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There is a good book which describes the Irish line NANGLE ....and then some by John J Nangle (c) 1997.
John J Nangle
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History of NAGLE surname in Cork Ireland

My great-great-grandparents came from Mallow, Cork Ireland (Patrick Donahoe and Mary Parker). Patrick's maternal grandparents were Thomas Healy and his wife was Ellen Nagle. Check out my full pedigree at Chung Family Tree. The Nagle line comes in my maternal line Donahoe -> Healy -> Nagle.

The Nagle surname was very famous in this region of Ireland. There is no proof that ancestor, Ellen Nagle Healy is a descendant of Nano Nagle, but a little background on this surname is warranted, given a high probability that there is a connection.

According to Extracts from the Life of Nano Nagle by William Hutch, ( another link) Nagle is one of the most ancient Anglo-Norman families in Ireland. Gilbert d'Angulo, knight to Strongbow, Earl of Pembroke, entered Ireland in 1172 with his two sons, Jocelyn and Hostilio (aka Costello). In 1174 Henry II granted the kingdom of Meath, to Sir Hugh de Lacy , for the service of fifty knights. De Lacy divided the ancient kingdom amongst his various chiefs. Gilbert de Angulo (or Nangle) received as a reward for his loyalties the territory of Marrigallen in the County of Meath. Jocelyn, the eldest son, became possession of Navan and the territories of Ardbraccan. The Nangles were afterwards barons of Navan.

The descendants of Gilbert altered the names from D'Angulo to Nangle, and the branch of the family which settled near Mallow further changed the name to Nagle. The surname "Costello" is derived from the second son of Gilbert De Angulo. Therefore individuals who are descendant from Costello went by "MacCostello" were in fac originally de Angulo's and distant cousins to the Nagles of Cork.

Jocelin de Angulo, first Baron of Navan, had 2 sons, the elder was the ancestor of Nangle, in Leinster and the Nagles in Munster (Mallow Cork). The second son surnamed "Peter Peppard" was the ancestor of Peppard. His grandson Ralph Peppard founded St. Mary's Abbey in Atherdee during the reign of King Edward the first.

The most distinguished member of the family in the seventeenth century was Sir Richard Nagle, who filled several high offices in the reign of James II. He was Speaker of the Irish House of Commons in 1689 and on the resignation of Lord Melfort was appointed Secretary of State to the King. Sir Richard was an ardent Catholic Royalist as well as a well-read lawyer. Sir Richard paid a heavy penalty for his loyalty, as he forfeited nearly 5000 acres in the barony of Fermoy and Duhallow, and Waterford. Sir Richard lived his remaining years out with James II in exile in France.

Sir Richard's brother, Pierce was High Sheriff of Cork in 1668, being the last Catholic who held that office until after the passing of the Act of Emancipation in 1829. Unlike his brother, Pierce used his office to curry favor with the Protestant gentlemen of the county. As a result with the Penal laws were enforced against the Catholics, Pierce had the unusual honor of being able to bear arms when it was denied to all other Catholics.

Based on the writing of J. Grove White the following are the imperfect family outlines of the Nagle clan starting with Gilbert de Angulo. Trinity College in Dublin, holds the lineage of the Cork Nagles for nine generations in the 15th and 16th centuries. Members of the family hold high official positions in Cork, Mallow, Dungarvan, Youghal and Charleville.

Descendants of Gilbert d'Angulo - Knight of Strongbow, Earl of Pembroke

    • Gilbert D'ANGULO
      • Jocelin D'ANGULO, First Baran Navan b: Bef 1196
        • Jordon D'ANGULO
          • Gilbert NANGLE
            • Richard NANGLE
              • James Nangle of MONEANYMNY b: Co. Cork, Ireland
                • Richard NANGLE
                  • John NANGLE

