mtDNA of Rachel ([--?--]) Colclough
Gregg Bonner's
Analysis of the mtDNA of Rachel ([--?--]) Colclough
(wife of Benjamin Colclough)
C16069T, T16126C, T16243C
A73G, G185A, G228A, A263G, C295T, 309.1C, 315.1C, C462T, T489C
I included the left-most descent in the above chart just to provide a context to the reader to indicate to them how the author of this page fits in to the family. I reasoned that (while it was going to be included) I may as well color-code it to show that some autosomal testing had been performed on a descendant of Rachel. This testing is distinct from mtDNA testing (the title topic of this page), and is not meant to imply that this autosomal testing has anything to do with mtDNA. It is just there for various extrinsic reference.
The above chart illustrates the process of extending ones maternal ancestry knowledge through the use of mtDNA HVR1 analysis alone. Our mtDNA subject #3 does not list the earlier generations of this chart in their matriarch designation, as they were unaware of the connection upwards from what was, to them, their brick wall matriarch. Upon matching mtDNA HVR1, they were added to the match lists of the existing subjects of this chart. Once communication between them commenced, it was made clear to subject #3 that their maternal lineage could be extended by generations - a connection that would not have been made had they not been informed of such by their DNA match, and which (communication) was made solely on the basis of an HVR1 match alone.
Last Update: 25 August 2013