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Includes pictures

 John 14

6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life:
no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.


Hebrews 12

1 Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses,
let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily
and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.

2 Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith,
who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame,
and sat down at the right had of the throne of God.


Revelations 3

20 Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door,
I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

21 To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne,
even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne.

Deceased members of the Baptist churches comprising the HCBA/HCMBA/HBA were remembered during each annual session. Since 1906 the names of those who died between the annual sessions of HCBA were printed in the published minutes.

1906 and 1907

Loyd, Simpson


Warren, J. W.


Freeman, G. R.


Fowler, Grace 

Stroble, John



Bosley, Bro. G. B.

Campbell, Sister Samuel Alexander "Sam" 
Harriet T. "Hattie" Fergusson

Curry, Sister. E.

Fowler, Sister William B. nee Grace Bull

Hickman, Brother Charles

Stidham, Sister Myrtle Stroble, 

Brother John (repeat of 1912)

Weller, Brother A.



Brister, J. 

Fowler, William B. 

Secrest, Jacob Edgar "Ed"



Collier, Jack 

Hibbits, L. W.

Havens, Ross 

Pugh, Caroline



Cunningham, Burnard D. (WW I casualty) 

Main, F. D.



Chenault, James

Watson, Alfred Haynes 

Weller, Mrs. Mary



Harris, Mrs. N. E. 

Horne, William Emmerson "Will"

Kirkland, Mrs. Sallie

Lawrence, F. W.

LovVorn, Mrs.

McAnelly, William Benton

 Maxwell, Mrs. F. W.

Powell, Mrs. Isabelle


Chumney, Arthur Wayne

Corrigan, James E., Sr.



Haley, C. C.



Brister, Mrs. Sarah



Carter, F. M.

Gordon, Thomas Tolson

McCurdy, Mrs.

Smith, Mrs. S. M.



Churches were not designated for the deceased


Allen, Mrs. Silas Randolph nee Eva Alice Drake

Bullington, Jim 

Martin, Mrs.

Smith, S. M. 



Cathey, Howard



Churches were not designated for the deceased


Santy, Cleo 

Stringer, William Alonzo

Secrest, Mrs. William Monroe "Bill" nee Rosalie Hurt



Churches were not designated for the deceased


Dempster, James

Horne, William Emmerson 

Sparks, E. M.


Agee, Mrs. Narcisssa

Hill, Mrs. F. P 

Rains, Rev. Stephen Anderson



Beach, David B., M.D.

Driver, R. A. 

Talley, J. H.

Grant, Miss Lena

Jones, Mrs. O. F.


Collier, Mrs. Andrew Jackson nee Martha Holloway

Davis, George 

Ferguson, Mrs. George 

Martin, C. H. 

Moore, Mrs. Ira nee Wilma Jo Milam

Mullenix, Mrs. John

Snodgrass, Dr. Ward Alma

Sparks, Mrs. J. C.

Stoffregen, Mrs. Agnes

Whittenton, J. S.



Carlton, George Morrow (Deacon) 

Thornton, Mrs. J. W.

Williams, J. Mark



Corrigan, Mrs. J. E.

Fuqua, W. S.

Gordon, Mrs. Thomas Tolson nee Nora Burney

Messer, Mrs. Mary



Chandler, Dr. Charles E.

Jones, William Nelson "Nels"

Hale, Mrs. T. J. 

Morris, Mrs. Willard

Henderson, H. W. (Deacon)

Smith, W. Lee



Driver, Mrs. R. A. 

Martin, J. G. 

West, Claude Lagree, Deacon



Blackshear, Mrs. A. H. 

Cunningham, Mrs. Tom

Henderson, Mrs. H. W 

Horne, Ernest D.

Johnson, Mrs. Charlie Jackson nee Cora Tate

Santy, Mrs. Leroy "Roy" nee Margaret Stidham

Williams, John Mark, Sr.


Smith, Mrs. Betty

West, James



Allen, Joe Bailey, II 

Grogan, J. H.

Betke, Miss Helena 

Mueller, J. V.



Casey, Mrs. Grady

Nix, Bobby (Killed in action in Europe)

Hill, J. F.



