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If you are looking for Genealogical information in New York, you have come to the right place. We can locate census, birth, death or even take pictures of your family's Cemetery plot.

This site is dedicated to my dad

Lester Alfred Nott

3/2/1926 – 7/20/2000


Why didn’t I ask questions when I had the chance?  My dad died in July of 2000.  When I was going through some of his belongings I came across some family obituaries, things I should have known but didn’t.  This started my genealogy journey. Dad was from Columbiana, Ohio.  It was so frustrating for me to find info from Ohio while living in New York.  This is why I decided to try to help others who needed info from New York.  

Wait until you see an actual census sheet from 100 years ago with your great grandparents listed, or a birth, death, or even a marriage license.  There is a sea of information in our Libraries, National Archives and Health Departments.  

Federal Census for the United States


1790 – 1920

Federal Census taken for any State in the U.S is available for the above years. (1910 is not indexed so I need an address to search that year)

I charge $20 to search these census indexes, hit or miss. That fee includes a copy of the entire sheet, and postage.

What I need is the name of the head of household and a location (city, town, county) in
New York or any other state in US. It would greatly narrow my search with any of the following: a birth year, country of birth, names of wife and/or children and any birth years.


If you want to know what information you can find on a particular census, Go to:

(left click if you can, to open in a new window.)


City Census

These censuses are not indexed so I need exact addresses.  $30.00 per hour to search, I have had great success in most of the cases in under an hour.


1890 New York City "Police Census." (MANHATTAN ONLY)
Listed according to address, the census recorded the name, age and sex of each resident, including children.


New York State Census, Kings County, 1855, 1865, 1875, 1892, 1905, 1915.
Not indexed; listed according to Ward, and/or Assembly, and Enumeration District number.
Recorded name, family relationship, sex, age, nativity, occupation, and citizenship status.


New York State Census, Richmond County, 1855, 1865, 1870, 1875, 1880, 1915, 1925.
Not indexed; similar information as Kings County Census.

Vital Records NYC

If you have the exact date I charge 20.00.  If you want me to do a ten year search it is an additional $20.00.

Birth, death and marriage records are filed and indexed according to the locality (Borough) in which the event occurred:


New York City Vital Records Indexes

These indexes enable researchers to obtain copies of vital records from the New York City Municipal Archives and Department of Health. The indexes themselves must be used onsite.

New York City. Department of Health

  • Index to Births, 1888-1982
  • Index to Deaths, 1888-1982
  • Index to Marriages (Grooms), 1888-1937
  • Index to Marriages (Brides), 1866-1937

Exception is outside the five boroughs of NYC.  I can get certificate # if you know the year of death.  You would then have to send to Albany for actual certificate.

Newspapers and Indexes

My fee for a search is $10.00 this includes copy.

Newspapers and Indexes

The Library has an extensive collection of newspapers, however, there are few indexes to their contents. Among the available print and online indexes are:

  • The New York Times Obituaries Index: 1858-1978New York, New York Times, 1970-80.
  • Personal Name Index to "The New York Times Index," 1851-1989. 34 v.
  • Historical Newspapers Online (includes New York Times, 1851-1923.  Internet subscription.)
  • Proquest Direct (Internet subscription.)
  • Barber, Gertrude A.
    • Deaths Taken from the Brooklyn Eagle, 1841-1880
    • Marriages taken from the Brooklyn Eagle, 1841-1880
    • New York Evening Post: Deaths, 1801-1890
    • New York Evening Post: Marriages, 1801-1890


My fee for a search is $10.00 this includes copy.

City and Telephone Directories

New York City directories of residents through 1933/34, when they ceased publication.  Extensive collection of directories of other U.S. cities


Headstone Photos


My fee for a search is $50.00.  You will receive a digital photo via e-mail or I can mail you a still photo.




You can pay by money order or check.


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If you would like to find the information out on your own, contact these City Departments and see how long it takes.

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