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In 1875 the Evant Methodist Church was organized in Langford Cove by Rev. Joe Price. This was the first church in this community.  George Thomas and Winnie (Bullock) Winters,  William Cliff  and Nancy M. (Adams) Winters, Mr. and Mrs. Edington, and Miss Elam were present for the first meeting held under a live oak tree in front of the Morris Brown home at a place later to be called Gholson Gap.

Since the first school building was not built until 1879, Methodist services were held under trees or in members homes. In 1885 Sweet Home Baptist Church built the first church building in Evant and shared their building with the Methodist congregation. Two buildings, one built in 1905 and the other built in 1950, have been used by the
Evant United Methodist Church.


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People and Places: Gazetteer of Hamilton County, TX
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