Chumney, Mrs. Arthur Wayne nee Olive Ola "Ollie" Simpson

Nettleton, O. B., 2nd Lt.

Pigg, Mrs. G. W.



Dancer, Mrs. Maggie

McClendon, Mrs. Bennett Alfred nee Carl Nichols 

Pierce, Mrs. Shelby

Tomlinson, Mrs. W. M.



Cathey, Dr. F. C. 

Gibson, Mrs. Emma 
Rains, Mrs. Stephen Anderson

Sparks, Mrs. E. M.

White, Mrs. R. O.

Wright, J. M.



McPherson, Sam 

Osborne, R. F.

Stidham, W. O.



Hibbits, J. C.

Neal, M. V.



Allison, Miss Billie Etta 

Boettner, Rev. Frank 

Fuqua, Mrs. W. S.

Vaughn, E. W. (Deacon)

Young, Mrs. W. L.


Davisson, Mrs. J. M.

Dempster, Mrs. James Terry "Jim" nee Bertha Viola Brown

Morris, Willard

Patterson, Bert Clifton (Deacon)

Riley, Mrs. Emma

Stringer, Mrs. William Alonzo nee Emma Alice Dodson



Reed, Mrs. M. F.

Tinkle, Mrs. Clifford Matthew "Cliff" nee Martha Elatia Hutton



Agee, Marion Lee 

Jones, O. F.
Jones, Mrs. William Nelson nee Mary Maudine West
Santy, Mr. Leroy "Roy"

Strickland, Ollie S.


Cunningham, T. R. 

Turner, Mrs. Laura May Holloway

Jones, Edgar, Deacon


Allen, Silas Randolph, Sr., Hon.

Havens, J. P.

Havens, Mrs. J. P. nee Minerva Elizabeth Ross

Richey, Mrs. Joe nee Julia Idella "Della" Hampton

Winningham, Maynard (Deacon)



Harris, William Jennings, Hon. (Deacon)

Harris, Mrs. William Jennings nee Ura Selina Neighbours

Holloway, John William "Will"

Wren, Mrs. Alberto Leon nee Effie Valentine Hodge



Oglesby, Mrs. Ambrose. M. "Brose", Sr. nee Elizabeth M. Moore

Perry, George Madison (Deacon)

Thornton, Mrs. William Miles nee Ada Ann Higginbotham


Johnson, Charlie Jackson 

Perry, Mrs. George Madison nee Lillie Carl Dunn

Santy, Virgil Martin


Cameron, Mrs. John nee Frances Wallace Hunt 

Fuqua, Joe Franklin 

Harris, William Virgil "Virg," Sr.
Hatfield, George Everett
Lee, Mrs. Robert E., Sr. nee Cora E. Smith Rogers

Rhodes, Mrs. John William nee Jessie Lee Fuqua

Thornton, William Miles

Workman, Cave G.

Young, Troy Wesley


Allen, Harold William "Bill" , Sr., Hon.

Blansit, Roy Hancock, (Deacon)
 Collier, Andrew Jack 

Dunlop, Mrs. John, Sr. nee Hattie Register

McAnelly, George L.

Pierson, Olaf Edward, Sr.

Young, Troy Wesley


Adams, Marion Monroe 

Boozer, Mrs. R. L.

Drake, Miss Hazel

Gordon, Mrs. Frank nee Lena Livingston McDurmitt

Harrison. Mrs. Andrew Lee nee Ama Leta Mack

Roberts, Mrs. Abraham Tillman nee Melissa Virginia "Virgie" Neal

West, Rev. John Dempsey

Wheeler, Mark Vernon (Deacon)

Wren, William Hodge "Bill" (Deacon)

1963 (Published in the 1964 Minutes)

Allen, Clement Victor "Clem" 

Campbell, Floyd Edwin 

Collier, Mrs. Andrew Jack nee Loura Juanita West 

Fulbright, John Franklin
Fuqua, William Nichols "Pete"

Grimm, Mrs. James A. nee Patience Lillian Horne

Johnson, Mrs. Jeff L. nee Julia Ann Little (Smith)

Norman, Mrs. Buford G. nee Florence A. Stringer

Richey, Austin Wright

Snell, Mrs. J. Lee nee Lottie Brumley

Tomlinson, William Henry "Will"

Watson, Willie Glen "Nick"

Williams, Charles W.


