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The following people are researching the   Thorn*cr*ft   name and may be contacted for further information:

Name Information
Bodie, Glen C. Home: Toronto, Ontario
Family Line: Cheshire ~1500 to today
Other: Web Site and ICQ # 7544260
Bratton, Vicki Home: Las Vegas, Nevada
Family Line: Joseph and Elisabeth Thorneycroft of Boughton Monchelsea
Bullock, Ernest Home:
Family Line: 
Dupuis, Sue Home:
Family Line: 
Godfrey, Cedric Home: Nottingham, UK
Family Line: Descendants of George Benjamin T. b 20 Aug 1791 in Tipton, families in Wolverhampton and Chesterfield
Goucher, Julie Home: 
Family Line: Northamptonshire
Koldyk, Nancy Home: SW Ontario
Family Line: 
Sharpe, Brenda Home: Ottawa, Ontario
Family Line: William in 1820, Northampton
Sutton, Patrick J Home: Gawsworth, UK
Family Line: 
Thorneycroft, Chuck Home: South Carolina
Family Line:  William in 1820, Northampton
Thorneycroft, Cindy Home: London, UK
Family Line: Peter of Wolverhampton 
Thorneycroft, Peter P. Home: Australia
Family Line:
Thorneycroft, Phillip Home: Australia
Family Line: 
Thorneycroft-Shoemaker, Marilyn Home: Seattle, Washington
Family Line: Thorneycroft, Andrew E. Born 1/14/1885 England, died April 1964 Bellingham, Washington
Thornicroft, Barry Home: Warwickshire, England
Family Line:
Thornicroft, Robert & Matthew Home: Ohio
Family Line:  Cheshire to Canada Canada 1863 to today
Thornicroft, Ralph Home: California
Family Line:  Cheshire ~1500 to today
Thornycroft, Mark Mytton Home: Glasgow, Scotland
Family Line: Mytton - Thornycroft, 
Woods, Malcolm David Home: Australia
Family Line: 

If you would like to have your name added to the list, please contact us.