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Glen and Susan got Married


July 28, 2007

It was an intimate, civil ceremony at Toronto City Hall...
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Getting ready at home. Susan appears a little shell-shocked, but it was probably the strain of having worked so hard to make everything perfect. The weather cooperated perfectly.

Susan Bodie and Debbie Lilholt arrived and we all  hopped in a taxi. We arrived at City Hall right on time and checked-in. Then we waited, and waited....

Glen thought he might run.

Everyone looked gorgeous!


Let's see, is there any other way we can arrange 4 people in groups with one of them holding the camera?

And then suddenly it was done.



Did no one take a picture during the actual ceremony?




Everyone had to sign the register of course.

Gordon Brown was the Officiate for our ceremony.


After going through the official words he had some special passages that he selected as he went along and as he got to know us a little.


He wouldn't give us the official Record of Marriage until we'd heard the whole thing.


Fortunately, we liked his choices!

Then we were free to celebrate - and what better way to start than on a stage that was set up in front of City Hall for the Jazz Festival.



We were up there clowning around and some tourists walk by and saw us. They had no idea who we were, but just in case we might be famous, they started taking pictures too.

In front of City Hall, in Nathan Phillips Square, there is also a pond and fountain. The benches in front of the pond were a perfect spot for a few more pictures - almost looked tropical.
The 4 of us went for lunch at Prego Della Piazza to raise a glass together and enjoy the day.

Susan had arranged the flowers through The New Leaf florist.

They did a great job with Susan's bouquet, corsages for the ladies and Glen's buttoniere, all made out of Calla Lilies and a little Scotch heather.

While we were still looking good we grabbed a bottle of champagne and went over to Tracy Clare Photography. Tracy was a colleague of Susan's who took these great photos for us.
(Photos locked in a safe place)  That evening we checked in to the King Edward Hotel in downtown Toronto, a real landmark and a place Susan had always wanted to stay. It was just for one night, but ... what a night!

Glen C Bodie, 2007