Derrick, Mrs. William H. (Emily M. "Emma")

Knorzer, Mrs. M.

Moore, Jack Houston

Mullenix, John L.

West, Mrs. Claude Lagree nee Elizabeth Saleata Collier 



Jacks, Mrs. Jimmy nee Lois Aldredge

Moore, Mrs. Jack Houston nee Hattie Leona South

Secrest, Miss Mellie "Pat"

Secrest, Miss Nellie "Nell"

Wright, Mrs. James M. nee Annie Levada Clifton


Cathey, Mrs. F. C. nee Annie Bell Collier 

Courtney, Mrs. John C. nee Rosie Wright King

Grimm, James Lewis

Conner, Mrs. George
Harrison, Andrew Lee


Clark, W. A.

Courtney, John C.

Fuller, Layfette

McClanahan, Mrs. Will nee Annie Bell Davidson

Sparks, Mrs. J. C. nee Mary Alice McPherson

Thomas, Roscoe

Trimble, James Doyle

Trimble, Mrs. Joseph Hobart nee Carrie Novella Wilson

Waldrep, Mrs. Louis Elijah, Jr. nee Jewel W. Foster

Watson, Mrs. Willie Glen "Nick" nee Johnnie Jones



Beach, Mrs. Le Roy nee Mavis Rowena Henderson 

Clark, Mrs. W. A. nee Lucy Gladys McWilliams
Haile, Wallace Lee 

Hampton, Thomas Grafton " Tom"

Richmond, Robert B.

Thompson, Billy Harold

Wood, Roy Coleman


Abernethy, Mrs. Arvord M. nee Anna Belle Durham

Dunlop, John "Jack", Sr.

Garrett, Mrs. Alfred M. nee Alta Elizabeth Burk
Grimm, Vernon Estene "Friday" 

Hatch, David Cornelius
Hopson, William Marion "Willie"

Main, Mrs. F. D. nee Cassie Viola Sanders

Mullenix, Cage Mansfield

Spencer, Robert Albert

Warren, Truman William


Deal, Ivy Lawrence
Harber, May

Hamilton, Parker B., Sr. 

McClendon, Bennett Alfred 

Smart, Mrs. James L., Sr. nee Myrtie B. Harber

Stidham, Victor Willard

Wheeler, Mrs. Mark Vernon nee Johnnie Carbin Wall

Willeford, Mrs. Raymond Oliver nee Jennie May Harber



Carlisle, Mrs. Ben 

Corrigan, Bradford Deane, Sr.
Geske, Everett Edward 

Grant, Bruce M.
Guest, Mrs. Cecil Otis, Sr. nee Dora Lee Berkley 

Harrell, Thomas O. "Tom", (Deacon)
Lackey, Horace Grady, Sr. (Deacon)

Robinson, Alton R.

Short, Mrs. W. H. nee Effie Leona Mack

Willeford, Raymond Oliver

Williams, Otis Reed "O. R." (Deacon)

Wright, Charles Louis



Agee, Mrs. Marion Lee nee Selma E. Burris

Lee, Robert S., (Deacon)

Lee, Mrs. James F. nee Eva Gray (Wadzeck)

Mack, Elmo Lemual



Carter, Mrs. Alta Lucille (Fisher)
Childre, Donald Edmond 

Doyle, Mrs. John J. nee Florence Elizabeth Haber

Easterling, SP-5 Billy Charles

Fuqua, Mrs. Frank Barton nee Lula B. Roberson

Fuqua, Wayne

Huddleston, Mrs. W. P. nee Velma Stringer

Lee, James Byron

Mayhew, John Alexander, Jr.

Slaughter, Clarence Marshall

Stamps, Leolen "Dude"Williams, Mrs. C. W.

