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Olin Baptist Church was organized in 1878 by Presley O’Keefe, W. J. Hicks, Shelby King, and A. A. Hensley, being called first King’s Chapel Baptist Church and later Dry Fork Baptist Church when it was located in the Dry Fork community. Later this church changed its name to Pleasant Hill Baptist Church. Macedonia Baptist Church formed by 1885 changed its name to Pleasant Hill Baptist Church in 1890. Pleasant Hill Baptist Church was admitted to the Hamilton County Baptist Association on 14 August, 1891. The last year Pleasant Hill Baptist Church submitted a letter to Hamilton County Baptist Association was 1898. On 12 August, 1899, Pleasant Hill purchased one acre of land at a cost of $100 out of the P. A. Sublet Survey from Mr. and Mrs. Erastus Kimber Ridenhower at Crossroads . The Pleasant Hill Church was moved to the new site (current location) of Olin Baptist Church and changed its name in 1900 to Olin Baptist Church. Damaged by a storm in 1918, the church building was torn down and rebuilt using the much of the original lumber. In 1948 an adjacent acre of land was purchased from the Olin Methodist Church In 1980 the church was remodeled with stucco being added to the outside walls, and an entrance added to the front.

Some of the pastors of Pleasant Hill Baptist Church were:

J. H. Vinson, 1891--1893, 1895, 1897

J. B. Vinson, 1894

W. S. Johnson, 1898


Some of the church clerks were:

J. W. Talley, 1891

J. M. Warren, 1892

E. M. Newman, 1893

A. J. Leach, 1894--1898


Messengers to the annual association meeting were:

1892--Henry Preachers

1893--W. Pierson, D. M. Purdue

1894--E. M. Gamble

1895--J. W. Warren, J. F. Rodgers, and E. G. Smith

1896--J. M. Warren, A. J. Leach, H. F. Nance

1897--W. W. Pierson, A. J. Leach

1898--Rev. W. D. Vinson


Some of the early pastors of Olin Baptist Church were:

J. P. Kinchen, 1901

Hood Vinson, 1903

Steven Anderson Rains, 1904--1905

John Seymour Deaton, 1906--1908

M. E. Davis, 1909

John Dempsey West, 1910


Some of the early church clerks of Olin were:

J. W. Barron, 1900

J. O. Leach, 1901--1903, 1909

C. N. Wade, 1904

J. B. Carter, 1905--1906

Fred Gordon, 1907--1908

N. N. Noble, 1910


Some of the early messengers from Olin to the annual association meeting were:

1900--T. T. Gordon, G. W. Eudaley, J. E. Arnold

1901--G. W. Eudaley, J. E. Arnold, C. C. Nix

1902--J. E. Arnold, Russell Eudaley, J. O. Leach

1903--G. W. Eudaley, Fred Gordon, C. L. Sexton

1904--T. T. Gordon, W. S. Franklin, C. N. Wade

1905--T. T. Gordon, W. L. Franklin

1906--C. G. Sexton, J. B. Carter, J. T. Wade

1908--G. W. Eudaly, J. O. Leach, H. W. Henderson

1909--Fred Gordon, Miss Zula Rodgers, Miss Mattie Leach

1910--N. N. Noble, H. W. Henderson; J. A. Leach

1907 HCBA Minutes

1908 HCBA Minutes

1909 HCBA Minutes

1910 HCBA Minutes

1911 HCBA Minutes


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