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bef. 1873-1883
at Snowville

[I have added #1, #2, #3, etc. as a tool to differentiate these churches. While they could have been the same church, the apparent locations make them appear to be different churches.]

LEON Baptist Church at Snowville was founded in the spring of 1873 by Rev. Daniel Babb, and Rev. J. M. Wright, missionaries of the Leon River Baptist Association. On 20 September, 1872, this church was admitted to the Leon River Baptist Association. Messengers from this church attended the organizational meeting of the Hamilton County Baptist Association on 4 July, 1877. After being dismissed from the Leon River Baptist Association on 10 August, 1877, the Leon Baptist Church became part of the Hamilton County Baptist Association  on 12 Oct., 1877. This church was active from 1873 until 1883. This church was about seven miles northeast of Hamilton.

Early pastors included:

R. S. Underwood, 1875

W. G. Clark, 1878

Joseph Alexander Land, 1879

N. J. Ethridge, 1883

J. H. Willson was church clerk in 1883. 

Early messengers to the annual association meeting--

1873 (Leon River Baptist Association) --Henry Jefferson Bulman, A. J. Mahan

1875 (Leon River Baptist Association)--G. Woosley, H. Fuller, and D. D. Mullens

1878 (Hamilton County Baptist Association)--H. Fuller, J. A. Carter

1879--W. F. Stevenson, George Woosley

1883--F. M. Stephenson, J. H. Willson

A Baptist church named Leon (perhaps this one ??) was a member of the Brazos River Baptist Association before becoming a charter member of the Bosque River Baptist Association on 10 November, 1869.



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