Wilson, Mrs. Eddie "Ed" nee Mattie Smith


Gardner, Mrs. Thomas Urvine, Sr. nee Paschal Oveta Hamlin

Gearreald, Jesse Neal (Deacon)

O’Bannon, William Walter "Bill" (Deacon)

Parrish, Mrs. Robert Levant "Bob", Sr. nee Lillie Mae McHargue

Rader, Henry William

Sharp, Mrs. Walter T., Sr. nee Edna C. Register

Swindle, Dewey T.

VanWinkle, Mrs. R.

Walton, Mrs. Herman E. nee Sammie D. Gault



Billingsley, Miss Mary Ella 

Brown, Mrs. I Ben nee Martha M. "Mattie" Wilson 

Clark, Norman Milford 

Hill, Emmett Floyd

Hoffman, Mrs. Wanda

Mitchell, Mrs. Harold Earl nee Bessye Williams (Beach)
 (widow of David B. Beach, M.D.)

Reid, Mrs. Oscar C. nee Collier Fuller

Smart, Rev. James L., Sr. O.M.

West, L. I.


Adams, Robert Murray "Bob" Williams, Miss Lillie Mae

Cotten, Thomas Wilson, Eddie "Ed"

Elmore, Orus Wilmer

McFarlin, Mrs. Raymond nee Nina Mable Fulbright

Pitt, Coyman Lee

Secrest, Miss Emily Ruth

Secrest, Miss Maudine B. "Maude"

Sprague, Russell

Strickland, Mrs. Ollie S. nee Nancy Jane "Nannie" Blair


Elmore, Mrs. Orus Wilmer nee Lillie Burton

Graham, Milam Reuben

Jacks, James Martin "Jimmy"

Pearce, Mrs. William Howard nee Nancy Jane "Nan" Watson

Stidham, Mrs. James Ernest nee Florence Irene Brown

Treadway, Calvin Haskins "Joe"

Treadway, Mrs. Robert E. nee Lavinia Caroline Brock

Wagner, Mrs. James Embrey nee Eula Mae Ellis

White, Mrs. R. O. "Bob" nee Leona Larue Blackburn (Collins)

Williams, Miss Christa Lea

Williams, Mrs. Otis Reed "O. R." nee Lettye Elizabeth Watson



Barker, Olen Kirk

Bratton, Mrs. William Morman nee Delia Wall

Clark, Mrs. Norman Milford nee Genevieve Main

Harris, Mrs. William Virgil "Virg," Sr. nee Susan Margaret Evans

Johnson, Johnnie Harrison

Koen, Ralph West (Deacon)

O’Bannon, Mrs. William Walter "Bill" nee May Chanbliss

Treadway, Charles Leon

West, Mrs. Willie Irving nee Ola B. Olden

Williams, Mrs. Ernest Weldon "Red" nee Jacqueline Ann Nichols
Wren, Alberto Leon (Deacon)

Wren, Mrs. Alberto Leon nee Kittie Annie Sauer (Bullington)


Barnett, Marion Earl

Cathey, Mrs. Jim B. nee Willie E. Waddell (Singleton)

Fuqua, Mrs. Joe Franklin nee Nora Bell Lamb

Gearreald, Mrs. Jesse Neal nee Etta May Tull

McPherson, Mrs. Sam nee Meda Burks

Maddox, Mrs. Everett nee Eugenia Elizabeth "Bessie" Brewer

Parrish, Mrs. Ambrose Bryan nee Dollie Dorris "Dot" Doyle

Raibourn, Mrs. Edgar William "Ed" nee Iula McClintock

Swindle, Mrs. Dewey T. nee Josie Hopper

Walton, Mrs. Tom Edward 
Eleanor Rogers
September 15, 1891 - September 30, 1978

Williams, Mrs. William Christopher "Bill," Sr., 
Ethel Prudence McClintock
March 17, 1895 - October 21, 1978

Wood, Mrs. Lawrence Oliver "Lonnie" 
Sallie Ann Allen
May 2, 1893 - September 30, 1978

Wood, Roy Coleman
August 7, 1890 - March 2, 1968



Bratton, Mrs. L. D. nee Julia May Vernon

Bryan, Mrs. William Claffin, Sr. nee Allie Jones Parker

Cambron, Mrs. Laura Frances (Horne)

Dean, Mrs. Morris Sheperd nee Frances Edna Stuterville

Didley, Mrs. Myrtle

Fuqua, Mrs. William Nichols "Pete" nee Bertie Aline Foster

Gardner, Thomas Urvine, Sr.

