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The following entries are all Thornicrofts of some sort, but at the moment we don't know what family line they fit in to. As a result, they are strays, looking for a home. Are they part of your line?

  • On the 3rd class passenger list for the "Titanic":
    • Thorneycroft, Mr Percival
    • Thorneycroft, Mrs Florence Kate White (survived)
  • In the Canadian Book of Remembrance (WW1 and WW2):  
  • THORNEYCROFT graves in Brimington Derbyshire Cemetary provided by Julie Goucher:
    • In Loving memory of Our dear father and mother Henry Thorneycroft died July 21st 1932 aged 71 years. Also Harriett Eliza died Feb 27th 1943 aged 78. Reunited.
    • In Loving Memory of our dear parents, Richard Thomas Thorneycroft who died Sep 22nd 1950 aged 71 years and Henrietta Thorneycroft who died Feb 18th 1980 aged 94 years. Re United.
    • In loving memory of a devoted wife and mother Peggie M. Thorneycroft died Jan 7th 1973 aged 44 years. Also a devoted husband and father James Albert Thorneycroft died Nov 18th 1991 aged 73. Re united.
    • In Memory of James Percy Thorneycroft died Jan 11th 1963 aged 64 years. At rest.
  • The Southam Diary 1793-1801, author William Bass. It originally came from Southam and the other half of the diary (1801-1807?) is in the Warwick Records Office, in Warwickshire. (transcribed by Robert DeLoyde):
    • 24 Apr 1795 - died Mary wife of Samuel Thornicroft
    • 13 Jan 1796 - Samuel Robbert's married Ann Thornicroft
    • 14 Apr 1798 - died Samuel Thornicroft
    • 5 Jul 1800 - came to Southam 67 men of the 64th reg of foot on their march for Wilson? corp? Thos Thornicroft serjant
    • 12 Jul 1800 - this day the body of the above serjant Thornicroft wife was bought from Mrs? Turvills house on Bascott Hill through Southam to be buried at Ladbrook
  • Found in St Martin's, Birmingham: 
    • 02.06.1803 William Thornecroft married Elizabeth Jacksons
  • From Victorian Immigration Indexes (Australia) - Unassisted Inward Passengers from British Ports 1852-1869:
    Surname Given Names Age Month Year Ship Code Fiche Page
    Thornicroft George Adult June 1854 Brevet B 069 004
    Thornicroft Edward Adult Jan. 1855 Macclesfield B 085 001
    Thornicroft Mary Adult Jan. 1855 Macclesfield B 085 001
    Thornicroft Elizabeth Child Jan. 1855 Macclesfield B 085 001
    Thorneycroft George Adult Dec. 1861 Commodore Perry B 196 008
  • From the Canadian Genealogical Index 1600s-1900s (Source: Henderson's Swift Current Alphabetical Directory for 1913: Page 195. Province: Saskatchewan):
    Surname Given Names Place Event Comments
    Thorneycroft Frank Swift Current Living  
    Thorneycroft James Swift Current Living CPR Clerk
    Thorneycroft John Swift Current Living Blacksmith
    Thorneycroft Nelson G. Swift Current Living Blacksmith
    Thorneycroft Percy J. Swift Current Living Blacksmith
  • From the Manchester & Salford Directory 1800
    • Thornecroft, Matthew, bread-baker, Back Bridge Street
  • From the parish registers of Overstone, Northamptonshire
    •  The family of: Albert George & Eve Blanch Thorneycroft (Albert was a milkman)
      Hazel Veronica -  Bapt. 4/12/1927
      Eric Charles  - Bapt. 24/01/1932
      Peter John Anthony - all Bapt. 28/05/1939 (Triplets)
      David George - ditto
      Leonard Barry - ditto
    • The family of: Charles William & Elizabeth Jane Thorneycroft. (Charles was a leather dresser and came from Moulton, Northants.)
      Sheila Emily Violet - Bapt. 12/06/1927
      Arthur Frank - Bapt. 21/04/1929
      Desmond Richard - Bapt. 06/07/1930
  • NSW (Australia) Convict Records [Source: NSW Convict Indents. 158 665 397 4/4012]
    • Name: Thorneycraft, Jno
      Arrived: Marquis of Hastings(2) Sydney 31 July 1827
      Entries against name: C41/531 33/1076
      Age: 21 years
      Religion: Protestant
      Education: Nil
      Family: 2 children
      Native place: Northampton
      Trade: Farmers man
      Offence: Ho.breaking
      Where tried: Northampton Date: 3 July 1826 Sentence: 14 years
      Former convictions: ---
      Description: Height: 5ft/1in. Complexion: Ruddy, freckles. Hair: red to sandy.
      Eyes: brown. Right foot truncated.
      How Disposed of & Remarks: J.Tucker, jnr. H.River
      1828 Census records the above as aged 22, a government servant working as a labourer for John Tucker,jnr. of Pattersons Plains (T0703)
  • Found at
    • THORNYCROFT  /  Thomas M.  /   Labourer  /  Astbury, Chs.   /  Brixton Prison, Surrey
  • From Clifford M Dubery
    Martha Thornycroft (only assumptions and unknowns) is the wife of George Hunt and the mother of 5 children:
    1. George Hunt: b 1844,Staffordshire, England
    2. Eliza Hunt: b 1839, Staffordshire, England
    3. Ciscela Hunt: b ? Walsall, Staffordshire, England
    4. Arthur Henry Hunt: b 1850, Staffordshire, England
    5. Clara Hunt: b 1854, Walsall, Staffordshire, England
    All appeared to have married and died in Victoria, Australia. Conceivably these were all gathered from the rather excellent death records in Victoria.

  • From Margaret Hamilton
    Mary Anne THORNCROFT married Richard GARRETT
    on 25 Dec 1855 in Kapunda Congregational Church, South Australia
    And they had three children:
    1. Stephen GARRETT
    2. Ellen GARRETT
    3. Harriet GARRETT


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