·         Richard NANGLE

o    John NANGLE

§  David Nangleof MONEANYMNY d: November 14, 1637

§  +Ellen ROCHE Father: William ROCHE

§  Richard NANGLE

§  +Ellen BARRY b: Rahaniskye, Ireland Father: Richard BARRY

§  John NANGLE

§  Richard NANGLE

§  James NANGLE

§  Edward NANGLE

§  James NANGLE

§  +Ellen LACY Father: John LACY

§  Gerald NANGLE

§  Morie NANGLE

§  Doire NANGLE

§  Isabella NANGLE

§  +John BARRY b: Lary, Cork, Ireland

§  Ellen NANGLE

§  +Sylvanus SPENSER Father: Edmund SPENSER

      • Peter PEPPARD
    • Costello D'ANGULO b: Bef 1196 d: 1210 in Caoluisge, Bailyshannon, Donegal, Ireland
      • Costelo Oge D'ANGULO
      • Meyler Fionn D'ANGULO

Descendants of Pierce Nagle of Cork, Ireland

    • Pierce NAGLE
    • +Eleanor BARRY Father: Richard BARRY
      • James NAGLE d: Aft 1676
      • +Honora NUGENT b: Aghanagh, Cork Ireland Father: Maurice NUGENT
        • Pierce NAGLE
        • +Mary Anne O'KEARNEY b: February 27, 1652/53 Clonrossan, Tipperary, Ireland d: January 21, 1678/79 m: October 3, 1675 Father: James O'KEARNEY
          • James NAGLE b: January 21, 1678/79 d: 1777
          • +Elisabeth GOLD Father: Stephen GOLD
            • Pierce NAGLE
          • *2nd Wife of James Nagle:
          • +Elizabeth RICE Father: James RICE
            • Richard Nagle of Mount NAGLE d: 1764
            • +Bridget MCMAHON k Father: Donogh MCMAHON
              • Thomas Nagle of Mount NAGLE d: 1827
              • +Mary GEOGEHEGAN d: Bef 1798
                • Richard NAGLE b: Jamestown, Co. Westmeath, Ireland
                • +Catherine FITZGERALD b: Co. Kildare, Ireland d: 1797 m: 1792 Father: Maurice FITZGERALD
                  • Frances Mary NAGLE b: 1794 d: 1826
                  • +Oliver Dowell John GRACE b: Mantua, Roscommon, Ireland m: 1819
                  • Mary Apollonia NAGLE b: 1795
                  • +Pierce NAGLE b: Cork, Ireland
                  • FitzGerald Geoghegan NAGLE b: 1797
                • Anne NAGLE
                • +Percy GETHIN b: Sligo,Bart, Ireland m: 1786
                • Hanora NAGLE
                • *2nd Wife of Thomas Nagle of Mount Nagle:
                • +Mary Bridget GEOGHEGAN b: Rosemount, West Meath, Ireland d: 1850 m: 1798 Father: Owan Geoghegan of ROSEMOUNT
                • Richard NAGLE b: 1800 d: 1850
                • Joseph NAGLE b: 1808 d: 1843
            • Eleanor NAGLE
            • female NAGLE
            • Joan NAGLE
            • +Dominick RICE b: Ballymacadoyle, Kerry, Ireland
        • Richard NAGLE, Sir b: Carrignaconna Castle, Cork, Ireland d: in France
        • +Jane O'KEARNEY b: September 6, 1652 Rathcool, Ireland m: September 19, 1669 in Clonbrogan, Ireland Father: James O'KEARNEY
          • Anne NAGLE b: Abt 1670 Clonbrogan, Ireland d: 1691
          • +Richard NUGENT, Colonel d: 1691
          • James NAGLE b: Abt 1672 Clonbrogan, Ireland
          • +Margaret BURKE m: in France Father: Walter BURKE
          • Onor NAGLE b: Abt 1673 Clonbrogan, Ireland
          • Margaret NAGLE b: Abt 1674 Clonbrogan, Ireland
          • Richard NAGLE b: October 15, 1677 Clonbrogan, Ireland
          • +Anne GRACE
          • Pierce NAGLE b: Abt 1678
          • Morris NAGLE b: Abt 1679
          • Ellen NAGLE b: Abt 1680
          • Andrew NAGLE b: Abt 1681
          • David NAGLE b: Abt 1682 Carrigdoone, Mallow, Cork Ireland
          • Mary NAGLE b: Abt 1683
          • John NAGLE b: Abt 1684
          • Onor NAGLE b: Abt 1686
      • Pierce NAGLE

Beginning in William's reign, after James II abdicated, forced through Parliament were a series of Acts, known as the Penal Laws, suppressing Irish Catholics and having the effect of maintaining the ascendancy of the Protestant class, which was only one quarter of the population.