Harris, Jayson Guy

Morgan, John B.

Short, William Henry "Bill"

Thomas, Mrs. J. F.

Tomlinson, Herman Henry

Townsend, Roy Truman

Woolsey, Mrs. Hester



Allen, Mrs. Joe Bailey, Sr. nee Callie May Hedgpeth

Allred, Oscar Herman

Caraway, Mrs. Juanita Lee "Nita" (Jones)

Chandler, Mrs. Charles E. nee Mamie Williams

Fetty, Alfred "Fred"

Garrett, Samuel Wesley

Perry, Mrs. Jeff Madison nee Lura Bernice Crain

Pope, Mrs. W. Kenneth nee Mattie Bell "Pat" Harvey

Sparks, Edgar Cecil "Ed"

Todd, Mrs. Samuel F. nee Mary Dee Long



Drake, Mrs. Samuel Marshall "Sam" 
Mary Ann "Mamie" Bloodworth
April 2, 1897 -- December 4, 1981

Dunn, Ernest Sherwood
May 30,1910 -- March 22, 1982

Lee, Mrs. Robert S. 
Ouida Louise Risinger
May 5, 1901 -- March 12, 1982

Lock, Mrs. James Alfred 
Maggie Ann Wall
November 20, 1887 -- October 8, 1981

Massengill, Mrs. Frances Marie
February 28, 1919 -- August 5, 1982

Pool, Mrs. W. R. 
nee Pearl Maude Venable (Childre)
March 25, 1892 -- July 31, 1982

Shinn, Guy Cecil
December 13, 1909 -- December 5, 1981

Williams, William Christopher "Bill," Sr.
November 30, 1890 -- February 11, 1982

Wood, Mrs. Roy Coleman 
Minnie Augusta Grace "Gracie" Bullard
August 24, 1894 -- July 23, 1982



Appleby, J. T. 

Manning, Mrs. Pauline Elizabeth (Tomlinson)

Campbell, Vernon T. "Fritz"

Merkley, George Elmer, Jr., M.D.

Chambliss, Bullard

Sneed, Mrs. Marvin Tolbert nee Lela Frasure

Lock, Homer Luther

Stanford, Mrs. Joseph "Joe" nee Dora Annie Short

Main, Ray Lance



Adams, Mrs. Marion Monroe nee Ninnie Viola Jones

Barker, Mrs. Olen Kirk nee Nancy Ellen Harris

Bullard, Mrs. Fannie

Harvey, Mrs. Jasper Newton "Newt" nee Annie Mae Rhodes

Hatfield, Mrs. George Everitt nee Willie A. Sauer

Helbert, Willie Clifford

Register, Travis Cleo

Strickland, Calvin William "C. W."

West, Collier Lagree



Chumney, Roy Arthur 

Strickland, William Olive "Bill"

Fulbright, Mrs. John Franklin nee Nonie Virgie Hoover

Venable, Thomas Ewell "Tom"

Gardner, Luther Winford "L. W.," Jr. 

Winningham, Miss Eunice Veda

Holt, Corbett Wariner 

Winningham, Johnnie Marvin

Rader, Mrs. Henry William nee Delila Jane Williams (Wood)

Snodgrass, Mrs. Ward Alma nee Mary Lottie Hunter.



