Gregg Bonner's RUTLEDGE Family
Gregg Bonner's RUTLEDGE Family


First, let me say that I am not 100% sure that I descend from any person(s) with the surname RUTLEDGE. I am about 100% sure that I descend from a Harriet (or Harriett) whose sister was Elizabeth RUTLEDGE. Whether Elizabeth was a RUTLEDGE by birth or marriage is unknown to me. However, I have found no evidence that she was married. Moreover, it would seem from her will (see below) that she remained unmarried, as evidenced by the fact that the only other persons named in her will were her sister (Harriet) and her nephew (Thomas G. Lemaster).
Chambers County, Alabama
Will Record Book 3
Pages 405-406

[Book 3, Page 405]

Elizabeth Rutledge - WILL

State of Alabama}
Chambers County}
Know all men by these presents that I, Elizabeth Rutledge of Chambers County Alabama being in bad health but of sound and disposing mind and memory do make and publish this my last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills by me at any time heretofore made.

First My will is that after my death the land I am now living on being one hundred and twenty seven acres in Chambers Co Ala, I give and bequeath it to my sister Harriet Lemaster to belong to her during her lifetime and after her death my will is that it shall belong to her son Thomas G. Lemaster and also all my household furniture and other effects that I may have at the time of my death, I will and bequeath it the same as the above land. In witness of which I hereunto set my hand and seal this the 20 day of January 1870.
Elizabeth Rutledge (symbol)

J. Eichelberger}
Mari Ann Jones}


State of Alabama}
Chambers County}
Probate Court of said Co. In the matter of the estate last will and testament of Elizabeth Rutledge, deceased:
Before me, John Appleby Judge of the said Court personally appeared in open Court Mariah A. Jones, who having been by me first duly sworn and examined, did & does depose & say, on oath that she is a subscribing witness to the instrument of writing now shown to her, and which purports to be the last will and testament of Elizabeth Rutledge, deceased, late an inhabitant of this County; that said Rutledge, since deceased, signed and executed said instrument on the day the same bears date, and declared the same to be her last will and testament and that affiant set her signature thereto on the day the same bears date as a subscribing witness to the same, in the presence of said testator and of the [Continuing - Will Book 3, Page 406] other subscribing witness; and that such other witness subscribed his name as a witness in her presence and of the said testator: That said testator was of sound mind, and disposing memory; and in the opinion of deponents, fully cappable [sic] of making her will, at the time the same was so made, as aforesaid Affiant further states that said testator was on the day of the said date of said will, of the full age of twenty-one years & upwards
Sworn to & subscribed before me this 25 aug 1873} Maria A. Jones
Jno Appleby}
Judge of Probate}

State of Alabama, Chambers County.
I, John Appleby, Judge of Probate, in and for said County and State; do hereby certify that the within instrument of writing, has this day, in said Court, and before me, as the Judge thereof, been duly proven by the proper testimony, to be the genuine last will and testament of Elizabeth Rutledge, deceased; and that said will together with said proof thereof, have been recorded in my office, in Book 3 of Wills pages 405- & 406.
Given under my hand 25 day of Aug 1873.
Jno Appleby,

Census Information

1850 Census, Chambers County, AL, District 19 (south half), Page 393B, HH#146/146:
Rutledge, Elisabeth 42 F 300 GA
* Rutledge, Harriett 35 F GA
Rutledge, William 20 M Farmer GA
Rutledge, Thomas 18 M Farmer GA
Rutledge, Caroline 12 F GA
[Note: Although these are listed as Rutledge, I believe only Elisabeth is a Rutledge. The others I believe are LEMASTERs (compare to the later census records (below)).]
1860 Census, Chambers County, AL, Northern Division, handwritten page 152, Page 866, HH#1658/1637:
Rutledge, Elizabeth 50 F farmer 800 2000 GA
* Lamaster, Harriet 48 F GA
Lamaster, Thomas 24 M farm laborer 800 500 GA
Lamaster, Caroline 19 F GA
Lamaster, Sarah 59 F B SC (cannot read and write)
Lamaster, Fannie 30 F B SC (cannot read and write)
Lamaster, Dick 12 M B AL
Lamaster, Charles 9 M B AL
Lamaster, George 2 M B AL
Lamaster, Frank 6/12 M B AL
[Note: Those Lamasters labelled "black" each have a designation showing "Thos Lamaster gdn"]

1870 Census, Chambers County, Alabama, Beat 1, handwritten page 32, Page 16B, HH#215/215:
Rutland, E. 70 F W farmer 400 - GA
Lemaster, T. G. 37 M W farmer - 330 GA
Lemaster, C. J. 26 F W keeping house GA
* Jones, M. A. 32 F W at home GA
* Jones, H. B. 12 M W at home AL (cannot read and write)
Jones, H. A. 9 F W AL (cannot read and write)
Lemaster, V. C. 29 F W at home GA
[Note: Although the name of head-of-household is given as "Rutland", from the other documents it seems clear that it should be "Rutledge"]

1880 Census, Chambers County, AL, Beat 1, ED#16, handwritten page 24, Page 12 (B{D}), HH#5:
Lemaster, Thos W M 48 [head] M farming GA SC GA
Lemaster, Clarisy W F 30 wife M keeping house AL - -
* Lemaster, Harriet W F 70 mother Wd no ocupation [sic] GA SC GA
Lemaster, Virginie W F 45 sister S no ocupation [sic] GA SC GA
* Jones, Marian W F 40 sister Wd no ocupation [sic] AL SC GA
Jones, Harriet W F 18 sister S no ocupation [sic] AL SC GA
* Jones, Hardy W M 23 nep[h]ew S work farm AL - -
[Note: Harriet Jones must be the sister of Hardy, and not the sister of Thomas Lemaster]
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