Punishment regarding these Penal laws were severe. Here is a list of some of the oppressions the Catholic peasant had to endure:

Things forbidden were:

    • Standing for parliament or local councils or voting for those who did.
    • Holding positions in the civil service, on civic boards, or in law, or commissions in the army or navy.
    • Making or selling books or newspapers.
    • Taking out or giving mortgages.
    • Owning arms, or a horse worth more than five pounds.
    • Marrying a Protestant.
    • They could not have their own schools, teach or send their children abroad to be educated.
    • The ownership of land by Catholics was hedged around with restraints and restrictions. When a Catholic died, his estate was to be divided amongst all his children, but a son who became a Protestant inherited his father's entire estate.
    • Registered priests were tolerated, but not bishops, archbishops, or cardinals.

Punishments varied. Flogging was a norm, with sentences ranging from 500 to 999 lashes. Not all of these floggings were carried out fully - often between 200 and 425 lashes were administered, with the rest remitted if the culprit agreed to service overseas for the remainder of his life. Such floggings were extremely inhumane, resulting in flesh being torn in lumps from the body, exposing bones and internal organs.

Aside from flogging, other forms of torture were used; "half-hanging", where a rope was pulled tightly around the victim's neck and then slackened when he became unconscious and the pitch-cap, where a brown paper cap was filled with molten pitch, placed on the victim's head, allowed to set slightly and then set alight, resulting in burning pitch falling onto the victim's face and eyes. It could usually only be removed together with much of the victim's hair and scalp. All forms of torture were applied indiscriminately to innocent and guilty suspects, since it was felt that torture would quickly distinguish between the two. However, it was the floggings that inspired most fear and were most effective in obtaining information quickly, together with a surrender of arms.


Spenser information provided by Barry Reid

In doing some allied research; fellow historian provided me another lineage of the Spenser branch in late 2002 (including source information).  There are some differences between the Welply research and that of J Grove White.

Ancestor's Chart for Edmund SPENSER                   Source:  W. H. Welply

Henry SPENCER of Badby and Everdon d. c1476-7 m.  Isabella LINCOLN(dau. of Henry LINCOLN)
|-> John SPENCER of Hodnell, co. Warwick
|   m.
|   .................. WORSTED
|   dau.
and heiress of .................. WORSTED

|   |-> William SPENCER of Radbourne, co. Warwick
|   |   m. Elizabeth EMPSON(|sis. of Sir Richard EMPSON)
|   |   |-> Sir John SPENCER d. c1522
|   |   |   m.  Isabella GRAUNT ( dau. of Walter GRAUNT of Snitterfield, co. Warwick and Elizabeth RUDING)
|   |   |   |-> [Issue]
|   |   |-> [Female] SPENCER
|   |   |-> Thomas SPENCER d. c1510
|   |       m.  Agnes ...................
|   |       |-> Richard SPENCER
|   |           |-> [To Edmund SPENSER?]
|   |-> John SPENCER of Hodnell
|   |   m. (1) Anne EMPSON ( sis. of Sir Richard EMPSON - wid. of Alexander COPE)
|   |   |-> Jane SPENCER d. 1525
|   |       m.  William COPE of Hanwell
|   |-> John SPENCER of Hodnell (as before)
|   |   m. (2) Jane GRAUNT (dau. and co-heiress of Walter GRAUNT of Snitterfield she m. (2) Henry SMITH of Sherford)
|   |-> [Female] SPENCER
|   |-> [Female] SPENCER
|   |-> Thomas SPENCER of Badby
|       m. Margaret SMITH (dau. of ................ SMITH of Wold)
|       |-> William SPENCER of Badly and Everdon d. 1531
|       |   m. Agnes HERITAGE (dau. of Thomas HERITAGE of Burton Dassett)
|       |   |-> [Issue]
|       |-> Nicholas SPENCER  d. 1582
|       |   m.
|       |   ....................................
|       |   |-> [To Edmund SPENSER?]
|       |-> John SPENCER
|       |   m.
|       |   ....................................
|       |   |-> [To Edmund SPENSER?]
|       |-> Thomas SPENCER
|       |   m.
|       |   ....................................
|       |   |-> [To Edmund SPENSER?]
|       |-> Alice SPENCER
|           m. Edmund BELCHER of Guilsborough
|-> Thomas SPENCER [of Bedford?]
|   |-> [To Edmund SPENSER?]
|-> William SPENCER [of Northants?]
|   |-> [To Edmund SPENSER?]
|-> Nicholas SPENCER of Cheshire?]
    |-> [To Edmund SPENSER?]

