughn

1890--L. S. Bratton, J. B. Smith, J. C. Simmons

1891--A. A. Gooch, T. S. Vaughn, J. C. Simmons

1892---L. S. Bratton

1893--J. Boler, A. A. Gooch, J. A. Redell

1894--J. C. Simmons, Jere Wagner

1895--J. C. Simmons, W. J. Boler

1896--T. F. Nichols, L. S. Bratton

1897--L. S. Bratton, B. F. Wheeler, J. C. Simmons

1898--R. Norris, T. F. Nichols

1899--L. S. Bratton, A. P. Moore, Sister Emma Bratton

1907 HCBA Minutes

1908 HCBA Minutes

1909 HCBA Minutes

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1911 HCBA Minutes


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