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Here are some Information Resources developed expressly for this web site and of particular use to Thorn*cr*ft researchers anywhere.  Feel free to make use of these to your best advantage.  Contact us if you have other resources you'd like to make available to everyone through this page.

Thornycroft of Cheshire

This book is an unpublished work by Douglas Bulgin (1907-1997) printed in 1989.  His mother was a Thornicroft and he did an enormous mount of work in tracking the Thornicroft family history.  I obtained a copy of the book from the Cheshire Family History Society in Alderley Edge, and obtained permission from Douglas' daughter to put the book into PDF form on this web site for your use.  Since 1989 there have been some corrections found for this document (and I hope to get them on the web site one day soon), but this one book is still a wonderful resource for Thornicroft researchers. Please note that the copyright on this material remains with the Bulgin family.

There are 9 PDF files to make up the whole document, split up so that none of them are too painful to download.  The total for the 9 files is just over 11 Mb.  Feel free to use them to further your own research into your Thornicroft family.

(On a more personal note - if you find your family in this book, that means we're cousins!  You can download a GEDCOM and RTF file of everything that is in parts 6, 7, 8 and 9 down to current-day people on a couple of lines, including my own.)

To view the PDF files on-line you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader (download it here: Get Acrobat Reader).  If you want to put a copy on your computer and/or print it, then right-click on the link and select "Save Target As...".

Table of Contents from the book Page PDF file
Introduction 1 Part 1
1583 kb
Chart of Location of Families 2
Derivation and Distribution of Name 3
Locations in Cheshire (Map 1777) 5
Siddington Township History
JP Earwalker 1890 Photstats
Siddington Family 13th c to 1831
Genealogy Tables 1 to 6
12 Part 2
629 kb
Branch to London and Milcombe Oxon
Genealogy Table 7 (1616-1743)
Branch to London (1614-1720)
Genealogy Table 8
Transfer name "Thornicroft" to Rev Mytton
Genealogy Tables 9, 10  (1831-1970)
Notes on Genealogy and History 22 Part 3
2340 kb
Notes on Property Interests 32
Grants of Arms to Thornycroft of
Siddington et al
41 Part 4
989 kb
Thornicroft at Macclesfield to 1799
Genealogy Tables 11 to 16
50 Part 5
1615 kb
Historic Notes 56
Thornicroft of North Rode (1560) 67 Part 6
1084 kb
and to Congleton (family) 69
Genealogy Tables 17 to 21 67
Historic Notes 72
Thornicroft of North Rode to Eaton
Genealogy Table 22 (1639-1793)
78 Part 7
945 kb
Thornicroft of North Rode to Macclesfield
Genealogy Table 23 (to 1838)
Historic Notes 80
Thornicroft from Eaton to Astbury and Gawsworth
Genealogy Tables 24 to 28  (1693-1961)
Genealogy Table 30   (1824-1976) 89
Thornicroft from Gawsworth to London
Genealogy Table 29 (John and Hamo Thornicroft)
Thornicroft from Gawsworth to North Rode
Genealogy Table 31   (1806-1870)
Historic Notes   (1708-1944) 91 Part 8
1600 kb
Thornicroft Graves and Memorials at Gawsworth 102
Thornicrofts at Astbury (and Coventry and Burton
on Trent) 1745 to 1850, Genealogy Tables 32,33
105 Part 9
945 kb
Thornicroft at Harbourne, Birmingham
Genealogy Table 34   (1940-1975)
Historic Notes (Astbury etc) 108
Thornicroft at Little Moreton Hall, Odd Rode
Genealogy Table 35   (1739-1871)
Historic Notes 112

Database of IGI Information

This should not be considered a replacement for using the complete IGI database available at However, that database contains a lot of information and your ability to find things in it is limited by the search tool provided on their web site.  What I have done here is to download all of the IGI entries for the UK that contain "Thornicroft" (or something like that) and entered them all into a Microsoft Access 2000 database.

You can download the entire database (3376 kb) for your own use by right-clicking on this link to the MDB file and selecting "Save Target As...".  Please note that the MDB file will be of no use to you if you do not have Access 2000 or a program that can read its data files, or if you don't know much about how to use Access 2000.

But fear not!  You can also query the database via a web search tool.  In that event, you will be accessing a different computer on the Internet that contains the database, but that computer is not too powerful and may not always be running.  If you fail to connect, just try again at some later time.

>>>>> Update, September 2002: web search not available at the moment.

Gawsworth Registers

Betty and Edgar Thomas of Berkshire have done a lot of work on the Thornicroft families, especially in and around Cheshire.  They have made available to us their transcription of the entries in the Gawsworth Parish Registers which is reproduced here.  Thanks!



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