Cotney, Mrs. Dee

Dean, Morris Shepherd
February 6, 1903 -- November 7, 1985


Drake, Rev. Samuel Marshall "Sam", Sr.
September 19, 1897 -- March 3, 1986

Moody, Tom Rush, Sr.
October 12, 1896 -- December 30, 1985

Moody, Mrs. Tom Rush, Sr. 
Lois Whipkey
March 13, 1902 -- December 1, 1985

Morgan, Mrs. John B. 
Naomi Inez "Beta" Wagenfuhr
September 29, 1926 -- September 17, 1985

Mullenix, Mrs. Cage Mansfield 
Edna Mullenix
March 15, 1896 -- October 15, 1985

Puckett, William Bonnie "W. B."
May 30, 1902 -- June 2, 1986


Thompson, Mrs. J. H., Jr. 
Lorene Erma Kelm
July 9, 1924 -- May 5, 1986

Willeford, Mrs. Albert Hunter 
nee Ona Ellen Risinger (Duncan)
October 23, 1898 -- July 3, 1986

Whaley, Mrs. Roy V. nee Ethel Elma Sills
August 29, 1897 -- October 14, 1985

Williams, Mrs. William Seth, Sr. 
Edna L. Moss
May 31, 1897 -- December 10, 1985



Allen, Mrs. Wilton Homer nee Ila Faye Redden

Fergurson, Mrs. Lewis A. nee Myrtle Florence Patterson (Fergusson)

Gilliam, Mr. John Paul, Sr. (II)

Lengefeld, Mrs. Otto Frank nee Eugenia "Jean" Cayce

McAnally, Albert Leslie "A. L." "Shorty"

McFarlin, Raymon

Sparkman, Mrs. Garrett Hamilton nee Maggie Hester Simmons



Agee, Marion Paul
August 11, 1930 - March 10, 1988

Barnett, Mrs. Marion Earl 
Eva Alma Hodges
October 15, 1896 - December 16, 1987

Bullard, Mrs. Aldwine Davis "A. D."  
Lorena Fuqua
July 21, 1910 - August 29, 1988

Corrigan, Mrs. Bradford Deane, Sr. 
nee Alma Blakley
August 5, 1895 - February 2, 1988

Dove, Mrs. Sheppard  
Kathryn Margarette Beach
June 5, 1909 - September 23, 1987

Glover, Mrs. William Marion 
Mary Ruth Blackburn
January 8, 1891 - March 6, 1988

Helbert, Mrs. Willie Clifford 
Beula Earle Bryan
January 16, 1913 - January 10, 1988

Lawrence, Edwin Ralph
April 7, 1904 - August 26, 1988

Stamp, Mrs. Leolen "Dude" 
Willie May McClintock
December 11, 1908 - October 14, 1987



Bullington, Howard Holland
May 2, 1911 -- December 16, 1988

Clark, Mrs. Donald Waldo 
Beulahfaye "Faye" Montgomery
September 25, 1917 -- August 6, 1989

Sharp, Joe Bentley
January 31, 1909 -- April 21, 1989


Drake, Owen Elbert
April 11, 1904 -- January 2, 1989

Grisham, Mrs. Truman White 
Lillian Olive Grimm
July 21, 1910 -- August 16, 1989

Hatch, Mrs. C. M. 
Billie Margaret Santy
March 29, 1921 -- May 14, 1989

Kinsey, Joe
May 12, 1921 -- April 14, 1989

Nix, Cecil Anson, Sr.
July 6, 1903 -- November 15, 1988

Phelps, Arthur William "‘Dutch"
October 10, 1907 -- June 5, 1989

Scott, Mrs. Kenneth 
Patricia Kay "Patsy" Davis

Secrest, Miss Helen Gould
July 17, 1902 -- June 14, 1989

Willeford, Albert Hunter
January 13, 1890 -- July 16, 1989


Baker, Mrs. Maggie

Box, David Carroll

Bullard, Aldwine Davis "A. D."

Dempster, John Brown "Brownie"

Gilliam, Mrs. John Paul, Sr. (II) nee Alice M. "Sally" Strickland

Henderson, Mrs. Jethrow Paul nee Ettie Lee Thornton

Humphries, Curtis Thomas

Kavanaugh, Mrs. Lawrence nee Orena Adell Barnett

Lane, Dural Dean

Moore, Mrs. Seth, Sr. nee Mabell Marie Moore

Watson, Clyde Willis

Wright, James Russell "Red"


Blansit, Mrs. Roy Hamock nee Willie "Bill" Mullenix

Cloninger, Mrs. Sylvan Edward nee Bernadine Augusta Rudd

Haile, Mrs. Dan nee Zeola Evelyn Berkley

Holleyman, William Carroll

Proctor, Cecil Derwin, Jr.

