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Photographs of Thornicrofts

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Photographs of Thornicrofts

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Here are some photographs of various Thornicroft people and places over the years.  You might recognize some common family characteristics!  Click on the thumbnail image to get the full-screen version. If possible, a link is included (tree.gif (236 bytes)) to bring you to the correct family tree for the person(s).

Looking for Photos

If you have family photos that you'd like to share with others in this way, please contact us.

EV_and_Rachel_Thumb.jpg (13202 bytes) Edward Vincent Thornicroft and wife Ellen Rachel Williamson, probably taken in 1935-40, probably where they lived in SW Ontario (Brooke Township or Warwick somewhere?). tree.gif (236 bytes)
austin_t_thumb.jpg (4020 bytes) Charles Austin Bagnell Thorneycroft. tree.gif (236 bytes)
charles_william_thumb.jpg (2670 bytes) Charles William Thorneycroft in approximately1900 (age about 20). tree.gif (236 bytes)
coosie_and_vince_thumb.jpg (4877 bytes) Coosie and Vince (Jacoba Adriana Gijsberta Hoogstraten and William Howard Vincent Thorneycroft).  This is their wedding picture taken in Hilversum, Holland in 1946.  tree.gif (236 bytes)
jane_bagnell_thumb.jpg (3890 bytes) Jane Maria (Bagnell) Thorneycroft probably taken about 1930. tree.gif (236 bytes)
norman_and_max_thumb.jpg (5547 bytes) Norman Bagnell Thorneycroft (half brother to Charles William) and his step brother Max Harris, taken just prior to being sent to the front.  Max died at Vimy Ridge and Norman at Passchendale. tree.gif (236 bytes)
capt_j_m_t_thumb.jpg (2301 bytes) The grave marker of Captain John Mytton Thornycroft, but they spelled the name incorrectly. He was buried where he fell in battle, and then his body was exhumed and he was laid to rest at a war cemetery at Leopodsville, not far from Brussels.tree.gif (236 bytes)
gran_kerr_mytton_dad_thumb.jpg (2064 bytes) Approx 1934, taken at the family home at Wyecliff House, Breinton, Hertfordshire . On the right - John Mytton Thornycroft, the baby on the pony is John Grey Mytton Thornycroft , on the left of the pony is  Dorothy (Grey) Thornycrofttree.gif (236 bytes)
great_grandad_thumb.jpg (2090 bytes) John Mytton Thornycroft, taken in London in 1944 shortly before leaving to go to Belgium, where he was killed on 12 Sept 1944, while leading his men into battle in attacking a machine gun emplacement.tree.gif (236 bytes)
great_uncle_guy_thumb.jpg (2256 bytes) Guy Mytton Thornycroft , taken about 1950 at Wyecliff House. The baby he is holding is probably one of his two sons, either Mark or David . Guy is the son of Vida and Charles and brother to Nigel.tree.gif (236 bytes)
vida_maud_and_robin_thumb.jpg (2138 bytes) Vida Maud, the wife of Charles Mytton Thornycroft, and the child is Robin Thornycroft (son of Nigel Mytton Thornycroft and Corona Elizabeth Gurney, age approx 4), taken at the family home of Wyecliff House, approx 1942.tree.gif (236 bytes)
Thornicroft Hall in Siddington, Cheshire (taken in 1999 by Peter P. Thornycroft). Thornycroft Hall was formerly known as Henshaw Hall, it passed into the Thornycroft family on 21 Oct 1712 when Eleanor Henshaw of Henshaw married John Thornycroft of Thornycroft. Eleanor was the daughter and sole heir of John Henshaw of Henshaw who was a descendant of Thomas Henshaw of Henshaw, described in the college of arms report in 1663.  Go here for Henshaw information.
Charles Mytton Thornycroft, Lt-Col, D.S.O., C.B.E. with his sons: Nigel Mytton, John Mytton, Charles Mytton, and Guy Mytton Thornycroft.tree.gif (236 bytes)
Thornycroft boys playing for the county cricket team from the left: Nigel Mytton, John Mytton, Charles Mytton, and Guy Mytton Thornycroft.tree.gif (236 bytes)
All Saints Parish Church Siddington: dates back to 1337 & 1474, consecrated for preaching in 1521, and licensed for marriages etc in 1721. It was built of timber frame work with wattle and daub filling, it was strengthened in 1815 by local red bricks as the Nave walls began to bulge. The peculiar bell turret (probably replaced a small steeple) houses the single tenor bell. Cast in 1588, it was to be rung to warn parishoners of impending Spanish invasion. Instead it celebrated the defeat of the Armada. Adjoining the south path are the First World War graves of two Canadian Airmen whose plane crashed into the flagpole at Thornycroft Hall where two oaks were planted in their memory. One still stands to this day.
