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There are a number of web sites around the Internet that may be useful to Thornicroft researchers.   In addition, the Researchers page will have web sites for some of the people working on the Thornicroft name.  You might also want to look at our Info page.

The list below may give you a good start.   If you have any suggestions to make for additions to this list, please contact us.

Useful Web Sites


United Kingdom

Cheshire, UK

Not specifically about Genealogy, but....

  • Thornicroft's Giraffe

  • Thorneycroft Cottage in Wiltshire

  • Some streets in the world:

    • Thornicroft Rd., Waitati, Otago, New Zealand

    • Thornicroft Way, Alta Sierra Estates, County of Nevada, State of California

    • Thornycroft Street, Christchurch, New Zealand

    • Thornycroft Court, Kew Road, Kew, Surrey

    • Thornycroft Ave., Staten Island, NY

  • Thornicroft, G. 'Cannabis and psychosis: Is there epidemiological evidence for association?' British Journal of Psychiatry 157, 25-33, (1990)

  • Website design by Thornycroft Productions in the UK.

  • Meaning of the Thornycroft name.

  • Thornycroft Hospital in Glendale, California.

  • Athletes:

    • Champions of the Hampshire League (I presume this is English Football) in 1968-69: Thornycroft Athletic.

    • In 1908, Tom Thornycroft (22 Nov 1881 - 6 Jun 1955) won 2 gold medals in Motor Boating at the Olympics.

    • Thornycroft's Bowling Club, Russell Howard Park, Basingstoke, UK.

  • "The Story Of The Doones In Fact, Fiction And Photo" by Thornycroft, L. B.

  • Thornycroft Festival of Transport was held on Sunday May 10th 1998 in Basingstoke War Memorial Park.

  • Sir John Isaac Thornycroft, 1843-1928.

  • The band Killing Floor formed in South London in late 1968 when guitarist Michael Clarke, vocalist Bill Thornycroft, bassist Stewart McDonald and drummer Bas Smith recruited keyboardist Lou Martin and began a bout of intensive rehearsals.   Bill Thornycroft retired from music and became a social worker in Brixton.


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