Wright, Glover Curtis



February 25, 1906 -- January 3, 1992

Henderson, Mrs. Oliver Dow nee Minta Edith Gordon
August 25, 1896 -- February 15, 1992

Jones, Miss Leila Main
April 12, 1904 -- May 13, 1992

Lengefeld, Otto Frank
August 29, 1907 -- October 21, 1991

Manning, Rance Floyd "R. F." "Shorty"
February 26, 1910 -- September 29, 1991

May, Mrs. Arthur Lee nee Bernice Holley
June 29, 1915 -- July 19, 1992

Oustad, Mrs. Martin Edward nee Eula Viola Foller
April 8, 1895 -- March 5, 1992

Stark, Lawrence P. "Jake"
August 25, 1900 -- April 7, 1992

Stringer, Miss Ethel Jane
March 7, 1892 -- August 31, 1992

Walker, Mrs. George Collins, Sr.  
Bernice Melrose "Bennie" Hodges
October 13, 1904 -- August 6, 1992

Wright, Stanley


Crain, Landy Thomas "L. T."

Fields, Henry Charles

Miles, Hays

Stanford, Mrs. Walter nee Isabelle "Bell" Flippen

Tomlinson, Mrs. Herman Henry nee Novis Cleon Reid

Washam, Mrs. John nee Mary Ellen Snell

Williams, Mrs. Hogue Cadmus nee Katherine Maxwell



Barnett, William Merida
July 6, 1923 -- February 27, 1994

Boyd, Mrs. Scott nee Shirley Pratt
March 20, 1940 -- December 5, 1993


Drake, Mrs. Owen Elbert 
Vivian Clyde Hedgpeth
September 24, 1908 -- November 6, 1993

Humphries, Mrs. Curtis Thomas 
Lillie Estelle Green
March 18, 1912 -- October 4, 1993

Jones, Amel James

Lee, Floyd Sampson
August 13, 1902 -- October 5, 1993

Lowe, Robert Wilmuth

McCaleb, John Crea, Sr.

McCaleb, Mrs. John Crea, Sr. 
Grace Baker

Parrish, Lee L.

Schwartz, Mrs. Joe, Jr. 
Julia Catherine Smart

Shinn, Mrs. Guy Cecil 
Erma Matlock
December 15, 1908 -- December 10, 1993

Sims, Mrs. Eugene Burns 
Ina Mae Looney

Thames, Mrs. James Harold 
Minnie Ruth Todd

West, Paul E.

Whittenton, Rev. Lester Allen



Calk, James David 
September 3, 1906 -- October 13, 1994

Jones, Chester Thomas

Curb, Oliver "Syl" 
November 11, 1909--May 4, 1995

Douglas, Nettie (Johnson)
February 11, 1894 -- October 25, 1995

Lawrence, Mrs. Edwin Ralph nee Henrietta "Cadie" Cade


Drake, Sam Allen, Sr.
November 9, 1920 -- July 25, 1995
[& Mettie Mildred (DeHart) Drake]

McAnally, Mrs. Albert Leslie "A. L." 
Flora D. Fuller

Dunlop, Garry 
January 10, 1939 -- January 29, 1995

Oates, Mrs. Art 
Velma Berkley

Jester, Clifford Leo "Cliff"

Tallent, Donald Ray "Don"



Davis, Mrs. Orville Weldon 
Virginia Cleora Moore
January 21, 1909 --February 18, 1996

Douglas, Mrs. Erwin Eli, Sr. 
Nettie Johnson
February 11, 1894 -- Oct. 25, 1995



Drake, Mrs. Joseph Lawrence 
Gladys Wilkins
March 11, 1914 -- April 21, 1996

Raibourn, Mrs. Clyde 
Mary Wanda Young


Crouch, Mrs. Betty

Curb, Mrs. Oliver "Syl" nee Clemmie McKeehan


Roberts, Lester Abram
June 25, 1911 - August 18, 1997

Strickland, Mrs. Calvin William "C. W." nee Nell Blackwell

Williams, Mrs. Robert Crews nee Martha Harris (Dunn)



Cloninger, S. E.

