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Queries since ... 1 Jul 1999

If you want to see the archives of earlier queries, please go to the Query Archives page.  To respond to queries you can always email the writer - but if you do, please also send your reply to us.

  • Received: 7/5/99
    Contact: Andy Thornicroft
    Query: I was born in Macclesfield, Cheshire, UK where my parents and uncle and aunt
    still are. Grandparents: Hamo Thornicroft and Mildred (Brown, I think) Thornicroft.  Parents: Peter Thornicroft and Sheila (Wardle) Thornicroft.  Uncle+Aunt:  Hamo Thornicroft and Margaret (Griffiths) Thornicroft
  • Received: 7/5/99
    Contact: Tim Sandberg
    Query: I have a little info on Sir John
    Isaac Thornycroft at but I'd be interested in filling in the blanks
  • Received: 7/18/99
    Contact: Tom Thorndycraft
    Query: My Grandfather, Alfred Henry Thorndycraft was born in London at the turn of
    the century. He traveled to Canada sometime before 1931 as my father, Murray Thorndycraft, was born in 1931 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  • Received: 7/18/99
    Contact: Matthew J Thornicroft
    Query: Really nice to finally see some information about my families history. I live in Dunedin New Zealand.
  • Received: 8/14/99
    Contact: Patrick J Sutton
    My surname is Sutton, but my great-great grandfather's name was Peter Thornicroft. He was born in 1853 and died in 1913. He had two brothers, Richard and William. I've looked at all the information, but can't find them anywhere. Unfortunately, no-one in the family can remember past Peter. But, it can't be a coincidence that his son was called Hamo and then his son again was called Hamo, and one of the first Thornicrofts (de Thornicroftes) was called Hamo. We also live in Gawsworth, a village in Cheshire where some of the work of the late Sir Hamo Thornicroft is displayed. I have more information on other Thornicrofts in the family if it would be of any use.
  • Received: 8/28/99
    Contact: Vicki Bratton
    Query:  Rosey Thorneycroft daughter of Joseph and Elisabeth Thorneycroft of Boughton Monchelsea is my GG-grandmother. I would like to find out more and make sure the information I have is also accurate.
  • Received: 9/1/99
    Contact: Glen Thorncroft
    Query:  My great-ggrandfather was Henry Thorncroft, born around 1843 to (we believe) Sarah Thorncroft (her maiden name-- no father listed), in Kent. He left for America at 14 (by himself) and became a butcher in Chicago. That's about all we know about him. 

    Have you ever heard of a branch of the Thorn*cr*ft family around Kent? There is Thorncroft Manor and surrounding area, now home to Thorncroft Vineyard. Perhaps our branch just took the name from the location. Have you heard of any Thorncrofts in America? Any Thorncrofts at all? I know of Thorncrofts who reside in London, who are descendants of the Thornycroft Hall branch. But I know of no connection with the American Thorncrofts. 

