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bef. 1875--1891

Plum Creek Baptist Church at Purmela in Coryell County was organized prior to 9 August, 1875, when it was admitted to the Leon River Baptist Association. Messengers from Plum Creek Baptist Church attended the organizational meeting of Hamilton County Baptist Association on 04 July, 1877, at Cottonwood Springs. After being dismissed from the Leon River Association on 10 August, 1877, Plum Creek became associated with the Hamilton County Baptist Association at the first annual meeting of HCBA, which was held in the Plum Creek Church. Plum Creek Baptist Church was dissolved in 1891.

Early pastors were:

D. W. White, 1878-1879, 1883

W. C. Witt, 1881, 1882

W. N. White, 1884, 1885

L. H. Patterson, 1887


Early Church Clerks were:

E. K. Forrest, 1881, 1882, 1884, 1885, 1886

W. H. Clark, 1883

L. H. Patterson, 1887


Early messengers were:

1878--E. K. Forest, J. B. Burket, and J. P. Graves

1879--E. K. Forrest, J. B. Burket, and T. Collard

1881--A. A. Hensler and J. E. Smith

1882--Elder A. A. Hensler

1883--W, H. Clark

1884--E. K. Forest, A. L. Freeman, and Ja. Collard

1885--E. R. Forest, R, Arnold

1886--A. L. Freeman and B. Arnold

1887--E. K. Forest


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