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bef. 1881--1889

Center City

[I have added #1, #2, #3, etc. as a tool to differientiate these churches. While they could have been the same church, the apparent locations make them appear to be differnent churches.]


The first Liberty Baptist Church in Hamilton County Baptist Association was located near Center City and near the current Hamilton/Mills County Line. This church was active from before 1881 until 7 September, 1889, when it was dismissed to the Mills County Baptist Association

Until the county line was changed in 1887. Liberty Baptist Church, #1 was in Hamilton County. In an effort to obtain support for retaining Hamilton as the county seat, Hamilton County Commissioners Court released a portion of Hamilton County to Mills County in 1887. After the relocation of the county line, this church was in Mills County.

Pastors included:

D. W. White, 1881--1882

W. N. Leak, 1883--1884

Presley O’Keefe, 1885

J. J. Taylor, 1887

G. W. Herrington, 1888

Church clerks were:

J. C. Miles, 1881

C. H. Miles, 1882--1885

P. H. Hutchinson, 1887

J. P. Hutchinson, 1888

Messengers to the annual association meeting were:

1881--J. C. Hutchinson, A. Monsey

1882--C. H. Miles, T. J. Williams, W. T. Lucas

1883--J. P. Hutchinson

1884--T. J. Williams

1885--A. Marsey, James Bradley

1886--H. A. Covington, T. J. Williams

1888--J. N. Redford, C. H. Miles, S. F. Harper



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People and Places: Gazetteer of Hamilton County, TX
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