St James The Great Gawsworth: Dates back to 1430 & 1480 when the walls of the nave were built of sandstone. The Thornycroft Tomb is situated here beside the Fitton Family monument. The Fitton Family were from Gawsworth Hall and are linked to Queen Elizabeth 1 and Shakespeare. Mary Fitton being Maid of Honour to the Queen and allegedly the dark lady of Shakespeare's sonnets. Many Thornycrofts with a variety of spellings are buried in the grounds of the church, many dating back to the 17th and 18th century.
Norman H and E LaVerne (Harvie) Thorneycroft, their wedding picture February 1941.
Ron and Marilyn (Thorneycroft) Shoemaker taken Nov 1999, married Nov 1967. Marilyn daughter of Norman Thorneycroft.
Andrew, Norman and Thurley around the mid 20's. Their parents were Andrew and Lucy Thorneycroft. The picture was taken in Bellingham Washington.
A picture of Andrew E Thorneycroft and his wife Lucy Marie (Carey) at their 50th wedding anniversary in Bellingham, Washington sometime in the 1960's.
A family photo minus the youngest child Donald E. The picture is of Andrew E, Lucy, Andrew, Norman, Thurley and Joan Marie Thorneycroft taken in Nanaimo, BC on Vancouver Island.
Jane Thornicroft nee Shepley (1824 - 1895), wife of Edward Thornicroft, lived in Newton (Manchester), England.
Matthew Thorneycroft (1867, in Newton (Manchester) Eng.- 1958 DuPage County Illinois USA), youngest child of Edward & Jane Thornicroft (above), emigrated to US c. 1884, married Carrie Sweeney 1894 in Chicago Illinois USA.
Matthew Roland Thorneycroft (1895 Chicago Illinois USA - 1981 Elmhurst Illinois USA), sergeant in US Army, WWI, Belgium & France, cited for bravery, married Ruth Swanson 1920 Elmhurst Illinois USA, son of Matthew & Carrie Thorneycroft (above).
Matthew Richard ("Dick") Thorneycroft (1921 Elmhurst Illinois USA - 1998 Cottonwood Arizona USA), lieutenant in US Army Air Corps, WWII, air gunnery instructor, married Katheryne ("Kay") Franklin 1944 Phoenix Arizona USA.
Clive Herbert Thorneycroft, a relation of Phil Thorneycroft, picture found at the Australian War Memorial web site.
Here is a picture of George Benjamin T. - the first Mayor of Wolverhampton. The painting itself resides in the new town hall [Mayoral suite] at Wolverhampton. Just below the painting is a handsome chair used by 19th C. Mayors from 1848. It is covered with ornate carvings and new red leather.
Grace Thorneycroft Jepson (married Ben Jepson).
Grace Thorneycroft Jepson (married Ben Jepson).
Matthew, Marian, Grace and Carrie Thorneycroft.
Ruth Thorneycroft
Jane Elizabeth Thorneycroft Johnson, daughter of Edward and Jane Shepley Thorneycroft.
John Thorneycroft, son of Edward and Jane Shepley Thorneycroft of Newton Heath.
Ellen Thorneycroft Sandy, daughter of Edward and Jane Shepley Thorneycroft. She married James Sandy in Manchester.
William Thorneycroft. He was born in about 1863 in Newton Heath, and was the son of Edward and Jane Shepley Thorneycroft.
Amelia Thorneycroft Moses (born 1865), her husband Frank Moses, unknown, and Matthew Thorneycroft (born in 1867). The Thorneycroft siblings were the children of Edward and Jane Shepley Thorneycroft of Newton Heath.
George Thorneycroft, works manager at Lysachts Steel Works, Newport, Monmouthshire meets the Queen and Princess Elizabeth in 1943.
Margaret Sophia Booth (1833-1890) of Staffordshire, daughter of William Ward Booth and Catherine Thornicroft.  She married William Davis.
Joseph Thornicroft (1854, Cheshire - 1941, Canada) and his wife Alice Sherk (1862-1938)
Headstone for Joseph Thornicroft (1854-1941), his wife Alice Sherk (1860-1938), Hilton E Lee (189-1973), his wife Minnie H Thornicroft (1894-1953).
The gravestone of John Francis Thorneycroft, died age 24, 22nd May 1918 in  Doullens, France. Son of Mr H Thorneycroft (b Dodford) & Mrs E Thorneycroft (Chesterfield).
St Mary The Virgin, Parish of Dodford. It was founded by the Norman's in 1066, rebuilt by Ralph de Keynes in 110, and the tower and north chapel were added by William de Keynes in 1221.

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