    By the way, the earliest record of the name Thorncroft (that I'm aware of) is of Thorncroft Manor, which was listed in the Doomsday Books in 1066. However, as far as I could determine, nobody named Thorncroft was ever associated with the manor. I have a feeling that our family's name was taken from this place. 
  • Received: 9/3/99
    Contact: Cindy Thorneycroft
    Query:  I would be interested in joining in this Thorneycroft quest. I am a descendent of Peter Thorneycroft (Wolverhampton, England). Would love to be involved.
  • Received: 9/10/99
    Contact: Julie Goucher
    Query:  I have just started researching this side line. My great aunt Gladys BUTCHER married Frank Albert THORNEYCROFT in Guildford Surrey in 1924. Frank was in the Army and at one time was posted to Singapore and later a policeman in Essex. They had three children Frank Albert Charles born 1924 died 1999 (Emigrated to Australia 1946), Joyce and Kenneth. This branch of Thorneycrofts originally from Northamptonshire, according to Gladys sister. Have only started researching this particular branch in the last few months. Does anyone connect?
  • Received: 9/17/99
    Contact: Penny Joy Thorneycroft
    Query: Great page would love to find out more about crest and motto of Thorneycroft, and about their connections with Birmingham, England. Also any information on Sir Peter John Thorneycroft a former MP, as well as a Thorneycroft who was the lord Mayor of Wolverhampton.
  • Received: 9/19/99
    Contact: Roy Thorneycroft
    Query:  Just logged on to our web site. What a pleasant surprise! I am retired & decided to look into the family tree. I have not yet collected much info. but what I have I am willing to share.
  • Received: 9/20/99
    Contact: Cedric Godfrey
    Query:  Very grateful for any info on John Thorneycroft born in England [Midlands] on 19 May 1843 d. 22 Feb 1927 in Chesterfield. He worked in the steel industry.
  • Received: 9/22/99
    Contact: Malcolm David Woods
    Query:  I am looking for information on a William Thornicroft who came from Rode, Cheshire, and moved to Newton, Manchester, Lancashire. He was my paternal Great Great Great Grandfather. The earliest reference I have found to him was in the 1851 census of Newton, Manchester, Lancashire.
  • Received: 9/23/99
    Contact: Phillip Thorneycroft
    Query: Descendant of John Thorneycroft and Mary-Ann Peasnall who migrated to Australia in 1853. Would like any info?
  • Received: 9/27/99
    Contact: Nancy Koldyk
    Query: Looks great Glen. My dad was Chester Evan Thornicroft, grandson of Edward Vincent Thornicroft. 
  • Received: 10/2/99
    Contact: Geoff Thorncroft
    Query: Hi there just looking around trying to find out a bit on my famley name. I only know my grandfathers name and that was William Ronald Sydney Thorncroft 
  • Received: 10/18/99
    Contact: Lynn Thorneycroft
    Query: Please keep me updated on any new findings within the Thorneycroft family. I also have a bit of information to share with possible family members. 
  • Received: 10/22/99
    Contact: Roy Thorneycroft
    Query: Now retired. Decided to research my roots. What an excellent place to start. 
  • Received: 10/22/99
    Contact: Beverley Scott
    Query: Have family tree comp. by Stephen Tucker, Somerset Herald. Hamo de Thornicroft to Ed Charles Thorneycroft married Martha Bradley of Bagnall. Daughter Betsy b1821 married Samuel Frost, arrived NZ 1863.
  • Received: 10/23/99
    Contact: Chuck Thorneycroft
    Query: Hi again! Just wanted to thank Peter for his research in UK - connecting my line from William to his line from Edward. Nice to have more kinfolk and a much longer tree!
  • Received: 11/2/99
    Contact: Marilyn Thorneycroft-Shoemaker
    Query:  My grandfather was born in Workington (Andrew Ernest Thorneycroft) and he married Lucy Marie Carey. They migrated to Victoria B.C. Canada and then settled in Nanaimo. Later moved to the U.S. and raised their children in Bellingham, Washington. My father was Norman Henry Thorneycroft and I was born and raised in Seattle, Washington where I still reside with my husband and two children.
  • Received: 11/15/99
    Contact: Hugh Thornycroft Field
    Query:  An interesting site! Wait till I tell my mother! I did not know that the earliest known Thornycroft was a Hamo, the name my nephew now carries. There is a family tree of Hamo Thornycroft, the sculptor (my great-grandfather), in the handsome book "Marble and Bronze" by Elfrida Thornycroft, published in the 1980's. Hamo (actually William Hamo) had four children, Oliver, Joan, Rosalind, and Elfrida. Joan died last in 1989, aged 100. Oliver married Dorothy Rose and had five children, Kate, Christopher, Priscilla, Olivia, and Francis.
  • Received: 11/22/99
    Contact: Sterling Williver
    Query:  My Grandmother was Phoebe. She was born approx 1890, married Richard Thorneycroft who was born approx 1880. Left Richard and lived with my grandfather, Daton Sterling Williver and had my father in 1914. She left Daton and returned to Canada. I have a picture of her taken in Moose Jaw. And would like to know more about her. If you come across her in your research, please let me know.
  • Received: 12/13/99
    Contact: Jane Allen
    Query:  I wonder if you can help. I have two oil paintings, one of John Francis and one of his wife, an inscription on the back says it was copied by Alyce Thornycroft - do you know anything about her?
  • Received: 12/18/99
    Contact: Coleen Mielke
    Query:  My Thorneycroft info is not much. My 4th great grandfather's brother, Stephen Furniss c.7 Aug 1757 Cold Higham, Northamptonshire married Mary Thorneycroft b. 19 Jan 1755 Cold Higham, Northamptonshire. They were married 14 Apr 1777 in Weedon Beck, Northamptonshire. Mary was the illeg. daughter of Mary Thorneycroft c.27 Mar 1727 Cold Higham, Northamptonshire and the granddaughter of Joseph Thorneycroft and Elizabeth Archbold.  I have more info on Joseph Thornecroft and Elizabeth Archbold and family, and Stephen Furniss and Mary Thorneycroft and family

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