Coston, W. R.

Crowley, Lee

Cuthbert, Sue

Harris, John B. "Johnny"

Stark, Billie (Harrell)

Thames, Harold

Todd, Sam

Williamson, Fonzy
January 5, 1930--July 26, 1998


Calk, Velma

Chick, Virgie

Chumney, Louise (McAnelly)

Craig, Chandler

Dorsey, Ray

Gregory, Alice Charlene (Bryan)

Hamilton, Willie Ola (Bynum)

Harrell, Glladys

Holt, FayeLee

May, Adelle (Barnett)

Newsom, Cora Mildred (Williams)

Williams, Wilma Leone (Main)
Mrs. George McAfee Williams
04/17/1909 //02/23/1999

Sommerfield, Myrlene


Chumney, Roy Glen

Crain, Charlotte (Quezada)

Harper, Agnes (Lawson)

Karkalits, Burt

Karkalits, Leota

Lee, Paula

Mizell, LaJuan

Moore, Seth

Winningham, Sarah Velma (Lamon) 


Wood, Billy George

Young, Sarah


Abernethy, Arvord Milner

Bartlett, James H.

Dunlap, John

Hamilton, Leslie "Les"

Jones, Addie Hope (Blacklock)

Spencer, Beth (Kattes)

Walls, C. B.



Mrs. Katherine Elizabeth (Perry) Arnold
March 26, 1927 -- November 24, 2001


Mrs. Geneva Virginia (Neal) Elkins
December 16, 1913 -- February 6, 2002


Mrs. Maggie L. (Rucker) Gardner


Mrs. Adena Omega (Elkins) Haile
March 6, 1918 -- March 1, 2002


Mrs. Delia  Opal (Hodges) Howell
1908--August 28, 2002


Mr. Jeff Madison Perry
August 12, 1910 -- October 12, 2001


Mr. Jack Trammell, Deacon
December 16, 1939 -- November 9, 2001



Lois Foy (Singleton) (Harlein) Carson
June 2, 1913 -- March 11, 2003



Tiffany Nicole Cole
December 27, 1979 - September 27, 2002


Helen Rutledge
July 10, 1917 - March 26, 2003



John Herman "J. H." Thompson, Jr.
May 7, 1920 -- March 2, 2003


Herman Edward "Chuck" Walton
October 22, 1913  -- February 21, 2003





Lera Ethel (Childre) Fields
(Mrs. Henry Charles Fields)
March 12, 1911 -- December 11, 2003



Bomer Britton Harris
August 20, 1917 -- February 16, 2004



Mary Susan (Harris) Mayfield
[Mrs. James Egbert "Bert" Mayfield]
May 24, 1911 - June 30, 2004



Nancy Emily (Bellah) Roberts
[Mrs. Lester Abram Roberts]
May 11, 1913 - November 12, 2003 



Ray Rowland Weathers
July 25, 1935 - January 13, 2004
[Ordained both as a Minister of Music and as a deacon.]



George McAfee Williams
March 4, 1911 --June 6, 2004


Celia Chumney-birtday 2004.jpg (313480 bytes)

Celia (Harris) Chumney
11/13/1906 - 6/17/2005



Valeta Fae (White) Collins
10/8/1925 - 1/31/2005


FBC-Hamilton Willie  Dittrich.JPG (324513 bytes)

Willie Dean Leona (Hulse) Dittrich
3/25/1920 - 3/25/2005


Elsie Lee (Griggs) Ellis
9/15/1906 - 5/28/2005


 Minnie Inez (Abbott) Jones  
12/24/1922 - 5/7/2005


Eunice Louise "Sue" (Williams)  Nix    
05/14/1909 - 12/09/2004


Marge Louise (Collie) Shaw
2/26/1925 - 2/19/2005


fbc-natha standifer.jpg (55088 bytes)


 Natha (Frey) Standifer
12/26/1912 - 01/11/2005


Nancy Avis (Clements) (Anglin) Wilson
05/21/1910 - 10/3/2004



Martha Frances (Willliams) Wood
07/06/1926 - 02/18/2005



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