Family reunion for the Dierksmeier clan in Brochterbeck, Germany  

                           Family reunion
Descendants of the 3 eldest sons of Gerhard Dierksmeier and Anna Maria Luenningmeier meet in August 2000 in the Brochterbeck, Germany area.


Top Left - Current Head of the Family - Josef Dierksmeier, Karl and Katie Chung at his farm in Horstmersch.  Top Right - Josef's home


(Left) Alfred Dierksmeier-Shroer his wife Elisabeth, Alfred Dierksmeier and the Chung clan at Alfred Dierksmeier-Shroer's farm (next door to Josef).
Middle - Katie Chung, Rheinhold Kitten, his wife Mathilde Dierksmeier Kitten, daughter Barbara Kitten of Ibbenburen
Right - Manfred Dierksmeier, Ginny, Giesela Dierksmeier Windoffer and her husband Josef.


Left - Kar, Ginny Marie Brunsing Dierksmeier, Alfred Dierksmeier and his mother-in-law in Ibbenburen
Middle - Ludgar Dierksmeier and his wife Adelheid with Katie  in Brochterbeck
Right - Brothers Josef Dierksmeier (l), wife Rita, Alfred Dierksmeier(r) in Muenster


Left - The Markfort clan - Josef Dierksmeier, sister Agnes Dierksmeier Markfort, Anne Markfort, brother Paul in front with the Chung family in Saerbeck
Center - Brochterbeck trade pole in the center of town.
Right - IVZ reporter Birgit Gruner at Josef's farm in Horstmersch with Ginny, Katie and Karl