Descendant's Chart for Edmund SPENSER               Source:  W. H. Welply

Edmund SPENSER b. 1553 d. 1599
m. (1) 27 Oct 1579 Machabyas CHYLDE
|-> Sylvanus SPENSER |   d. <1636
|   m. |   Ellen NAGLE (|   dau. of David NAGLE of Monanimy, co. Cork |   and Ellen ROCHE of Ballyhooly, co. Cork)
|   |-> Edmund SPENSER |   |   d.s.p. 28 Aug 1640
|   |-> William SPENSER d. 1702
|   |   m. (1) Barbara EDWARDS of Loughrea
|   |   |-> Nathaniel SPENSER d. 1719
|   |   |   m. 1710 Rosamund BULKELEY ( eldest dau. of Rev. John BULKELEY, Rector of Mallow)
|   |   |   |-> Edmund SPENSER  b. 25 Nov 1711  d. c1790
|   |   |   |   m. 1734 Ann FREEMAN ( dau. of John FREEMAN of Ballinguile, co. Cork)
|   |   |   |   |-> Ann SPENSER b. 1734 d. 1743
|   |   |   |   |-> Rosamond SPENSER
|   |   |   |       m.  James BURNE of Castle Coote, co. Roscommon
|   |   |   |       |-> [Issue]
|   |   |   |-> Nathaniel SPENSER living in Strbane, co. Tyrone, 1748
|   |   |   |-> John SPENSER  d. <1748
|   |   |   |-> Barbara SPENSER
|   |   |       m. 1742  Edmond CONOLLY
|   |   |-> Susanna SPENSER  d. unm. 17 Sep 1737, Dublin
|   |-> William SPENSER (as before)
|       m. (2) 1703 Anne WIDDENHAM
|-> Catherine SPENSER
|   m. (1) William WISEMAN of Bandon, co. Cork
|-> Catherine SPENSER (as before)
    m. (2) Bernard ROCHE of Ballyhendon
Edmund SPENSER (as before)
m. (2) 11 Jun 1594 Elizabeth BOYLE (dau. of Stephen BOYLE of Bradden, Northants - she m. (2) Roger SECKERTON - she m. (3) Sir Robert TYNTE) d. 23 Aug 1622
|-> Peregrine SPENSER     d. 1642
    m. 1623    Dorothy TYNT ( dau. of Sir Robert TYNT by his 1st wife)
    |-> Hugolin SPENSER  d. <1706
    |   m. c1653 Elinor ............................ ( wid. of William ROCHE)
    |   |-> Dorothy SPENSER d. Feb 1690/1
    |        m. 1673 Pierce POWER of Cloumult
    |        |-> Hugolin SPENSER
    |        |   m. 1707 Honora BARRETT (dau. of Richard BARRETT)
    |        |   |-> Pierce SPENSER
    |        |   |-> William SPENSER
    |        |   |-> Dorothy SPENSER
    |        |   |   m. Cornelius RYAN
    |        |   |-> Mary SPENSER
    |        |   |-> Margaret SPENSER
    |        |   |-> Ellinor SPENSER
    |        |-> Pierce SPENSER  d. <28 May 1753
    |        |   m.  ...................................
    |        |   |-> Pierce SPENSER
    |        |   |-> Joseph SPENSER
    |        |-> Dorothy SPENSER
    |        |   m.
  Francis WHITE

    |        |-> [Female] SPENSER
    |        |   m. William FITZGERALD
    |        |-> William SPENSER
    |        |-> Margaret SPENSER
    |        |-> [Child] SPENSER
    |        |-> [Child] SPENSER
    |-> Catherine SPENSER
    |   m. (1)  Ludovicus O'CAHIEL   div. <Dec 1664
    |   |-> Daniel O'CAHIEL
    |   |   m.  ...............................
    |   |-> [Female] O'CAHEIL
    |       m.
  Thomas BARRY of Dundellerick

    |-> Catherine SPENSER (as before)
    |   m. (2)  Edward FITZGERALD
    |   |-> Edmund FITZGERALD
    |-> Peregrine SPENSER  Lieutenant, Lord Killmallock's Regiment, 1689
    |-> Mary SPENSER   d.s.p. 1736

March 28 2008  - Dear Ms Chung,


Hi my name is John Edmund Nagle Meenan. I am going to Ireland for my first trip in a few weeks on my way back from Iraq. I have visited your page many times and you have done a very fine job on the Nagle genealogy. I was wondering if you could give me some advice. I am trying to find the best source of knowledge on the Nagles in Cork. I have in my possession the KCB (Knight Commander Bath) crest that was awarded to Sir Edmund Nagle. It was given to me by my Dad. My GGF John Nagle was a Deputy Sherriff , and the Warden of all NYC jails and his brother Percy Nagle WAS THE SHERRIFF of all of NYC back in the turn of the century. It came with them in 1877. I need to find out the relationship between my GGGF (There father) and Sir Edmund. Would you know of any place I could start, any geographical local or area where I might be able to track down someone or some office that would have this kind of info. Any information or advice that could assist me would be appreciated. I have attached a print of the Admiral (Sir Edmund) and his obituary, perhaps it would be of some use.




John N. Meenan Jr.

Edmund nagle  Edmund1  Edmund2




Tombstone Inscriptions in Mallow bearing the Nagle name

An index of tombstone inscriptions in St. Mary's Cemetery, Mallow, Co. Cork, Ireland, shows the following:

#40 Sacred to the memory of Mary-Ann, Daughter of Owen O'Callaghan of this town, she died on the 6th Novbe 1865 Aged 63 years. May she rest in peace. She firstly married Pierce Nagle of Annakissy who died in 1828. She was married to Francis Andrew Walsh, Barrister in 1831. He died in 1851 and was deservedly mourned by her. She was a good daughter, a fond wife and a devoted mother. God blessed her with great talents and above all a heart which was a never failing fountain of the purest charity. This monument was erected by her only child, David Augustine Nagle. In remembrance of her virtues and of the love she bestowed on him. In this grave are also interned [sic] and [sic] remains of her mother and her sister Elizabeth, the wife of John Lacy. May their sould rest in peace.

#86 Sacred to the memory of Patrick Collins, a good husband, a fond father, and a faithful friend, who died May 11th 1842, Aged 48 years. May his soul rest in peace. Erected by his only son Dennis. Sacred to the memory of Patrick Nagle who died 2 June 1917. Margaret M. died 17th Feb 1921. John died 15th. April 1921. Erected by their loving father Philip Nagle, Bank Place, Mallow.

#162 In loving memory of Timothy Nagle, 44 Beecher St., Mallow, Died 17th Dec 1977. Aged 68 years. Also infant son Michael Joseph Scully R.I.P. Erected by his loving cousin Elsie Scully. Jesus Mercy. Mary Help. [NAGLE]

Taken from an article in the Mallow Field Club Journal for 1995.


NAGLE name found in US census

I have collected NAGLE information off of various CD's. Due to copyright laws I am unable to post it to a public access. But, upon request I can make available this information to each user requesting it. Please identify which file you would like and I will e-mail it to you.

US 1830 Census - ALL Nagles found
Massachusetts 1860 Census
Up to 1993 Social Security Index for Nagles

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